Portal Sale and Stygian Microtransactions

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pog a portal sale!

rip my wallet
no thx, first fix the whole game bevore u selling ur crap mtx
I can't be the only one who thinks that every herald effect should be updated, like seriously, this one can go on multiple heralds while the old ones are elemental based, if u like the effect of them you are basicaly screwed bc it will never affect the new heralds
Is Stygian the new Celestial? Everything needs it?

Not that I'm complaining. Some of the new Stygian effects look quite nice and it's not like it takes away from anything.
this looks like utter trash.
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When are u guys gonna sell the Delirium portal??
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this looks like utter trash.

i love you
I would buy the herald effect if it changed the ignite to blue flame in a heartbeat. The only other thing I would need at that point is a Stygian Incinerate mtx to complete the set. I would probably fork over enough to get the flame dash and wings as well.

As soon as you fix the ignite, I'll start buying more Stygian stuff, its the only thing I have been waiting on. I was very excited to see the stygian herald, then extremely let down to not see it affect ignite.

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