While New Zealand remains in lockdown, our team continues to work from their homes. In this novel time, we thought it would be neat to take a look behind the scenes and see what particular setups our developers have managed to create at home!

Kieren - Producer

Kane - Senior Audio Engineer

Dominic - Audio Engineer

Eben - Community Team/Video Creator

Ben - Level Designer

Rieko - Web Developer

Dane - 3D Artist

Jatin - QA

Kamil - Composer

Liam - Audio Engineer

Orion - Community Junior

Mandeep - Animator

Natalia - Community Manager

Patricia - Audio Engineer

Qingyi - Concept Artist

Val - 3D Artist

Denan - Animator

Josh - Programmer

Jowie - Senior Concept Artist

Skyler - Programmer

Blake - Senior Environment Artist

Tim - QA

Hrishi - Game Designer

Zach - QA

Rachel - QA

Alex D - Programmer

John - Rigger

Jeff - Producer

Jasper - 3D Artist

Bex - Community Director

Michael - Producer

Stacey - QA

Chris - Managing Director

Alex - QA

Jared - Rigger

Adam - Sys Admin

Jonathan - Technical Director

Aabid - Animator

Erik - Creative Director

Jessica - Customer Support Manager

Matt - Narrative Designer

Jared - 3D Artist

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Grinding Gear Games
SVHelios wrote:
Can we crowdfund a new chair for Blake please?

He ordered a new one right before lockdown and now he's stuck with that one!
Here's a link to Natalia's wallpaper for those asking!
Awww maaaan. I missed the chance to submit mine.

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