Path of Exile Developers Reveal Their Working From Home Desks!

That's pretty cool guys, love the setups. Stay strong
A lot of these desks make me feel really good about my desk. So... thanks!
I love Mandeep's wallpaper. Great edit of Klimt's "The Kiss"
Rachel wins the style award
This reminded me - I need a new and bigger desk. ASAP.
Guys can we please all chip in and get Tim from QA a freaking new chair!!! Holy Smokes this guy needs some chair loving.

Fishing in POE confirmed.

(Take a look again at what's on one of Skyler's monitors …)
At first, i thought Blake kidnapped someone :)
OMG i need Jonathan's monitor. Or is it a TV?
Jatin - QA

All look very nice, sorry I'm a little old school Iron Maiden mouse pad got me, lol

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