[3.11] Spellslinger VD Necromancer. All content. Easy and fast Sirus A8 kill. Wave 20 Simulacrum.

Sentry001 wrote:
I've managed to complete T16 maps ok still on standard (Character Voodoo_Deathstrike) , but I had to disable the spellslinger on my helmet as I didn't have enough mana :(

Any body have any ideas of a work round for the mana problem ?

helmet enchantment?
Thanks for your reply.

I've managed to change around my passive tree and got some great results.

I can use all my spellslinger skills now and I even do more damage.

My build seems to be better then ever :)

Can someone update this build ?
Great build! Building it now!
Last edited by Necro7 on Mar 29, 2021, 5:05:25 PM
ancine wrote:
3.12 UPDATE: Build got hard nerfed in almost every possible way. Divine flesh, Glancing blows, offering, spellslinger itself. My suggestion is to play a different build, levelling is especially harder now with the reservation increases.

Thanks for the update. Was thinking of this as a a possible 3.14 league starter but not after reading this ❤️

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