[3.11] Durimon's 'Valar Morghulis' Pestilent Strike Assassin, 6 ex for all content (5 orb map)

As a new player, I agree this is a great build for new players. I tried several other builds, but most are much slower or squishier (or both). The only other build I found that comes close is a shield charge. But this assassin is still more fun. Many thanks for the guide.

Some tips for other newbies that might find this:
-Take some time to practice POB and importing your build. Note POB still has some bugs with cluster jewels. I have to create them in POB and swap them for the ones the game imports.
-Learn the crafting bench, it is extremely useful #1 for plugging holes in your resistances, #2 for getting exactly the color sockets you want, but much more later of course. I feel like getting the right color sockets is trickier in this build, because for several links it requires opposite of the preferred colors of the gear types.
-Buy a Tabula Rasa as soon as you can scrape together the chaos orbs for it. Linking all 6 pest gems creates so much more power, you won't care about the weaker armor. By the time you need more armor, you should have collected enough currency to buy a proper (cheap) 6-link until you are ready for Incandescent Heart.
-I had a really hard time keeping my Intelligence high enough for claws, so I've snagged a couple +30 Intel nodes on the tree. Might be able to refund those later, not sure.

Anyway thanks again and good luck
drigorin wrote:
Thank you hyung for the good build once again.

Just a question, can you map with just a good rare helm instead of the unique helmet? I'm just too lazy to swap eqs for bosses sirus) :

I think the reduced mana reserved is also important. It's not much, but I think the higher we go, the more the small edges matter. But if you are good with keeping mana, then nbd I guess.
QuangSen wrote:
1.I dont have enough mana for haste, is that just me?

I think we are only supposed to use the Vaal Haste skill. Don't use the Haste aura.

2.What is cold snap doing in this scenario?

Enemies that hit you get chilled (slowed). Part of our defense. Maybe damages them too, but I think it's mostly D.

3.Can I use Flame Dash instead of WB? not really used to WB.

I'd try it. My WB gem is at 19, I am L80, and I am not impressed by the damage at all.

4.Why are we using both Ancentral protector and warchief when we only can summon 1? And I dont even know what they are for

Yeah I don't know why there are 2 either. I only ever use Warchief. But having 1 is great for crowd control on open maps or to concentrate damage on a boss.

5.Is accuracy necessary? I didnt really care about it with my last few builds

I definitely feel like I can tell the difference between 96 and 98. But I don't know how to measure that, I just go by the *whoosh whoosh* of missing my targets.

6.Is "adding physical damage" on ring worth it? only few points and more expensive to buy

According to POB adding physical does the most for total DPS. But I don't know how to test or measure.

7.The nodes on jewel "feed the fury, disease vector" is that need to be like that? Because I tried to craft it for more than an hour but didnt work out, and the price for both of them on the same jewel is ~ few ex

Same, I am crossing my fingers that it's the small nodes that matter most.

Hey guys. Awesome build guide!

I have few questions. So my defense is great,chaos res90%, capped ele res. Over 50% phys midigation in hideout and all pantheons unlocked. But my damage is too low for red maps. How to scale it up. I'm guessing I need some better stat's on claws, or ther gear maybe, but idk what to look for.

Thanks in advance.
This build will be updated for 3.11 after the league starts. Thanks!
Pros and cons vs pathfinder?
Hi bluewelkin. Thx for this build and for IS miner.
Here are some feedback abou it.
I grab Graceful Assault

Feels much better with it.

There are be suggestion have one claw on pair with

on second slot.
It works fine on easy map rolls. But there a problem on map with TC. Don't know but work bad for me.

Manageв to grab + 1 to gem chest. Well, feel not so much difference.

Also Watchers Eye with Malevolence\Precision feels same.
As i understand this build dont get boost from crit damage cuz

And what do you think about new patch?
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Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you Durimon for an awesome build.

I've used this build as my league started and it has been doing very well. But, I currently am facing some issues when it comes to survivability - any chance you could help me out?

So - I actually figured it out (with some help) - I didn't fully read the description of my body armour and was running maps with -10% Chaos Resistance... So I need to get that sorted before using it, just running Dendrobate atm

Current gear is:

And my full PoB: https://pastebin.com/fRcuKDpy

Thank you in advance!
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Hi ! :)

Just wanted to tell you that I'm using a variant of your Durimon's Defense for my build, The Pestilent Viper Occultist. I've mentioned it on top of the first msg.
Thx and keep up the good work :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
I can't figure out pob for my my MacBook is the passive tree sill the same for 3.11?

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