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Only saving grace for this game from my part is that I enjoy playing it. Thats about it. Had lots of fun with Delirium League, and still do when I drop in from time to time. Standard too. Even tossing in some Hardcore depending if I want a slower RP experience since that is how I take HC.

And thats about it. The challenges are obnoxious. And that is my honest take on them. And you guys take pride in them being "more challenging than last league"??? Are you even communicating with your head? Or listening to the 1% morons that got them and as per usual are whining that the game is ez, challenges are ez and all that other crap?

Im sounding like a recorder on repeat. Stop listening to the less than 5% no lifers that do nooooothing in their life but shit eat and play PoE. ffs!

Getting to 24 which is half way should not need as much grind as this, not by a longshot. After that mark you can up the difficulty and make the last half get all the more difficult. But noooo, lets listen to the feedback of the 100 morons that pay 160bucks every season like sheep and have no life.

Cause, you know. they are the perfect representation of the other 200 THOUSAND playing the game. Thumbs up mate. Thumbs up.

Small hint: 10 bucks from 50 thousand people is more than 200 bucks from 100 people... Just saying.

Of to play some PoE and forget this retarded ridiculous post was ever even made praising how hard the challenges are. Maybe I can pretend it never happened and keep enjoying me some of the game for tonight as I wind down.
Unable to really enjoy this league simply because performance is awful for me personally. I like the mechanics and everything happening in the league, it's just performance issues.
I think the low chal completion is partially that two of the rewards are back attachments. As for the difficulty, they aren't hard. I'd say this is probably the easiest league but some of the challenges are fairly rng, like the side area and chance orb ones.
League sucks, on top of a buggy game engine. People left in droves, and won't be back -- some until PoE 2.

But sure, feel free to keep patting yourselves on the back for horrible numbers.
Please remember that making up silly explanations that sound good to outside evaluation, will hurt the player retention in the long run.

Most players will only play a league for so long before moving on to a different game. You NEED to make sure they leave on a positive note that makes them want to come back.

Unfortunately, most players I know that are coming back are starting to adopt the same mindset:

"let's see if the game is fun again. Bugs, lag, fps drops, crashes... nope. Let's try it again next league I guess"

It hurts retention a lot, because not only do I now have less friends playing the league with me, those same friends are telling me about the really fun game they are playing instead, that doesn't lag out.

Full circle around to the original point, while looking for reasons to not abandon the league: I see that GGG is posting rubbish that doesn't acknowledge any of my or the community's current concerns? Seems hopeless, and I aslo start to reluctantly adopt that same mindset, which is a snowball that will keep growing on it's way to the next league.

Having a difficult game with a lot of unobtainable content is good, as long as YOUR challenge and YOUR design are the gatekeepers. As soon as outside influence from lag/bugs/crashes becomes the biggest mountain to climb, you have lost the player. You are no longer in control of their experience, and you lose their attention.

Good luck! I hope we all can actually play the next league.
less than 20% player base actually got 12+ wtf ?
league is unplayable for me with all the freezing.
ive been playing since delve and never had this problem before.
you really need to fix this shit....
The game has massive problems and is summarized by:

10 millions orbs have been used ........................ by 0.32% of players

The other 99% can go and GTFO, oh but buy some stash tabs on the way out. That's your game, that's your games biggest problem.
Timer-Based Delirium Fog is a bad mechanic
Map-Based Delirium Fog is a pretty good mechanic
Cluster Jewels are a great mechanic

Please allow Cluster Jewels to drop in normal gameplay and restrict Delirium to special maps, like Blighted Maps.
80% of players have very few challenges because they left the game since a long time already. First week is certainly decisive.
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