Portal Sale and Stygian Microtransactions

Erichan wrote:
to ensure maximum purchases & profits.

Sadly that's what ggg's been reduced to. Profit over quality.

But we already have a pair of Stygian Wing?? would rather have had some helm attachment or something else that we actually don't have...

don't get me wrong, they look cool and all.. but again... we have a variant of stygian wings...
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Erichan wrote:
Weekend long sales meh I want to vomit everytime I see those who needs 4 day's to buy something 2 whole day's is already too long for mtx sale.

Not sure how long you've been alive for but its common practice not just for GGG's MTX sales but ANY sale to held over a period of time to ensure maximum purchases & profits.

GGG has a sale every day so it doesn't realy matter the weekend sales rather reduce sales cause people only buy once specialy Portal sales.
stygian herald? GGG I'm not mad I'm just disappointed.
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60x7 wrote:
Isn't selling your portal illegal?

Not in Amsterdam. But then, they're not selling so much as renting.
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By the way...

With the introduction of the random portal feature...

...I've been meaning to say: thank you for that. Seriously.
"People ask me why I do this at my age. People are rude."
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Just WHY?! Why GGG?!

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Weekend long sales meh I want to vomit everytime I see those who needs 4 day's to buy something 2 whole day's is already too long for mtx sale.

Weekend long sales are great for me as I update the Daily Deals every day rain or shine (Coronavirus stay at home mandate by our governor actually gives me more time for maintaining it) so updating once on Friday and then I get 3 days off is good.

The main problem I have with GGG is that they self-imposed the 3 month league length and thus have to know that there is no way in hell that they can ever get this much coding done in such a short time with any quality on it so each and every league we players are GGG's beta-testers and sometimes alpha-testers because the new league mechanic is only half-baked. Some will say "that's the price of getting 4 new leagues every year" but unfortunately as we see time and time again the league mechanic is usually way over-tuned which is a huge turn off for me (a filthy casual) coupled with the ever increasing boss hp and dps buffing (another factor against casuals) just because GGG is catering to the streamers/no-lifers/elites that eat a new league in the first week of play (a few level 100 builds in < 72 hours were on the ladder) and by the 2nd week are posting "I'm bored". These outliers always wreck the 98%+ players looking to have fun in this arpg sandbox getting boss one-shot way too much. As a filthy casual forever forget about "git gud" so increasingly it's "git out" for me this league (I did push 1 build to 90 last league in 2 months though once I finally solves my forever bad frame rate). Damn it GGG, I finally get a solution to my low frame rates and now routinely peg the 200 fps meter only to get pushed out with a raising of the boss hp and dps beyond my desired level of difficulty. SIGH!

So I continue to update the Daily Deals list and continue to boycott any mtx purchases until GGG fixes trade-chat and pretty much don't play PoE anymore. But I will always keep my Kiwi pet well fed and healthy. Good thing she can't contract the Coronavirus. Now if I can find another Exile with a male Kiwi so I can breed her to help this endangered species that would be great. Too bad GGG doesn't care about the endangered veteran casual players.

HEY GGG! Your single-minded narrow focus on only the extreme top end players has pretty much destroyed PoE for millions of casuals. Just saying (but you probably don't give a rat's ass).

Have a good day and stay safe.
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The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
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