3.11 | Carry Me Golems | Carrion/Stone Golem Elementalist | Very Tanky and High DPS summoner

POB UPDATED ON 2020-06-24
TL;DR https://pastebin.com/dhziLf2n
No Cluster Jewel Variant: https://pastebin.com/zT1K7WbK

Don't forget to allocate cluster jewel passive points!
Use the PoB Community Fork to calulcate damage properly!

POE Profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/skyscan/characters?characterName=ColdHardStone

Video Guide by GoodGuyGaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD3O2HJzec4

Build Summary

The main theme of the build is scaling Carrion or Stone Golem physical damage. At the same time we achieve high damage resistances of all damage types. Because Golems are extremely tanky, we never need to resummon them. This gives us a very casual playstyle that does not requiring constant minion management.

It's Very Tanky

Has High DPS without awakened gems or empower

And each piece of gear isn't terribly expensive

There are a lot of mechanics going on in this build. I'll be starting from the ground up. Skip to the relevant section if you're already familiar with the build.

General Info

Budget: 10-12ex
Survivability: Excellent
Bossing: Excellent
Clear Speed: Average
Difficulty to play: Very Easy
Flask Usage: Low
Map Mods: Any

I'd recommend purposefully stopping yourself from spending more than 15ex, as you notice substantial diminishing returns.

There are only a handful of builds that are more tanky than this one, and those require significantly more investment.

The bossing damage is also a respectable, as 14mil minion DPS is good enough for any late game boss. The clear speed isn't the best, but it's not painful to run through maps.

Stone Golem clear speed is below average, but Carrion Golem clear speed is above average. I'd strongly recommend farming betrayal to craft on a white socket so you can swap when you want to.

Our damage is not reliant on flasks at all, so we're only using them for defensive purposes.

We can do any combination of map mods, but physical reflect forces a gear swap to gloves, which lowers our damage to about 1/3 its potential. That's the only mod I'd purposefully roll over.


If anyone wants their video featured here, PM me please.

All videos are deathless :)

Full Shaper Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP7hEIOG1Ug
Fairly early on in the build, I think I was around level 80?

Simulacrum Waves 1-20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI7f2JsFi94
There was 4 bosses in waves 15-20, lol.

100% Delirious T16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqfFDCHjRH4
Also was taunted and had beyond. Sorry about the slow playstyle, that's just how I play.

Sirus A8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9X_YJojcE0
Video by PoE User 15god

Uber Elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsUWEMP7DuY
Well that was easy. The Stampede boots prevents slow from the chill.

3.12 Update

Build got nerfed, because Divine Flesh is worse. I'll update guide when I actually PLAY the build this league.

Edit: I didn't play the league :P It seems the defense nerf is quiet annoying. I would recommend building more offensive oriented, and not play HC.

Golems Jewels

Unlike most minion builds, Golems scale almost entirely off of Golem-Specific jewels.
These are the jewels:

The Anima Stone can be created by selling 1 copy of each other golem jewel to a vendor. Save money by doing this instead of buying from a player, it's almost always cheaper.

We'll want a mix of all 4, I'll talk about it later in the guide, these are the relevant stats on each:

Notice that we only care about aggressive line in Might, therefore we will only use one. That's because we don't resummon golems and thus don't receive the other bonuses.

With 3 different types of golems summoned Harmony Jewel is providing 60% minion damage and cooldown reduction allowing our golems to use their better abilities more often. Yeah, we'll want a lot of these.

Eminence jewels are mainly used to give us more optimal cooldowns, 20% minion attack speed is still way higher than any passive notable. Check the Golem Attacks section for more details.

Carrion vs Stone

Better AI
Faster Clear speed
Less Damage

Slower clear speed
Better bossing

Because Carrion Golem is a blue gem and Stone is a red gem, you need a white socket in your gem setup to swap freely between the 2.

Golems Attacks and Optimizing Cooldowns

Golems have 3 attacks; their default attack, their "special" attack, and their movement attack. Each type of golem wants different things. Check the relevant section for the Golem you decide to use.

Stone Golems

Note: if you know how ideal poet's pen atk spd works, skip to the bottom

For Stone Golems the special attack is Slam. It's a circular AOE that does 2x as much damage as the default attack, and has a 33% chance to taunt. This ability has a 4-second cooldown. The second line of the Harmony jewel (check Golem Jewels section) can reduce this cooldown. This is why most Golem builds stack lots of Harmony jewel, because not only does it give minion damage, it also causes our stone golems to use their good attacks more often.

Multistrike will cause the ability to trigger 2 more times, regardless of the cooldown. That means every time a slam is triggered, they attack 3 times. With this interaction combined with enough Harmony jewels we can cause our golems to always use the Slam ability.

phirefor wrote:
On PoB, select Stone Golem as main skill and choose slam as its attack. PoB will show the SG's attack/cast rate, as well as its skill cooldown. As long as 1 divided by attack/cast rate multiplied by 3 (or 4 if using awakened multistrike) is ever so slightly greater than the skill cooldown, then the attack speed is optimal.

This is it's behavior

In the above scenario our Stone Golem is attacking too fast. This is causing the Slam move to happen less often than if its attack speed was worse (0.34). This is because it takes 0.9s to complete 3x slams, but has a 1.0 CD. When the 3x Slams complete, instead of immediately Slamming again, it will default attack 3x because the CD is not ready. The default attack delays our slam by how long it takes to complete the default attack. To fix this, we swap our 1x Eminence and replace it with 1x Harmony.

The general rule for Stone Golems is 7x Harmony and 2x Eminence. This may change if you have minion attack speed on gear, in which case you want more harmony jewels.
Carrion Golem

Carrion Golems are much simpler than Stone Golems. We like both the Leap Slam and Cascade abilities. Therefore we can just stack as much attack speed as we like without worrying about messing up cooldowns. That being said, we still want mostly Harmony jewels so they leap slam often and do more initial-hit damage. We are playing this golem for clear-speed afterall.

Utility Golems

The reason why Elementalist is the only ascendency that's worth choosing for golems is not just because it gives +2 maximum golems, but it also provides a 50% golem buff effectiveness per summoned golem. With the passive tree bonuses and 9 summoned golems we have 620% golem buff effectiveness. This means that these golems give the following buffs:

Level 27 Stone Golem - 1000 flat life regen <-- this is regardless of your max life
Level 22 Chaos Golem - +32% flat phys damage reduction <-- lets us easily get to 90% phys damage reduction
Level 20 Lightning Golem - 62% increased atk/cast speed <-- movement skills feel great 1-linked

Note that you only need 9 golems summoned, not 9 golem of the same type to get these benefits. So we can have 8 fire golems and 1 chaos, and that Chaos golem will still give 32%.

But wait, if we use other golems, than our main damage golem will do less damage, right..? Harmony jewels not only offset the loss of going from 9->7 max damage golems, but actually increase our overall damage. This is because we get 20% damage per type of golem summoned. With 7x Harmony jewels we go from 20% damage per jewel to 60% per jewel.

We'll want a 7-1-1 distribution.
Stone - Chaos - Lightning
Carrion - Stone - Chaos

Essentially you only care about the Stone and Chaos benefits, so if you go any other type of golem your 2 utility golems should be Stone and Chaos. If you go Stone Golem we get some extra personal atk/cast speed (does not affect minions)

In summary:
Elementalist - cares about the max number of golems
Harmony Jewel - cares about the number of different types of golems

Building Defenses

Life Recovery

We get 1000 life regen for free simply by using 1 stone golem. Nothing else to say here.
Physical Damage Mitigation

With Chaos Golem providing 32% phys mitigation, all we need is The Brass Dome Body Armour to get to that 90% phys mitigation. Again, very easy solution to a problem that plagues most builds.

Or we could swap Pride with Determination, then use a high life roll body armour. We'll still be phys capped.
Elemental Mitigation

Essentially Divine Flesh with a cluster jewel (+3% max chaos res).

Our elemental mitigation puts us at approximately 82.5% all elemental damage reduction, without using purities. Here's how it works. We corrupt MoM notable into divine flesh via timeless jewel. This is 100% chance, no need to search around.

Divine Flesh

Which turns half of our damage taken into chaos damage. That means if our chaos is capped (now at 85%), and our elemental is capped at 75%, taking an elemental hit evens out to 80% damage reduction. Soul of steel however, is pushing our max res to 76 so that numbers will get muddled as we get other defenses.

We can also increase our Chaos resistance max res with this cluster jewel
Born of Chaos

You could use a Megalomaniac to get Born of Chaos instead. Then we could get other cool notables, such as another renewal, more life, or even some interesting utilities.

But wait! A minor pantheon also gives us an effective +1% max chaos res as well.
Soul of Shakari

And that's how we abuse divine flesh so we take very little elemental damage.

We also get an additional 8% reduced damage taken from Paragon of Calamity.
Chaos Mitigation

We have 88% max chaos resistance at all times. Chaos damage is trivial, we love to see it almost as much as CI
Total Damage Mitigation
With The Brass Dome providing a large amount of armour we get to abuse Molten Shell + Vaal Molten Shell. By linking with increased duration gems we have around an 85%+ uptime of molten shell, which is giving us a huge life buffer (around 7k MS/22k VMS). This is what lets us tank any big hit in the game. Nice!

Building DPS

Cold Iron Point

^ +6 level of stone/carrion golems, and +6 level of physical curses, and auras. Better DPS than a GG convoking wand and it costs less than 10c. This is the main incentive for scaling physical damage, because it has synergy with itself.
Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels are the main reason golems are so strong right now. Previously golems scaled almost entirely from their golem-specific jewels. That meant golem passive trees picked up 13+ jewel sockets. Pathing to all those jewel sockets required us to spend a lot of point on "dead" passive nodes. What cluster jewels do is replace those "dead" travel nodes with high minion damage nodes instead while still maintaining the same amount of jewel sockets.

This is also why we want to go pure physical. The new notrable "Rotten Claws" gives our minion's a 20% chance to impale. If we stack 2 of these, impale support, and dread banner we're getting 100% impale chance.

How to Make Cluster Jewel with Plant Crafts

Note: this only worked in Harvest League. Plant crafting is currently unavailable.

1. Obtain an ilvl 50+ Minion Damage with 8 passive base
-Note if your ilvl is 68+ only augment attack twice, as the physical mod pool has other notables now
2. Alteration for renewal
-we do this because there's a lot of life-tagged mods in the pool
3. Regal
3b. If regal mod isn't removable (i.e. no tag on mod), scour and go again. Or take the 50/50 to annul orb it
4. Augment Attack - it will be either Call to the Slaughter or Rotten Claws
5. Augment Attack (again) - it will be the other CttS or RC notable
5b. NOTE: if you have ilvl50-67 Renewal is the only PHYSICAL mod, so you could aug phys to get it instead
6. Augment whatever you need - Chaos resistance is good here.

Alternatively! You can skip step 5, this provides an extra 3% chaos resistance, but 5% less minion damage.

If you plan to skip Call to the Slaughter, you can get a 9passive as well, same amount of points.

Gearing Up

This is the most important section of the guide, as I summarize all of the sections above for the applicable gear slot.

How to not be as slow as a snail

^ I'd recommend these boots to anyone annoyed with the slow movement speed, as it sets your movement speed to +50% regardless of modifiers. That means you'll want to drop your quicksilver flask as it now does nothing.

By the way, Cyclone + The Stampede is amazing, because you don't get slowed down. So you can cast-while-channeling with no downside.

You also get an extra anointment. I'd recommend either Cleansed Thoughts which makes getting Chaos resistance super easy, or you can even anoint a corrupted notable!


1 Anima, 1 Might (just to make golems aggressive), 7 Harmony, 2 Eminence. Drop 1 eminence if you have minion attack speed on gear.
Cluster Jewels

We'll have 3 clusters. We need 2 rotten claws to get to 100% impale. We'll also want 1 feisting fiends to give our golems leech.

All of them should have 8 passives, and 2 jewel sockets (ilvl75+ jewels only)

The issue with Large Clusters is how they order their notables.

We want to "push" Rotten claws to slot #2 or #3 to save passive points.

Here's how to do it:

Note you cannot have Rotten Claws and Renewal in slot #2 + #3 at the same time.

With 3 lines (alteration craft method):
1 Added Passive Skill is Rotten Claws
1 Added Passive Skill is {Raze and Pillage : Renewal}
2 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets
{Added Small Passive Skills also grant:any} - not required

With 4 lines (chaos spam):
1 Added Passive Skill is Rotten Claws
1 Added Passive Skill is Feasting Fiends
1 Added Passive Skill is {Call to the Slaughter : Vicious Bite : Primordial Bond}
2 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets

Once you get 2x Rotten Claw Cluster Jewels your 3rd cluster jewel should have another Renewal. There is no way for Renewal to be on a 3-line jewel in slot 2.
With 4 lines (chaos spam):
1 Added Passive Skill is Renewal
1 Added Passive Skill is Feasting Fiends
1 Added Passive Skill is {Call to the Slaughter : Vicious Bite : Primordial Bond}
2 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets

You may also want to replace 1 Harmony Jewel to gain extra defenses:

Megalomaniac can also give some other really awesome notables.

Timeless Jewels

The only thing you care about is that it's a Glorious Vanity with Xibaqua. That will give you divine flesh. If you want to min-max, here are some #'s and what they provide with corrupted notables. This jewel can provide cool things like chaos resist/life/movement speed/aura effectiness/minion damage/etc. Look for one that gives you at least a couple good corrupted notables.

4285 - 9% chaos res / 13% lightning res
1038 - 15% chaos res / 11% fire res
1014 - 9% cold res
7136 - 21% minion dmg / 11 lighting res
5237 - 23% lightning res
7190 - 9% cold res / 2% life / 2% movespd
5756 - 7% life
7788 - 10% cold res / 11% lightning res / 2% life
745 - 12% light res / 3% movespd
5521 - 21 cold / 13 light / 2% life

Put it here:

Forbidden Taste is great, because the damage gets mitigated massively from divine flesh.

Soul Ripper is not required, but puts our molten shell uptime at a damn near 99%. You want one with at least 50 charges, and as close to 50 as possible.

The other uniques are required for the build to work.


The main thing is to have the flesh offering enchant as it provides a huge damage boost, much stronger than any other enchant. Even a 20% bone helm with 40% stone golem damage will provide less DPS.

Because we need Chaos golems to be lv 22 to go from 4% to 5% phys reduction, we need either a +2 minion helm OR link it with lv 3 empower (cheap gem, only need +2 levels).

With a stygian vise we get to use an abyss jewel. Look for a minion's blind on hit or hinder. We do not need taunt, as stone golem slams already have a built in taunt.

Here's what we need:
-Chaos Resistance
-Elemental Resistance
-71 dex collectively
-Minion dmg/spd

Reduced mana cost of skills lets us do no regen maps a lot more comfortably, because convocation has 0 mana cost with -9 mana costs.
Alternatives to Brass Dome


There are a lot of good mods you can get on a rare body armour. I strongly recommend getting reflect immune, which makes rolling maps so much easier. You can also "gain back" some of the physical defence you lost via % taken as an element.

Leveling Guide

Equip amulet at level 34. Make sure you have 3 jewel sockets to equip 1 Anima, 1 Might, 1 Harmony. Roll through the entire game on easy mode. Here are the uniques I used. Notice the body armour gives +2k armour at lv 30, really OP

Leveling Passive Tree
Twink Me Up Daddy Bondage Gear



Passive Tree
Level 95 (3 Cluster Jewels)
Level 95 Passive Tree (2 Clusters) - more life less damage
We go from 163% to 204% life from passive tree, but we lose some damage.

Ascendency Order

Leige of the Primordial > Elemancer > Paragon of Calamity > Pendulum of Destruction

Leige of the Primordial > Elemancer > Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin

You will to use a spell that does physical damage, either via added phys to spells or a physical spell so gain the benefits of Beacon of Ruin. If you get Cold Conduction from Megalomanic, you have much higher shock up time too.

Kill all

-Soul of Arakaali
-Soul of Shakari

No other options here, Forbidden Taste triggers Arakaali recovery, and Shakari has synergy with Divine Flesh.

Lab Enchants:
Helm - Flesh Offering atk speed (21% = uber)
Boots - Movement Speed
Gloves - Conc Ground if Crit

-Whispers of Doom (saves 3 passives)
-Ravenous Horde (extra dps)
-Indomitable Army (phys/bleed golem death prevention)



6L Main Damage:
{Stone Golem : Carrion Golem} - Multistrike - Impale - Melee Physical - Brutality - Minion Damage

Carrion and Stone have the same gem setup. Just swap stone and carrion golem

4L Utility Golems:
Feeding Frenzy - Chaos Golem - {Lightning Golem : Stone Golem} - {Minion Life : Empower lv3}

You will need empower lv 3 to push your chaos golem to lv 22 if you don't have a +minion gems helmet

4L Curse on Hit:
Curse on Hit - {Storm Brand : Orb of Storms : Whatever} - Vulnerability - Punishment

Enduring Cry (if you take Call to Arms):
Enduring Cry

2L Auras 1:
Dread Banner - Generosity

2L Auras 2:
Flesh and Stone - Maim

Stay permanently in Blood Stance, linking with Maim causes them to take additional physical damage.

1L Auras 3:
{Pride : Determination}

Utility 1:
Flesh Offering

Utility 2:

Utility 3:

Utility 4:
Molten Shell

1L or 2L Movement:
{Flame Dash : Whirling Blades - Fortify}


Ordering from most-to-least important. If you have other tips let me know!
Spending Less:
  • Start with a 5 link, use The Jeweller's Touch prophecy for easy 5L
  • Look for rare gear with open suffix and craft on res/chaos res hybrid mod
  • Anoint ravenous horde instead of whispers of doom and spend 3 passive for +1 curse
  • For golem gems 21/0 is better than 20/20 and cost way less
  • Quality on Maim and Vulnerability do nothing, 21/0 are cheaper and better than 20/20. You only care about quality on curse on hit. You can downlevel a lv 20/0 to 1/20 using vendor recipe
  • Use a lv 3 empower (cheap gem, not the lv4) with chaos golem if you can't find/craft a +minion level helm with flesh offering enchants
  • Use The Stampede and anoint Cleansed Thoughts - it doubles your chaos res making gearing much easier
  • Craft your own cluster jewels using alteration+regal method for the 3 mods we want (check cluster jewel gear section)

Spending More:
  • Get perfect harmony jewel rolls (45% CD, 20% golem dmg)
  • Awakened Melee Physical provides intimdation, which is the largest damage increasing awakened gem. Awakened minion and brutality are also good damage increases
  • Awakened Curse on Hit let's us use a different anointment, as it gives +1 curse
  • Corrupted Brass Dome with +1 gems
  • Corrupted Amulet with +1 curse - reconfigure passive tree (check pob)
  • Use a curse on hit glove or ring mod for 3x curses
  • With freed up passive take Sovereignty and use Aspect of the Spider
  • Search for Glorious vanity that gives good corrupted mods
  • Get gear with +strength to further increase max life
  • 2x Wands with +2 all minion gems, and 50% minion damage, and 15% atk speed is slightly better than 2x CIP, but you need all 3 of those mods to compete. You will also get trigger socketed spells on skill use mod

PoB with 6k life and 4mil damage per golem. Note that triple curse means we can use poachers mark to gain frenzy charges for our golems
^ taken from a user's profile in poe.ninja

HC Variant

-Give up 3rd cluster jewel for more life
We'll lose about 20% damage ouput, but gain 1k+ life

-Change Pride for Determination
We're already phys capped, however with Determination we don't need to use Brass Dome anymore, so we can pick up a rare chest with lots of life. Craiceann's Carapace is also great, because it gives bleed immunity.

No Primordial Chain Variant

-Carrion Golems do significantly more damage
-Faster clear speed in very difficult maps
-More Expensive
-Other minions may die -> bossing is annoying

How to switch:
-Get an amulet with +1 to all phys and +1 to all int. This is an effective +2 to carrion golems
-Use spectres - Carnage Chieftain for frenzy charges and Arena Master for bonus attack speed and Merveil's Retainer for vulnerability curse
-Use animate guardian - Kingmaker,Gruthkul's Pelt (or AoE blind Rare body armour),Leer Cast,Victario's Flight,Southbound
-Use zombies - Need helmet for socketed gems support by minion life for these to survive

Why it's more damage:
-Carrion spectres deal more damage per nearby non-golem minion
-Animate Guardian provides lots of damage from aoe "sharing" uniques
-Amulet provides 2 more gem levels to carrion golem
-Spectres provide a faster attacks support and 3 frenzy charges and Merveil's Retainer cast vulnerability so we can free up a gem slot

What makes it more expensive:
-You need a very good helmet. Preferably with socketed minion life, +3 to minion gems, and socketed minion damage
-You need a very good rare amulet: Preferably with +1 to all phys, +1 to all int, high life and minion movement speed.



How do I summon stone/carrion golems, I don't have the mana for it?
Swap a red support gem with Blood Magic, summon them. Swap the gem back. You'll only need to do this when you first login.

How do I do physical reflect maps?
Swap to these Gloves and be sure to remove Brutality from your links. Or use a warlord's body armour with "Minions Take 100% reduced reflected physical damage" mod.

Will my golems die?
In very specific circumstances they can die. Any total reflect mod will kill them (Atziri, that one skeleton General in lab, Racecourse). If you want to do atziri, bring a mana flask and undo an aura so you have the mana to summon them. Otherwise they might as well be immortal.

But my golems are dying! What do I do?
They're immune to elemental, which means physical is killing them. Most likely it's the gigantic bleeds Kosis can apply. We can lose a little damage and instead anoint Indomitable Army. There's also a few chaos stuff that could kill them, but they're mostly DoT fields so use Convocation to move them.

How do I get 100% uptime with Molten Shell?
Molten Shell (MS) and Vaal Molten Shell (VMS) don't share cooldowns. So that means we can use VMS, and then right when it ends use MS. Immediately after using VMS there's a 30 second soul gain prevention ticking away. Because VMS last 19 seconds and MS last 6 seconds, that's only 25 seconds, so there's a 5 second period where we don't have either VMS or MS. If we use soul catcher it reduces VMS soul gain to 21 seconds. This lets us gain souls again while VMS is still up, allowing us to chain VMS -> MS -> VMS with no downtime.

Soul Ripper is even easier to use. It instantly gives you souls equal to its charge count. VMS requires 50 souls, so if the flask uses 50 charges you instantly get VMS again. Useful for bossing, but in mapping you already gain souls quickly enough that soul catcher is a better/cheaper option.

What is the range of Pride?
Because CIP increased Pride's level, it's approx range is decent. Remember that Pride's quality also increases its range, as well aura AOE. The effect is this slightly rusted look the mobs get, it's very hard to see in most situations.

Pride Range Test

Do I have to cast all my spells?
You can link them to CWDT if you want. I like linking CWDT (13) - Molten Shell (17) so I don't need to constantly spam molten shell.

If you use The Stampede, cyclone doesn't slow you down so CWC also works.

Can I use Megalomaniac instead?
Yes! There's a ton of good ones out there. Here's a search for one if you're trying to replace a Born of Chaos small cluster jewel.


Why use Feeding Frenzy linked to our utility golems?
Feeding Frenzy gives a global buff to all minions. Our 6L golem benefits as well, it's free damage :)

Why not use Primordial Bond?
Only lines that explicitly state "minion's" will apply to minions. Primordial Bond does not, so it only gives your minions health and a little bit of life regen.


This is an offshoot of this build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2782044
image banner source https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2x5EWA
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Patch Notes:


Notes about 3.11

I will update this guide once I've properly explored the changes in 3.11. I'm not league-starting with this build, and I recommend you don't either. If you want an easy transition play skeletons or spectres necromancer and switch later.

Overall minions didn't get changed much. HOWEVER, we have no idea how hard it is going to be to get large cluster jewels with 2 jewel sockets on them. I don't want to per-emptively update this guide if it's near impossible to get the proper items.

UPDATE as of 2020-06-24:
So 8-passive cluster jewels are very expensive right now. Some of you have already figured out the pathing without using cluster jewels.

The Vaal Molten Shell hurts, I wouldn't even bother using it anymore as 35% isn't that great of a damage reduction. Normal molten shell remains unchanged and is still awesome, consider taking the first 2 minors leading to "Adamant" for increased uptime.

Aside from the increased difficulty in obtaining the cluster jewels, and VMS nerfs, nothing else seems to have changed at all. Non-cluster jewel version of the build is weaker, but significantly cheaper at present time.

We have easy access to the new notable "Call to Arms", it's worth fitting in Enduring Cry for only 1 passive point.

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I'm currently reading up on CIP Stone Golem builds as I'm thinking of rolling one myself. There's so many different variations out there so it's good to see a forum build to use as a starting point.

Just reading over the guide, I do have a few questions:

* Is Ravenous Horde not worth the 3 extra skill points?

* What skills do you recommend to level with until you get golems at Level 34?

I played Ice Golemancer back in Legion and it was a ton of fun but extremely squishy as I was barely breaking 4k HP. However, it looks like the recent buffs and new items have made this much less of an issue. So definitely looking forward to trying this once I've farmed up enough currency on my ghetto-geared Lacerate Glad.
Is there a requirement for the harmony's besides get as high as damage as possible?
I just respecced in to this build and have a blast. I have 36ex left, so what should i upgrade next?
scrambled777 wrote:

1. Is Ravenous Horde not worth the 3 extra skill points?

2. What skills do you recommend to level with until you get golems at Level 34?

1. No. 3 points is worth a lot more. Renewal is only 2 points and provides significantly more DPS than Ravenous Horde.

2. I leveled with freezing pulse. Because I took 4 jewel sockets so early I was using the FP threshold jewels

Here's a quick 42-point tree. 42 Point Passive Tree

PanZajac wrote:
I just respecced in to this build and have a blast. I have 36ex left, so what should i upgrade next?

Upgrading gear is hard. Biggest upgrade is to get a +1 socketed gems corruption on brass dome. What you want to do is buy a lot of brass domes and corrupt them immediately. If any of them hit, then bench craft using 1500 vaal+1500 fusing.

Corrupting 6-links will mostly waste money.

There are other more expensive things to do, but I don't find them worth it. You can get %minion damage on rings. +1 curse amulet allows us to gain back 3 passive points. Here's a PoE profile with insane gear. But honestly it's not going to play much different than what you currently have. After around 15ex worth of colelctive gear you stop noticing improvements.


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Why is Brass Dome required? Am I missing something?
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
I have an AW necro that I consider converting over due to the annoying playstyle of keeping up the AWs. I played Flame golems elementalist before and loved the build

I only have a little over 2ex so I guess I'm short for now

How about doing the build as a necro? I see you only have 2 useful ascendancies from elementalist (elemancer and LOP)

What would be the priorities of items to acquire?
Great write-up! Can't wait to test it out!

What is your personal preferred golem: stone or carrion?
I have a golemmancer in my list of chars, but it feels really squishy...

How is your build different than my cold conversion golemancer ?

And how is it more thanky than what I have...

I am really tired of reroling to builds, that die in 1 shots.

I think about rerolling to this, but I need the answer to my previous questions because :( well....I am so fed up dying.

Also, are you casting everything manually ? Flesh offering / desecrate ?
Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.
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