3.10.1c Patch Notes

aaaaaaand its still OP
The game became unplayable for me :(

Seems like every other patch this happens. As far as I can tell this time is filling C drive (about 3g of whatever) as soon as I get into a map...

you changed the name "area of effect", but we don't have any effect now.
Getting severe latency spikes after the patch
Great Update, but your priority should be fixing the engine's performance issues and garbage collection. I have a GTX 1080 and an i7-8750H, and my game constantly has frame timing stutters that go from 5 up to 10 and sometimes even up to 200. It happens especially when mapping in an area and loading the area.
Every time I run POE my computer becomes a toaster oven, especially the CPU, meaning calculations are still being made and resources are still being used even though you may be in a calm area. Restarting the game makes no difference either. I have all my settings on low btw (yikes).

GGG, tune the engine, the people out there with lower-tier PCs need it more than I do, but we could all benefit. A single frame is the difference between evading an SSF hardcore death, especially when the simulation continues and tries to match the delta_time value, meaning things may be happening while we are desync'd from our own game.

Also, feature request. Can we get a ~ command prompt menu where we can debug errors, see what damage we took from what, and run network tests for ourselves.

Thanks GGG.
"All sources of "x% increased Effect of Auras on you" now instead grant "x% increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills on you"."

Why Aspect of Avian isn't working with Purposeful Harbinger? its a skill that I'm casting
yeah nice work! Spend a Lot of exalts to build my build and you just brick it? Are You Serious? So okay, but after that drops nothing not a sinlge chaos orb. Are You seroius? Cmon fix the Headhunter on top of that it will be funny mid league but wait until some people spend all the hard farmed currency for this and than brick this headhunter :d will be a lot of fun.
I love that they keep headhunter in the game no matter how much it breaks shit. not /s either lol
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
Whatever was done in this patch has made delirium's unplayable.
I'm getting graphics stuttering and freezing whilst mapping. The game was fine prior to this patch and my PC should be more than capable of running this game (RTX 2070, Ryzen 7 etc.)

Anyone else suffering since the patch?

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