[3.10] neoCrown's Assassin Bow CoC VD [All content cleared][Deathless Simulacrums/U-Elder/Sirus]

MisterCai wrote:
Cronggz wrote:
Cronggz wrote:
Hey just recently started playing your build after my freezing pulse totems and i am enjoying the build so far, its fast and fun. Which gear so i upgrade next?

Have about 2.5ex to spend currently.

Can anyone help me ? Not killing bosses fast enough and cant seem to do 60% delirious without dying at least once

Your VD is only level 17. Buy a level 21 one for like 15c. You'll gain so much damage. Same for your support gems, they should be 20/20 at least.

Thanks a lot ! Bought lvl 21 VD And Circle of Anguish buff effect and my dmg has increased by 10k. Got lucky and found an Unnatural instinct jewel and sold it for 22ex. Should i upgrade my bow to "chance to deal double damage" ?
Xibaqua 7391 in Pain Attunement
10% chaos res
8% projectile speed
12% crit chance
3% increased effect of non-curse
8% attack speed
4% max life

Xibaqua 4322 in Pain Attunement
10 % area dmg
8 % fire damage
4% increased effect of non-curse
8% inc armor
1% chance to block attack damage
18 % spell damage
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Hi !

I finally made a pretty decent bow but I'm wondering if I craft on it "Can have up to 3 crafted modifiers" + 2 craft, can I slam an exalt for a last mod ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

EDIT : I'm dumb, my bow will have 6 mods... sorry
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I was wondering if someone would be willing to look at my character and let me know if there are any issues. I have a lot of the gear set and was only at about 200k per ball.
BTW, the reason I am using non-xophs amulet and atziri's promise is due to the bow (gain %fire as extra chaos). I did check with the same bow OP has and xophs and had similar damage, so I'm not sure if the change is necessary. I am thinking about changing the dodge flask to wise oak's (new gloves) but wanted a second opinion.

Many thanks.

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Hi, i'd like to try this build, just have a few quetions. How does this compare power wise to the standard necro spellslinger VD? Also, is there a reason we wouldnt get cooldown reduction like we do in every other CoC build?
Saw there's a budget version, how viable is this as a league start? I really enjoyed the build this patch and want to play it again, but not sure if the helmet requirement makes this a tough sell as a league start.
Is this a strong bossing build? what kind of boss DPS is hit?

Also, how are the defences of this build? Am i gonna rip constantly?
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You will have high life pool but low defence at all, might have many one-shots.

This is a good boss killer once have high crit but cannot create balls before the boss spawn.

Now i have to chose between this or toxic rain T_T
OP Will you be playing this build again this league and will you be refining/improving it as the league goes on? I like playing a build where the OP is active ;)


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