Polaris Microtransactions are Now Available in Store

Polaris stuff is now out for purchase.

Well, I do not wish to have this set. They do have way better MTX on sale in the store. Period. Sorry, but I did not get impressed over the quality of this set.
Having this set served to us, when there are SO MUCH quality sets out there is a true bummer to get.

GGG needs to confirm this ASAP since it would be in their best interest to optimize revenue growth. Even if they pull a harbinger (confirm then reneg) it would still give them a monetary advantage.

Uh, you really need them to confirm what they talked about all weekend at Exilecon? That Path of Exile '2' is not a true sequel, but instead a mega-expansion to Path of Exile 2013? Ooookay then.

Silly exile, in regards to the MTX being backwards compatible. PoE2 has a new engine, you never know now, especially GGG.
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Yes! more Microtransactions! and what about solving the problems half the community is complaining about? Keep up the good work..
Patiently waiting for this stuff to go on sale. Will pick up white wings for sure!
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