Delirium Statistics

Thank you <3
So 96% of cases you have a layout created by 2.5 year olds and you create content for open spaces ... it's like trying to eat soup with a fork ... in the fog the monsters become invincible, they have 0 lives and they follow you on the whole map ... if you still have the influence when you have a density of 100 monsters freeze the screen and "wake up dead" ... if you add to this and Crusader you have zero chance to finish the map ... you have created this content only for those what the abuse aura stacking .... ok i finished 2 times out of 10 Deliriums the wave 20 with mi shit build ... no meta, only cwc magma orb ... In conclusion, you started to create content only for a limited number players ... you started and worked hard to create just for streamers ... you want to slow down the game ... it seems that you are on the right track ... if we can not hide anything ... put in the office of each hired a satire with the peak of the number of players and at the same time with the number of players after you started creating just for streamers. Maybe you wake up to reality.

The system, my favorite map doesn't work at all ... I finished 100+ Canyon maps and I got about 10 back ... I'm not surprised that the tier 16 maps that drops are generally only those that are already in the Atlas without awakener orbs. .grate job as always ... sarcasm


Sire of Shards does not work with slower projectile ... projectiles will only be back if you go in a straight line with Cyclone.
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my 2c is :

- Definitely feels like the challenges are harder. Personally loathe any challenge with perandus chests in it

- Things like leave to chance, is too much rng, should be 9/12, leaving you to have to chance only one unique and not 2 out of the list of 4 possible

- Complete Simulacrum II should only require any 2 of those 3

- Deadly Encounters seems like overkill

- the entire "encounters in mist" challenge is terrible imo. Blight Boss & Metamorph bosses being the worst offenders in the list of 4

- betrayal benches challenge is some harsh RNG I feel AND way more effort involved than reward imo

- no more challenges requiring anything to do with perandus

my personal list of pet peeves for challenges ^.^

The Season in general:

I find this is by far the hardest most ridiculous season I've ever played since 2013. I would say the effort required to work the atlas seems beyond tedious, requiring far too much effort imo to unlock all the features.

Also, the effort required to spawn each of the 4 conqs & the boss himself is far too much. Way way too many maps need to be run. It's beyond ridiculous imo. I feel like this is nothing more than a blatant roadblock to try and slow people down from farming awakened gems, thus keeping the prices of these items at just silly levels.

Loot overall this season hasn't felt terrible. Exalted currency is still way too bleepin rare. All of my friends and I are all in our 90s, Heck I leveled 2 90+ this season and none of us have found more than 4 exalt.

Lastly, zanas prices are OP. Her prices, especially for red maps need to come way down. This is always the most troublesome area of the game and what ultimately ends up frustrating me to the point that I simply stop playing any given season, the lack of red maps, or the need to constantly go and buy them for exorbitant prices from greedy players & npcs.
While I do feel like the challenges are a bit harder this league (low drop rate div card turnins, chancing, full delirium encounters) they are still within margain.

I felt very demotivated, when the first people reached 36 challenges and showed the wings, which were clearly changed again and did not look like the picture published by Bex on reddit.

The 36 challenge reward should be the most desirable. The initally showcased wings looks aweful, then they looked great, and now they look jinda meh again, the way they have been implemented in the game.
"We can see that challenge completion is lower at all significant points when compared to Metamorph league. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that these statistics are from slightly earlier in the league, but truthfully, we believe this set of challenges is more difficult than Metamorph's."

Or maybe because people found the portal much more pleasing and worth going after than the wings that were initially bad and then changed to a bit less bad.

The cloak actually looks much better.
Yes, the challenges are more difficult, less rewarding = not so motivated to do the challenges this league.

Thx for sharing these statistics.
TLDR - Grey is boring and demoralising your player base is bad for business.

So.... here we go, just my 2 cents.

I think you, GGG, need to ask yourself a question. Is 0.32%.of the player base achieving the third tier of challenge MTX the amount of people that you want to allow? I'd argue that where you are trying to retain the player base for longer than 4 weeks (which, in today's gaming market is a blooming long time spent dedicated to a single game) then that should be the metric for 40/40 and not 36/40. Ergo, there's your litmus test on whether the challenges are too tough.

Metamorph hit the balance right on difficulty for 36/40. It had the GGG grind, it had the 'learn the mechanics' that encounters 1,2,3,4 promote but it was achievable solo, within 4-6 weeks. By the graph the drop off is notable at 27 challenges so the players look like they're just quitting as the journey doesn't look achievable.

Delirium RNG is not good, and as others have already alluded to, and is demoralising. Most players make a max of 20-30ex per league over 4-6 characters but chancing a unique chest, weapon or jewel alone can hit 3 ex investment or more. That's a risk the majority of players (who cant make 100Ex +) are not willing to take. You might as well have put in a challenge to 6 link an item.....oh wait.

Here's my biggest gripe (and I love POE btw)

I've said this before....what's with the drab colouring... grey is just blooming boring! It makes people depressed, do I want to take this lush Oasis or Gardens map and make it Grey? No no no, its basic psychology. Grey, black, white it's just fu...blooming depressing.

Would I rather watch Jet-Li's Hero or Schindler#s List?

I had high hopes when the carnival and LSD induced Glimmerwood were released as loot boxes because there was some COLOUR! But the leagues, the last 6 months of MTX, don't do bland, dont do grey, black, dark brown... even dark red gets depressing quickly :)

I've been dying to spend cash on a supporter pack but have had to stave off until Delirium when you, thankfully, released a nice bright yellow set.

Metamorph had bright green but then all the mobs were black...everyone whined and so you dropped in a new league that was Grey???????. Fortnight (which I hate), racks in millions because it has colour....WOW = colour....check! = millions $$$$

Grey.....lots of people quit in 3 weeks

I'll end by re-asking the question, is 0.32% of your player base the percentage you want to achieve 36/40???

We DO want a challenge (it shouldn't be too easy and yes it should take about 4 weeks to get to 36/40) but only 422 people of the 132,000 players (that's your currently recorded peak on Steam only BTW)have got the wings. Props to them but I've got a funny feeling if you started making 36/40 more accessible then you would see an increased revenue stream.

Wow, sorry that went on a lot longer than expected.
I'm not as progressed in the challenges because a lot of them are more RNG based this league. This makes me less inclined to seek them out. For example, "Leave to chance", "Curious corruption", and "Obtain rewards from Vaal side areas".

To me, these types of "challenges" don't feel challenging. They just feel annoying. Anyone else agree?

Betrayal bench "challenges" were very annoying.
Thanks for sharing the statistic.

My personal experience with Delirium hasn't been fun like the previous league.

Meta was much more fluid and fun in terms of game play.

My biggest complain about Delirium and in general with poe is that when I reach lvl 80+ I often die and can't understand what did 1 shot me because of the too many visual effects ongoing at that moment.

I really hope that in poe2 these things will be improved so at least I will know why I died :)
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