Path of Exile Developers Reveal Their Working From Home Desks!

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Oh Blake, never change please lol :D
thanks for opening your houses, stay safe :)
someone have natalia wallpaper? thx
Can someone ask Rachel where that wall lamp was from?
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Jeff and his Herman Miller Aeron.
I think that is a good and comfortable ergo chair for work.
Hi #alonetogether!

Like many those times my windowsill-garden gets *more* attention than usual and as a big fan of cacti and succulents...
...3 weeks forgot to water? No Prob ;-)
i want to ask @Jasper what different types of plants do you have on your desk?

especially the one on the far left in the picture (tree-like) and the bush-like one in the first skull.
(from left to right)

AND congrats looks realy cool!

At all: Stay at home and make the best of it.

virus-free greetings from germany

What monitor brand is that from Jonathan? It looks really cool. Also, PoE 2 leaked login screen from Erik haha, any estimates on when we can expect an alpha or closed beta for PoE 2? :P
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Make trade like the Grand Exchange from RuneScape✨🌀🔰🔶🔷

Let us zoom out more. Bring back: 32:9, Heist Alt Quality Gems, Sextants, Gear Enchanting, Prophecy, Perandus, Metamorph, Scourge, Sentinel, Kalandra & Crucible. Stop removing content from the game.
I missed this article at that time but it is so nice to see you guys now!

TwistedTrip wrote:
Oh Blake, never change please lol :D

True! :)

ppl: "Oh, Blake, needs a new chair let's buy one in chair-ity!"
Blake: "Trust me, I'm an Environment Artist!"

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