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RIP (3.10 - 3.10)

This build is not likely to function as well as it used to be in 3.10 Delirium. I won't be updating this build, if anyone interested to give it a try and fix the problem, please feel free to do so.

It was fun while it lasted.

Greeting and this is my first ever LV 100 character since the day one I play Path of Exile, so I thought I would like to share the success of this build. SSF Delirium league is also the first league I completed 40/40 challenges. Since I am having a blast with this build, I decided to pursue 40/40 instead of the usual 36/40 every leagues.

Thank you for reading and drop me a question if you have any.



Added options for ascendancy.

Added extra information to the gear section.
Added item filter used in the video.

Updated PoB for Staff version.

Updated some information about the build.

Added extra information to Legion Jewel section.
Added extra information to Cluster Jewel section.
Updated FAQ information.

Updated PoB to improve the defense of the build.
Added PoB for staff version of the build.
Updated gem section to include Enduring Cry.
Updated weapon section to include Pledge of Hands.


+ Fast mapper / Bombing Gameplay
+ Decent boss killer
+ Tanky / ~11k eHP / 75%+60% block / 40% MoM / 4 endurance charges / Shaper Slam Viable
+ Porcupine Spike Immune (with Crusader Explosion Mod)
+ Permanent Immune to Elemental Ailments
+ Permanent Arcane Surge
+ Permanent Brand uptime
+ League Start viable
+ SSF Viable
+ Cheap to start and can scale with expensive gear

- Recasting Brand is not fun due to high mana cost (only if you die)
- Not Shaper/sec dps
- Not tanky to physical damage like JUGG.

Build Achievement

This character has done almost all the bosses in the game, including Atziri (Yes, it is viable!). I have done around 20 A8 Sirus fight deathless so far.

Bosses Completed Deathless

Sirus A8
Uber Elder
Uber Atziri
Cortex and distance memory bosses
Simulacrum 20/20 bosses


PoB Link

Shield Version

There are two different trees for lv100 and lv90.

lv100 passive tree

lv90 passive tree


You can remove one of the fevered mind near the top of the Runesmith and get Divine Judgement instead if you don't want to have higher mana cost than 4 fevered mind, although it will give slightly less damage than 5 fevered mind.

Staff Version


Staff version using Pledge of Hand have double the damage of the shield version for the cost of survivability. The posted PoB has almost 4.8m Shaper DPS, which is already overkill for all the contents in the game. I have not personally played the Staff version of this build as I prefer to use shield for more defense. You can only have up to 3 fevered mind in the staff version as it will exceed the maximum mana you can spend.


Rush Runebinder and Elemental Overload first, and grab all the life and mana node along the way. Archmage Support should provide enough damage until Map.


1. Sign of Purpose
2. Illuminated Devotion
3. Arcane Blessing
4. Divine Guidance

Arcane Blessing first if you want to not worry about elemental ailment.
Divine Guidance first if you want more damage and more defense.

Arcane Blessing vs Pursuit of Faith

Since we get permanent Arcane Surge from Brand Recall, Pursuit of Faith now seems to become a viable choice. If you can get Ailment Immunity from gears and passives which is less likely to be possible, or you think you need the immunity less often, you can consider to go for Pursuit of Faith. Pursuit of Faith give us ability to use totem, so decoy totem become a good distraction for the boss. You also gain some slight damage boss from Pursuit of Faith too.

Pros/Cons for Arcane Blessing
+ Free ailments immunity. Save the effort to roll flasks.
- No totem (less button or micro-management?)
- No dps boost

Pro/Cons for Pursuit of Faith
+ Ability to use totem. Decoy totem can be used to distract the boss.
+ Slight dps boost
- No free ailments immunity. Need to roll flasks to counter ailments


Kill all for 2 passive points.


Major God
Soul of The Brine King for Stun Immunity

Minor God
Soul of Ryslatha for life flask charge during boss fight.
Soul of Yugul if you decided to try Atziri.

Build Explanation

This build is all about starting from zero in SSF environment. Of course you can play in trade league and get better item. This build utilise Brand Recall to provide permanent Storm brand so that we can cast once and forget about it while running through out the map.

Permanent Brand Duration

To achieve permanent brand duration, we need to have at least 150% cooldown recovery (CDR) on Brand Recall. This can be achieved with the help of several things.

1. Lv7 Brand Recall give 60% CDR
2. Lv20 Second Wind with 20 Quality give 29% CDR
3. Lv3 Empower give +2 level to Brand Recall, thus giving another 20% CDR
4. Geofri Crest give +1 to all socketed gem, with all the increased gem level we get another 21% CDR
5. Hierophant Ascendancy provide us the last 30% CDR
6. You can also get CDR from Shaper belt and Shaper boot.

More CDR only provide us some QoL and has diminishing return, so I dont suggest invest more than 160% or 170% CDR on brand recall.

Bombing Experience

Since we can maintain permanent uptime on Storm Brand, we basically just cast the 5 Storm Brand at starting point, then we can hold down Brand Recall and run through the map. If you are using obliteration, you should start seeing enemies explode and killing more enemies. With Crusader Explosion Mod, Obliteration can one shot whole screen mobs.


Defensive Layers

+ 4900 life / 0.6 (MoM) = 8167 + 2.7k ES = ~11k eHP to prevent one shot
+ Fortify on Shield Charge for 20% less damage from hit
+ 40% MoM (30% from MoM in the passives tree, 10% from Hierophant Ascendancy)
+ 5% Life Recover on Block
+ Life leech not removed at full life from Soul Tether belt
+ 2.5k ES almost always full thanks to Soul Tether belt
+ 75/60 block with Glancing Blows, so most of the time taking only 50% damage
+ 16% physical damage reduction from 4 endurance charges

Fevered Mind

This build uses 4 Fevered Mind to ramp up mana cost and boosting the damage. The jewel is not very easy to access in SSF. I corrupted over 120 cobalt jewel and gotten only 4 Fevered Mind. However, I would say the DPS boost is worth the effort. You can use more if you can get more jewel socket.

Cluster Jewel

There are 3 types of jewel that we can use for this build:

Large Cluster Jewel

Always look for large cluster jewel with ilvl75 and above with Add 8 passive skills. Ilvl 75 and above is required to roll 2 socket jewels, while 8 added passive is the most efficient jewel to not waste any passive points.

Lightning Damage

Best three nodes for this jewel are:
1. Scintillating Idea
2. Storm Drinker
3. Overshock

Spell Damage

Best three nodes for this jewel are:
1. Conjured Wall
2. Practiced Caster
3. Essence Rush.

Medium Cluster Jewel

Ilvl for medium cluster jewel does not matter as at maximum it can only roll one socket.

Brand Damage

Best two nodes for this jewel are:
1. Brand Loyalty
2. Holy Conquest

Legion Jewel

This build will use one of the Legion Jewel to achieve high block chance. The keystone Glancing Blows is available from Lethal Pride Jewel. Put it near the Pain Attunement Keystone to convert it.

To convert keystone to Glancing Blows, Lethal Pride jewel with Commanded leadership over (10000–18000) warriors under Kiloava mod is required. Other name of the leader will convert the keystone to Strength of Blood or Tempered by War. You can use Divine Orb to re-roll the leader name.

Boss Fight

Most of the time during boss fight, you are just dodging stuff and you don't even need to bother with casting brand at all. You will be casting Wave of Conviction to culling strike the boss with less than 10% HP. If you are scared of standing still, just run around in a circle and watch the boss chase you and kill themself.


You can get Rampage effect from certain items. We are going to use Sinvicta's Mettle to get the Rampage effect as it is one of the easier item to get and does not have any side effect unlike The Dancing Dervish which disable main hand and off main slot on rampage if you are not careful.

Rampage effect stay there as long as you have kill one enemy while wearing Rampage item, even though you swap off or unequip the Rampage item.


Current Gear

All the items are found in SSF. So you might need some luck to get certain items. Definitely easier to acquire these item in Trade League.

Gear Breakdown

Stats Priority

Our build focus mainly on getting more life, mana and resists. Any extra ES is an additional protection layer for us. So the priority goes as followed:
1. Elemental Resists (Always cap your elemental resists.)
2. Life
3. Mana
4. Chaos Resist
5. Energy Shield


Geofri's Crest is the obvious choice here if you want to have permanent uptime on brand. It provides good resists including chaos resist too. The only downside for this helmet is that it doesn't provide life. Always corrupt the helmet in attempt to get the % Increased Maximum Life corruption.

You can use a rare helmet with life and resists if you managed to build up CDR on boot for brand recall.

Chest Piece

First budget 6-linked you can farm and use will be Tabula Rasa. This is a huge dps boost compared to using a 4-linked chest due to increased mana cost for Archmage Support, and still considerably higher dps boost than a 5-linked chest.

There are couple of choice for this build to have the best mapping experience. You can use Inpulsa's Broken Heart or Rare Chest Piece with Crusader Explode Mod. If you don't have both, any rare chest piece with life and resistance is fine.

Do be careful with porcupine on-death spike if you don't have a Crusader Explosion Mod Chest.

* Just little extra information, Crusader Explosion mod damage is immune to physical reflect.


Any rare glove with life, mana and resist.


You would want to use Soul Tether belt for this build, since it provide so much benefit for us. Extra ES and life leech not removed on full life is the greatest defense for this build. I have tried running build without it and it is so awkward to sustain.

If you don't have one, any rare belt with life, mana, es and resists is fine, though the sustain might be on the worse side.


Look for any rare boot with 30% movement speed, life, mana and resists. If you can get one with Tailwind, that will be a bonus.


Try to look for Conductivity on hit ring so that you can replace the curse on hit gem and free up some slot. You can get the ring from Delve or craft one from Crusader Ring with ilvl75 and above. If you can't get any of those ring, just continue to use the curse on hit gem. Look for life, mana and resists on the ring.


Look for rare amulet with life, mana and resists. Anoint the amulet with a passive and change it to a Talisman with Betrayal Jorgin Workbench under Research if the Implicit is not the one you would need.

I don't recommend using dropped Talisman as they can't be anointed.

List of Good Anointment

Mind Drinker
Battle Rouse
Druidic Rite (for better flask management)
Overcharged (mapping only)
Battle Cry (if you need instant warcry)


There are a lot of weapon that can be used for this build. You can switch weapon based on different situation.

Starter Weapon

Heartbreaker provide ES, Mana and Culling Strike

Fun Mapping Weapon

Obliteration because you know explosion is fun.

Highest DPS Weapon

Apep Rage as it provide increase mana cost for ArchMage support.

If you are playing the staff version, Pledge of Hand is the go to staff as it provide 7th link for huge DPS boost.

Random Weird Weapon

You can use some random weird weapon too if you have one.


Best shield will be Shaper shield with Life and Mana recover on Block and additional spell block chance. However, any good shield with Life Recover on Block is good enough.


Rumi's Concoction for more Block Chance. Enduring Mana Flasks for effect not removed at full mana.

Wise Oak flask is a good DPS boost and defensive boost if you can balance your resists. It takes some works but definitely worth it.

Off weapon set

These items are meant to provide Rampage effect with easy trigger.



Storm Brand
Storm Brand - Controlled Destruction - Archmage - Lightning Penetration - Concentration Effect - Chain

* You can use Energy Leech instead of Chain for bossing. Mapping without Chain feels terrible for me.

Vaal RF
Vaal Righteous Fire

Wave of Conviction + Blade Blast
With curse on hit ring: Wave of Conviction - Culling Strike - Blade Blast - Physical to Lightning (optional)
Without curse on hit ring: Wave of Conviction - Curse on Hit - Conductivity - Blade Blast - Culling Strike (optional)

* Wave of Conviction is used for 25% lightning exposure.
* Blade Blast is used for Unnerved for 10% more spell damage taken on enemy.


Brand Recall
Brand Recall - Empower - Second Wind - Arcane Surge

* You should socket these gem in the Geofri's Crest helmet if you are using one. Arcane Surge Level is based on how much Mana your brand recall cost multiplied by 3, which total must be less than Arcane Surge Mana required to trigger, since we will refresh arcane surge at least every 3.6 sec.

Flame Dash
Flame Dash - Faster Casting


Option 1

Passive Defenses
CWDT lv1 - Cold snap - Tempest Shield
Enduring Cry

Option 2

Active Defenses
Arcane Cloak - Increased Duration - Tempest Shield - Enduring Cry

* Use the first option if you are lazy to activate Arcane Cloak. Arcane Cloak will be stronger if timed properly. However we don't benefit much from Arcane Cloak added damage as we don't recast Storm Brand after initial cast.
* Cast enduring cry whenever it is on cooldown and when you are near the mobs for endurance charges.

Map Mods

Very Annoying

- Reduced flask charges gained
- Cursed by Elemental Weakness
- Less Recovery
- No Regen

Can't Do

- Elemental Reflect

* It is still viable if you are running reflect immune version of the build, check FAQ for more information.

Item Filter

3.10 Delirium Fast Mapping Filter

This filter is very strict, hide almost all the things but leave some currency and high tier items for SSF mapping.


How is this build even possible to do Atziri/Uber Atziri?

Atziri has a built in 2% damage reflection all the time. I have tried using this build to fight Atziri without reflection immune, and it is basically one shot even on non-split phase. You will need some tweak for this build to achieve it. You need Soul of Yugul, Ash, Frost and Storm on the passive trees and a ring with 55% reduced reflected elemental damage. With those tweak, you get 100% reduced reflected elemental damage taken and thus can fully ignore Atziri reflected damage.

How to craft the chest piece?

1. Grab a iLvl85 Crusader Chest Piece, roll until you get single Crusader mod which is the explosion mod.
2. Grab another chest piece with Redeemer influence, roll until you get single redeemer mod +1 to socketed support gem
3. Use Awakener orb to transfer the mod from one to the other, pray for good roll in resulting chest piece.

Can this build do Hall of Grandmaster?

Yes, it is possible with the block chance reduction gem. However, it is very difficult to not die unless you are lucky. I do not recommend doing HoGM in HC using this build. You can get this gem by vendoring Puncture gem and 20% Quality Dexterity Shield.

Why use Arcane Surge gem in the Brand Recall link when we can get Arcane Surge from Arcane Blessing?

Arcane Blessing only grant lv1 Arcane Surge. I am using a lv17 Arcane Surge in the gem link which will grant a stronger version of the Arcane Surge. You also get permanent Arcane Surge uptime and elemental ailment immunity even though you are not fighting any enemy.

Can I play HC with this build?

This build is adapted from some of the SSF HC Delirium characters. I personally have not played any HC before, but I hardly ever die after I get all the defensive layers setup.

If you are playing HC, just don't mindlessly shield charge into pack of dangerous enemy like I always do which sometime will get me kill due to the lag spike and fps drop. If you don't run delirium mist, this build is unkillable and can face tank almost everything.

Is there a way to autocast Brand Recall?

You can bind Brand Recall to your Left Mouse Button. Brand Recall will be auto-casted whenever you move around. Just be careful that if you stay still for too long, your brands will still expire and you will need to recast Storm Brands again.

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Nice build!
Last edited by Snotz on Apr 10, 2020, 10:29:15 AM
Snotz wrote:
Nice build!

I only have 1 question, why Pain Attunement?
I never see your life hit below 30%

Pain Attunement is for Lethal Pride to convert into Glancing Blows. If you have no Lethal Pride, then you can ignore it.

* Managed to quote your post before you edited. :D
Last edited by jitkang on Apr 10, 2020, 10:30:27 AM
Nice build and nice guide!!

i will try to push this one.

I got my obliteration SSF.... :)
sirdec wrote:
Nice build and nice guide!!

i will try to push this one.

I got my obliteration SSF.... :)

Good luck! Hope you enjoy obliteration purple booming everything. :D
Obliteration is really nice update for the build.

lvl 100 + 40/40 + SSF = this build is just crazy!
sirdec wrote:
Obliteration is really nice update for the build.

lvl 100 + 40/40 + SSF = this build is just crazy!

I know right? The explosion is one of the most satisfying feature in this build. The build get stronger as you slowly progress towards higher level and better gear.
i unlocked some slots for favorite map in 2 regions:
Glennach cairns and Lex Proxima

What maps is better to play with this build as favorite for this region?

sirdec wrote:
i unlocked some slots for favorite map in 2 regions:
Glennach cairns and Lex Proxima

What maps is better to play with this build as favorite for this region?


I would prefer Underground River and Fungal Hollow as the map layout are easy to navigate and you can reach boss before delirium timer end and always managed to clear full map.

Beach, Mausoleum, Haunted Mansion, Glacier are good alternative too, but might not be able to full clear the map and kill the boss before timer end. Give it a try and see which one you would prefer, mt favourite doesn't always fit for your playstyle. :D
jitkang wrote:
sirdec wrote:
i unlocked some slots for favorite map in 2 regions:
Glennach cairns and Lex Proxima

What maps is better to play with this build as favorite for this region?


I would prefer Underground River and Fungal Hollow as the map layout are easy to navigate and you can reach boss before delirium timer end and always managed to clear full map.

Beach, Mausoleum, Haunted Mansion, Glacier are good alternative too, but might not be able to full clear the map and kill the boss before timer end. Give it a try and see which one you would prefer, mt favourite doesn't always fit for your playstyle. :D

Ty i will try it

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