Polaris Microtransactions are Now Available in Store

Ok, the black cloak, combined cloak, black building supplies and white environment decoration 10/10 aesthetically. Overall, the cape DESIGNS look cool as the previous back attachments in the past were really lacking honestly, but it's just a shame that you can't choose your color, also maybe adding something more dynamic to the back of the capes like rgb or various colour alternating lights or anything dynamic in terms of color on the back of the capes or cloaks would look awesome imo.

The only back attachments I found even remotely aesthetically pleasing in the past were the Betrayal 36 challenge cloak, the breach supporter pack cloaks, the Harbinger supporter cloak, the Abyss supporter pack cloak, The Orion support pack cloak (again, cool design, but can't choose color AND too expensive) and the Legion 36 challenge wings. Literally everything else looks like garbage honestly in terms of what you have to choose from for back attachments from the PoE mtx store, which is really disheartening knowing that GGG will never give the consumer the choice to buy an actual decent looking back attachment again considering they only make good looking back attachments once every 5 years for a limited time support pack that you can never buy again. I guess all I can do is wait now till something decent comes along.

That aside, everything else for the Polaris mtx looks alright I guess
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Make trade like the Grand Exchange from RuneScape✨🌀🔰🔶🔷

Let us zoom out more. Bring back: 32:9, Heist Alt Quality Gems, Sextants, Gear Enchanting, Prophecy, Perandus, Metamorph, Scourge, Sentinel, Kalandra & Crucible. Stop removing content from the game.
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polar woo
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▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀
Hard pass.
It's a pretty nice set but it's no Sawblade Spectral Throw. I really look forward to that being released.

Also, could we get a ramdomizer option for skill effects like the portal effects?
I got a mystery box years ago (i dont know how) but i didn't really play this game until a month or so ago and BOOM white wings in the box when i finally opened it.

I was just thinking yesterday how awesome it would be if i could get that box again and ITS BAAAAACK
time to spent 100$ and isolate myself playing poe xD
Curious thou... will the microtransactions be brought forward to POE 2 after release??
Been waiting on these.
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