[3.10] MyOwnAuraBot (Now with 200m dps, the god of Delirium Build) T19 100% delirious

Remember, for PS4 players, the 35ex version will be more than 100 ex, and I'm still trying to corrupt correctly Conqu Prof Jewel for mana reserve. Actually at 150 more try, I'm really scary when I will go for mana reserve on medium cluster Jewel, damn. This build is making me crazy.
Sometimes when I'm full mana I can't attack and I don't have any debuff, someone had the same problem?
What's your opinion on the phys as extra fire line on your watchers eye, vs a line like 40% of physical damage converted to cold damage while affected by hatred? I imported the 1000ex version, and the cold conversion looks like it's about 20m more DPS than the extra fire. (199.6m to 220.1m)
this looks really fun, is it still viable in 3.11?
this looks really fun, is it still viable in 3.11?

No. Herald stacking was way beyond the intended power curve.
The biggest offender here: Purposeful harbinger got massively nerfed.

Aura stacking is still a thing, but this specific build is 3.10, and not possible in 3.11 due to changes in core mechanics that made it work.

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