Path of Exile Developers Reveal Their Working From Home Desks!

Just amazing!! Thank you for great posts such as this!
Always great seeing different destkop setups, particularly when it's shots from a company whose overall work you're interested in, thanks for sharing these.

Please give Jatin (QA) first dibs with any office surplus monitors that are getting thrown out.
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First thing I did seeing this post was:
1. Ctrl +F
2. type in "bex"

And checked out her desk <3
So many cats. And even a Pikachu!
First off, I see too many towers on carpet, stop that.
Secondly, Bex... is that the salt you've collected from the community?
While this is certainly nice to see i would rather be interested in a reveal of the plan to fight all the performance issues.
You need to pay Jatin more. He can't even afford a proper desk.

and Jared seems to have the most prdoctive one. Haha, good luck mate, i can feel you.
Dominic needs a new chair. I bet he has little pieces of fake leather trailed everywhere in his house.

I also need a new chair

Blake has committed a crime in his workspace
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good stuff ggg, thx for sharing ^_^
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