[STANDARD] Mirror Services Shop [10 Services done]

thanks for service, 100% fair and trusted. YEAH BWOYYYY
Added 2 New Melee Gloves
Added new Legacy Crafted mod mana cost ring.

In the following weeks many legacy items will be added.
Wrong post.
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Got Brimstone Twine mirrored today. Great guy and great service! Really recommend!
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Made the nineth service today for the Pain Loop ring.
That means that the next service will be the tenth and to "celebrate" it will be done free of charge.

Ive captured a brief video of the Pain Loop service to show how service work, as soon as I understand how to post it, I'll edit this post.

Added new Elevated Intelligence stacker Vaal Regalia and also added the legacy dual curse ring for lightning damage.

Soon the fire and cold version of the legacy dual curse rings will be added.

Edit: well I couldn't find a better way to share the video than YouTube..

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Added Legacy Double Curse Rings for Fire and Cold Builds.

Added Int Stacker Wander Belt

And Tweaked the Legacy Pain Shackle Belt to get even more dmg on it
Added Int Stacking Wand

Added Legacy Phys Spell Conversion Wand

As a reminder the next will be the 10th service and will be done free of charge.

Double Eelevated Explo Chest with legacy Maim Support

Triple Elevated Righteous Fire Helmet

And Coc Ball Lightning Amulet with legacy ES from body armour mod
Just received mirrored shield. 100 percent trust. Will do business again

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