[3.10] neoCrown's Assassin Bow CoC VD [All content cleared][Deathless Simulacrums/U-Elder/Sirus]

Bump looks like OP has abandoned this :(
I think i'm going to play this as it looks quite fun!

Just annoying that it essentially is three separate builds as a league starter.

one for leveling (different gems etc)
Another complete set of gems and colours for early mapping
then again a respec into the main build...

Is there an easier way?
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Is anyone else playing this build for 3.11?
Bump - anyone playing this league?
I will play it. Actually i did it as a starter league :P decent till now
I'm playing this build, oof - very difficult league starter though...

Managed to get this bow! i used the T4 seed bench and luckily hit elemental penetration.. Don't think i'll get any better any time soon :)

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Heres my gear, melting content, and my first ever Sirus kill with this char (ive played every league since)

Tips for those playing it:

Quiver with frenzy strike on crit.. this is key to the build IMHO. I got to red maps without getting this thinking it would be just a small bonus but it was huge..

Xoph's blood also made a huge increase to my clear and boss damage.

Projectiles pierce on gloves is also very nice to have.

Update: Also killed harvest boss, handles her fine too
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i was looking for a coc bow build and came across this. i fished a legacy death's opus form my stash and gave it a go.

build is great but like all VD builds, it has a slight lag before damage is dealt. it cannot pre-fire like the CWC VD builds.

i like the build over all.

i swapped out death's opus for reach of the council. more projectiles = more coc procs. the extra breadth also allows big mobs to get hit simultaneously, generating more coc procs.

swap rare quiver for maloney's mechanism to help generate frenzy charges for 3.xx APS.

build feels great now.

Im interested in this build, can anyone post some map clearing and bossing?

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