Delirium Statistics

Neat! Stats are the best.

I think the challenges this league are great so far, and the rewards seem equally great. Mostly the cloak and horns, the wings are really cool too, I'm not a fan of large open space in wings though.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.
Tanto grafico al pedo si igual van a dejar la wea como el ojete
I dont like wings. Wings when you cant fly is pointless. The cloak looks AWFUL and I probably wouldnt have completed 24 if I knew. Horns are great, and luckily they are the easiest to get. Thanks :D

Chancing for challenges is cancer.

The final waves in Simulacrum is just dumb. 3 square cm to move, mobs everywhere, and 3 extra proj+ 30% of phys as extra chaos and maybe even 120% of phys as extra damage.

GOD HELP YOU if you are not full block or dodge or doing the crazy aura bs.

The delerium as a mechanic is to me just a worse version of breach/abyss with nothing fun at the end. Disappointing. It looks cool at first, but the performance is bad and pre-color fix it was a MESS.

Cluster jewels are GREAT. It feels like an entirely new game, and I have NEVER rolled as many different characters in one league before.

I think I'm closing in on my 5th or 6th toon past level 90.

I hope they stay in the game in some form, but I am afraid most of them will get nerfed into the ground, or become so rare that in the next league they are just another form of headhunter for the top 0.0001% of players. Lame. There is enough cool stuff for them.

Easy 6-links (uniques dropping) is GREAT and makes it cheaper/easier to try out more stuff so the game doesnt go stale. Keep it please!
Do you find Delirium's set of challenges more difficult than Metamorph's? Are you less interested in these rewards? If so, is it affecting your motivation to complete challenges?

No. Yes. Yes.
Portals always make for a great reward to aim for.
Damn, only .32% eh?

Challenges were fairly easy this league too, just didn't enjoy the slog of the mechanic itself.
Delirium is probably the worst mechanic I can remember after 3.0.

It basically has zero interaction with every other mechanic that has already been sucessfully implemented into the game core.
want to open a breach while you have delirium fog around? Nope, and if you do, good luck with that, you pc is gonna blow up.
Oh, theres Cassia in the middle of the map, too bad if you stop to talk to her you probably gonna end up killed, oh you wanna try the blight? Ok, good luck with that
Zana? Oh I see you gotta choose betweeen some maps to run, too bad, dead.
Alva? Not even worth mentioning
Metamorphs? Yeah ok you can just kil them while you rush so you won't miss the mist's timing.

So yeah, I really hope you're not planning on implementing it into core, it's awful, boring, feels unrewarding, grey over grey, so many on death effects, SO MUCH BACKTRACKING FOR LOOTING.

is bad mechanics this league, i like the concept, but ggg keep investing in the 0.00001% of streamer, i dont think they interest in the other gameres that have no time to play but have money to support the game, this is just stupid. They keep inject the game with the same things, but different cosmetics, that also very stupid!

I hope GGG change course to become the game i fell in love in 2012... :*(

QUALITY OVER Quantity /// GOOD over evil
Are you less interested in these rewards?

Yes. Can you guys please stop offering the stuff in the same couple categories as challenge rewards? Enough helmet mtxes, wings, cloaks and yes, even portals. How about giving us rewards in categories you've so far NEVER offered a reward for? Like armor or shield skins, skill effects, char effects, etc.

Also, the major reason why the highest portion of the playerbase is choosing to play 1 Delirium Orb maps isn't about their difficulty, but simply in order to remove the stupid timer. They're merely trying to play the league the way they wish it had been designed to begin with.
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Would like to finish 40 like i did in 3 before this one,i was aiming for that allready but....i gave up.
League is cool,i like the core by itself,gave up coz the SHIT PERFORMANCE u guys introduced this time.
Looking for another game in hope u fix this mess,but i dont think u will so...was 4 great years with u guys,thanks for all the fun.

p.s-guess quarantine will save this league ;)
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Why are you so in love with death?
Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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