Delirium Statistics

All these stats looks nice & i'm pretty sad i had no real possibility to experience it more due to a bug since day 1 of delirium still not fixed to this day. Hope i will be able to play & be a part of stats on the next one.
Way to much farming, buying items or RNG to completed 36 of these challenges. Really terrible in my opinion. I don't have fun doing 25-40% of these challenges.

It was nice and didn't feel like a chore in metamorph.
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Lvzb3l wrote:
The challenge low level of completion is probably based on the amount of RNG. Challenges like "Curious Corruption" or "Leave to Chance" are too heavy RNG gated...
Also Delirium mechanics don't help at all, the fog advancement speed and the map layouts, makes really hard to complete the boss map while in mist, or kill a Blight boss while in mist...

This right here. Get a BUM map and go up a wrong path and most the time mist starts rollin away.
We can see that challenge completion is lower at all significant points when compared to Metamorph league. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that these statistics are from slightly earlier in the league, but truthfully, we believe this set of challenges is more difficult than Metamorph's. After a similar amount of time during the Metamorph league, 24.14% of players had completed 12 challenges, 5.82% of players had completed 24 challenges and 1.32% of players had completed 36 challenges. Perhaps some of the lower completion rates are related to the rewards -- Metamorph offered a Portal Effect for those that completed 36 challenges. We're interested in hearing your thoughts about this! Do you find Delirium's set of challenges more difficult than Metamorph's? Are you less interested in these rewards? If so, is it affecting your motivation to complete challenges?

Nope, nope, nope and nope.

The reason why there is less peoples than in Metamorph, and the reason why peoples have less challenges than in Metamorph is due to the extremply poor ballancing of the game.

In Metamorph, you buffed monster to a stupid level, but still, players found a way to dodge the problem by abusing some tanking mechanics (mostly ES str & mana stacking build base on Shaper's Touch).
In Delirium, you not even reworked the ballancing to make it more accessible. No, with Delirium mechanics you made things even worst.
Right now the amount of monsters, and their stats (hp & dps) multiplied the number of situations were we can get obliterated. And the most problematic thing is that it multiplied the number of situation were we can get unavoidable OS (e.g. Sirus beam that off screen players and OS them). Reddit is full of topics pinpointing how ridiculous the situation is.
Right now, many rip can't be explained by players gameplay. Right now we rip not because we made a mistake in our build, or in the way we play. The lake of information about what kills you left the impression that we died without a proper way to understand and improve ourself for the next time. And this is realy realy problematic.
There is no problems in RIP based on players mistakes. But unavoidable rip like off screen OS is something that shouldn't happen. Right now, it's something that most people have experienced this league many times. And this means losing experience, losing a portal which can result in losing your instance, and so losing the curency invested in your run. The punitive logic behind riping is acceptable if it stay to a certain degree. But when we can rip 3-4 time in a row in the same map, this leads to a situation where playing means regressing in our game session (you lose currency, exp and so time of farm because you die way too much). This is a real problem.

This problems were mostly avoided by some of us by relying on an exploit and a stacking abuse of the Purposeful Harbinger cluster jewel. Like this we had insane tankiness and dps that alow us to completly ignore this ballancing problem and enjoy the full content of the game and full content of the league.
And you mid league nerf means to some of them, send them back to this situation were they would have be destroyed by this awfull ballancing.

GGG, you have to understand a simple thing : we play to have fun, not to shit blood. If we wants to shit blood, we plays real death & retry games, not PoE. But those death & retry games like Dark Soul do not make us regress when we die. Every rip is a situation were you can learn. In PoE due to the number of hit and viusual effect that does not allow use to have a clear view of what happened, this system start to be absolutly awfull.
If you keep ballancing your game on the 0.01% of player that destroy end game boss in half of a second, you will exclude more and more of normal/casual players.
I don't say you should transform PoE in a game for casual like D3 did.
But ignoring the fact that a lot of us get completly destroyed and fustrated will kill you game at the end. Never forget that it's the vast majority of players who buy supporter pack that keep you financialy alive, not the 0.01% of players that destroy the game.

Personnaly when you do a good job, I reward your good works by buying a supporter pack. It's my way to help you to make your game even better. And I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking and acting like this.
But the path you are lately following in the game ballancing is realy awfull. For this whole month of league, I did not enjoyed a single hour of my playtime. Because of this GGG, if you keep going on this path, you will neighter have my support nor my money.

Overall what he stated is pretty spot on. No fun in getting 1 shotted by something u cant even see on screen or theres so much clutter happening u dont see some odd spell to dodge. The XP penalty after 80 is brutal per death. Can't tell u how many times I've given my monitor the middle finger for outta no where I get 1 shotted. And thats with good gear, max resis, and proper passives.
League itself is fun but performance is bad and the fog is an aesthethical grey goo.
Lvzb3l wrote:
The challenge low level of completion is probably based on the amount of RNG. Challenges like "Curious Corruption" or "Leave to Chance" are too heavy RNG gated...
Also Delirium mechanics don't help at all, the fog advancement speed and the map layouts, makes really hard to complete the boss map while in mist, or kill a Blight boss while in mist...

Curious corruption is hardly RNG gated. It is very easy. You can use vaal orbs, temple corruption and blood altar. Ive done it without having to use temple corruption. The hardest to get Ive used is 30 % corruption. And thats a 5c beast in blood altar..

Leave to chance is basically to test whether the player understands how chancing uniques work. Yes, if you are trying to chance Skyforth its going to be costly. Chance beach maps, or hell even have some chance orbs in your inventory and chance strongboxes and youll get it

Thw timer stops while doing blights so that one is also very easy and hardly rng gated.

To kill boss while under influnece of delirium is the regular map grind challenge. Typically the 39th you complete if you are going for 40/40. Its even quite smooth this league compared to completing 15k tiers or 1k maps or whatever has been. If its hard and you want that challenge done, simply adjust. Much easier to rush boss on city square compared to Basilica with the phases etc. If you apply a delirium orb there isnt even a timer for it so you dont even need to rush
Summary of the challenges is if you got in early on the cheater build (stacking abuse of the Purposeful Harbinger cluster jewels) you were able to cheese the game, and then buy the challenges.

If you did not, then your only choice is to play 6 hours a day 7 days a week for the 3 months. 500+ hours, no thanks.

Gratz to the 0.32%, or 400 odd players. Now go buy more stuff so the rest of us and keep playing for free. I buy supporter packs when i enjoy a league, and the only way to enjoy it is to get in early on the league exploit and get a head hunter.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
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good God don't tell me your making our game lag not only due to delirium mechanics and performance problems but now to things that also gather stats from players?
I find the rewards not looking good. I also don't like some challenges like corrupting and chancing, and some more. I will just get the 36 and leave this league. Pushing to 40 will be hard. On Metamorph, rewards were not good too other than the portal. Blight rewards were much better. I'm still using that portal.
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