[3.10] HOWA Anyskill Split Personality Juggernaut - Beyond expectation! (3000 INT, 13000 ES)

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"The Unique jewels from the Simulacrum will still be available, though will be rarer as a result of Delirium not being in every area. Voices and Megalomaniac are unchanged, while Split Personality is now limited to two."

Hope you all enjoyed playing this build!

Did 36 challenges and just try to make update this theme us much us possible. Thx for support and attention to this build!

Hello everyone who loves to stack attributes and make a build of that!

If you more a Life Based person there plenty of build with Nebuloch + Kaom's Way (couldn't resist to do this)

-Average 13-15k ES;
-Can do all content;
-VERY tanky: many layers of defense;
-Fast mapping with few Skills Option;
-Scales greatly with end game INT gear;
-Right Click gaming;
-Can do reflect with 3-4 link's.

-Not a great league starter, but can get 5k-7k ES ezly with cheap uniq;
-Could get expensive if you try to min\max the build;
-Not a very fast character.

Edit: Splits became kinda expensive and it may be a Delirium League build only ;(

Main concept

I took as a basis the standard build of the Juggernaut HOWA and during the game I saw a pure embodiment of the stats:

Then I started experimenting with a tree of passive skills and in my opinion came to the most effective way...

And after a lot of Regrets...

Honestly, I am too lazy to write the hundredth build on HOWA, so you can find all the positive and negative sides of the build in other topics. The only difference is the ability of the new Claster jewells and the amount of intelligence Split can provide.

And dont forget about this little fellow

You can look at my gear and a tree on a forum or a https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/WinKeeper/WinKeeper_Jug?i=35&search=class%3DJuggernaut. Perhaps a video will appear here, but on average it takes 5 to 15 seconds for the T16 guard of the Sirius. Survivability allows you to actually tank Sirius T8 and transfer it from phase to phase in 20-30 seconds. If you need more, I don’t know why, you can use a shield with a good ES. On average, we get an increase of 2-4k.

Passive tree, POB, Ascendancy, LVLing

Passive tree with different items choice and LVLing.

Bandit's and Pantheon

Kill them all!

Pantheon always a personal choice and build state but i prefer Soul of Solaris and Soul of Ralakesh.

Gear choice/LVLing
Not a big fan of Proc and Cons on each item. Just show u some options to choose from in mid+ game state.


Good and cheap

Endgame we searching for %Increased int and mb -% of lightning resistance on mobs.

Body armor

U can pick corrupted 5-6 link at the start and switch after on this one.


For start+ mid i used
Bated Breath

For extra ES and Resists

For early attributes, if u need them, u can use belt from the temple or just craft Rare:

Endgame obviously Cyclopean Coil. If u Lucky or Reach u can get % increased Int on corrupted one.


Any good rare gloves with INT and ES.

Endgame shaper with some Curse on hit.


For early game:

For build (spoiler careful!):


For early game i recommend u to use a shield for resists and sustain. Just good rare Shield.

For end game:


Good old ES uniq boots u like the most:

For flat ES gain before Watcher Eye u can use this one (thank you guys for great idea):

End game:

Lucky/reach bastard ultimate endgame TAILWIND boots:
Here must be a picture of them.



Good rare ring's with Total elemental = 80-100, ES, Int:


I think this is one of the most interesting part. For early game just pick a STAT Amulet always can be Astramentis:

After we have few option before end game Attribute amulet:


Lucky/reach bastard ultimate endgame amulet (near 100-200 exalted orbs to craft:


No need to introduce:

Jewell's and Cluster's

Just mandatory for Molten Strike:

For early-mid game i used for stat's:

Great option for stacking ES on early game:

Good option's:

Cheap Split's:

Current Gear

Cluster's and Nodes

Vehs wrote:
What passives on cluster jewels should I looking for?

At start any configuration like this one. 8 nodes and 2 jewel sockets.

Our base is 12% increased lightning damage.

Almost all big nodes are great but i prefer:


Tier 1:

Tier 1.5:

Tier 2:
Other Elemental dmg + bonus.

How we get them? Chaos spam Big Cluster Jewel lvl 75 in range of 10-30c is ok.

Split Personality

For our stacking the only mandatory stat on Split Personality is Intelligence. Combination with Energy Shield the best but we have other options. I made a Tier list:

Skill Choice

People asking me about Skill Choice all the time. I will try to answer here.

First of all - ye ye i see the title HOWA ANYSKILL and i think its true, BUT i don't have so much time to make a guide for every version of (EVEN) Molten Strike.

Second - we can use DIFFERENT weapon with crafted Shaper and Hunter influence mode Adds # to # lightning damage to attack with this weapon per # Intelligence:

That's mean we can use Wand, Daggers and Staves with difference in tree. For example for Wands we take this nodes and skip Claws:

And so on for every other variant...

I gave u a concept and u can change it for yourself. Make it better and stronger. This is Path of Exile!

Third - My tree is Projectile based cause i take Point Blank for extra single target DPS. That's mean skills like Lightning Strike and Spectral Throw will work better then Hit Based gems. Flat Energy Shield gain from Watchers Eye great too with a lot projectile gems.

Tier 1:

Molten Strike - Best single target DPS and close quarters map (delve) clear. A lot of Flat ES gain from Watchers Eye.

Lightning Strike - Great map clearer and we don't need to change Gem Setup for it. Try it.

Tier 2:

Good old Frost Blades. Good range, good clear speed and mid single target damage.

Spectral throw - Didn't even played this skill previously but feels good. Dnk how Projectile speed and Distance work with. Think u can make it works. Good clear speed and with Slower Projectile Gem good single target.

Tier 3:
Other Hit Base skills. We need to change a tree for it and use they Pros and Cons.

Wild Strike Lightning actually good but we loose 2 Jewel sockets and its bad at single target.

Fourth - A lot of melee skills feels clunky without Ancestral Call Support or Tribal Fury oilment. U can feel the difference with
it have "+21 Melee range" and
with "+2 Melee range".
I switch it only on bosses.

I add a few video with different skills for example but i DIDN'T CHANGE TREE OR GEAR FOR THEM, only Support Gem's.


Killing bosses:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQhGnnlGmE0&feature=youtu.be - Sirius T8 kill
https://youtu.be/xREdKinGu84 - T16 Corrupted Phoenix under 5th stack of Delirium
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3A_xK4qfjk - T16 Corrupted Chimera (sry for loud music ;)
https://youtu.be/3PPW-mV8JVY - Shaper Kill (almost facetank)
https://youtu.be/RapAevGHXNo - Normal Elder Kill for portal DMG check

Different skills test
https://youtu.be/tWMgAcz4XGU - Lightning strike (good clear speed same gem setup)
https://youtu.be/4wCwdbAbRqY - Vaal Reave
https://youtu.be/e3YaVvH_35g - Frost Blades
https://youtu.be/kRwmclrtU3I - Spectral Throw

Interesting Ideas

Everyone who keep this thread alive - Thx A Lot!

Thx Shacony for great idea with CWDT Ball Lightning setup!

Shacony wrote:

Something to improve survivability is to include a cast on hit(lv1)/ball lightning(lv1)/chain(lv1) into the build. Ball lightning hits every 150ms. Many run GMP but that 150ms cooldown is shared by all projectiles so you don't get any benefit out of that. If you use chain, you get triple the amount of energy shield per hit as if you use GMP.
(here to showcase how borderline broken ball-lightning + chain is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-i5cFOGPdo, that is me doing absolutely nothing but standing there. Puts into perspective why the watcher's eye with ES on hit is so expensive)

--------------------------Warcry Cluster Jewel's--------------------------

Thx to lehlehich (https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/lehlehich) for his Warcry Berserk Skill variant of cluster synergy. Great solo target DPS and sustain. Including videos!

lehlehich wrote:
I've made a version with warcry clusters that is popular among many melee builds this league. Of course at the cost of some Energy shield and stats (i've dropped from 12k ES to 10k, -300int and -100 dex & str and -a bit accuracy).
But damage output is huge: even Lightning strike with ancestral call destroys t15 bosses in far delirium fog in 1 second!

Here's a Pastebin https://pastebin.com/yhkxJMJG


Simulacrum last waves: https://youtu.be/3UpN2lOyRqE
Conquerors & Sirus kills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUCXQrq9f0k&

---------------------------Claw Cluster Jewel's---------------------------

Great utility idea from LAGROSSESIMONE and Picudoxxx for Claw Cluster Jewel's (page 57):


Picudoxxx wrote:
I get a upgrade (i guess) to POB. Instead picking up the CLAW node, just take a claw cluster jewel.



One more Split Personality.
Mana Leech Still good.
One more projectile.


WinKeeper wrote:
Didn't test with Extra projectile. I pref penetration and leach over extra.

If we need more single target dps i just switch Ancestral Call for Inspiration Support (same dps as Conc). U can use Conc if u like for that purpose.

Strange question if u look at the passive points management you can clearly see them each of them matters. And if we pick Fury we loose a lot of Int from Utmost. If we gonna pick it manually -5 passive points.

1. You don't need to replace all lightning large cluster by claw & dagger for multiple Fan of Blades cluster (even if it's extremly strong). 1 jewel is good.
This buff is way more effective if max number of magma balls is low.
And if you are playing a flat ES on hit watcher's eye, this means more leech. So it's not only extra dmg.

2. Inspiration is caped to 5 stacks, and each stack provide 7% more elemental dmg. It will provide at best, 35% more dmg. Conc Effect provide up to 55% more dmg (at lvl 21). And on top of this, Conc Effect prevent balls to travel far away. So this means more balls will hit against a boss. Few leagues ago I played Conc Effect and Inspiration instead of Elemental Focus in my Molten Strike setup, in order to Shock. But since the introduction of Skitterbot, I don't see any reason to keep Inspiration. Imho the most powerfull setup should be : MS - Conc Effect - Awak Elem Focus - Dmg on Full Life - AC (mapping) or Multistrike (bossing).

3. Yeah, I was talking about spending 5 point for Utmost Intelect. But Tribal Fury means you will have from 7 to 9 extra balls that will proc. It's more clear speed in maping, so more hit, then more leech (especialy if you are playing +20-30ES on hit watcher's eye). And against boss, if you switch Ancestral Call for Multistrike, you will still have an extra hit that will proc all your magma balls, so with a proper position, this means adding almost 100% more dmg (if all balls hits the boss ofc).

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Hey, how did you even level this build bro XD
Just Wild Strike or another HP based attack.
is it possible to make a crit version? without depending on the supercharge
What bandit they you choose? Build looks interesting
KingMaster80 wrote:
is it possible to make a crit version? without depending on the supercharge

I'm not sure that we can get a lot of crit. I started with Wild Strike and wanted to make crit version with a lot of Multiplet Jewells (30-50% from each) but anyway we rely a lot on Flasks and good Corrupt version of Gloves for 0,5-1% crit chance and get 30-50%. Better get Elemental Overload with Supercharge cause they near our path and each 2-3 passive points we spend on crits can be put in jewel socket for another 50-70 INT.

What bandit they you choose? Build looks interesting

This build kills everything. Even All bandits cause 2 passive gives a lot. At start you can take Allira for res.
Great defense = what's the damage like? Really interested in this build
So PoB is currently not calculating the increased values from Split Personality correctly, right?
This is an awesome idea btw.
Adeaz wrote:
Great defense = what's the damage like? Really interested in this build

On single target I switch Ancestral Call support for Inspiration and melt them down. I will try to make a video. Map clear is averege.

PoB is currently not calculating the increased values from Split Personality correctly, right?
This is an awesome idea btw.

Average stat near Point blank is 80 for each. Near Acrobatica is 60. Just multiple all jewels on 70 I think it gave u an idea of flat Int. And pob doesn't count lucky non critical from Supercharge.
WinKeeper wrote:

PoB is currently not calculating the increased values from Split Personality correctly, right?
This is an awesome idea btw.

Average stat near Point blank is 80 for each. Near Acrobatica is 60. Just multiple all jewels on 70 I think it gave u an idea of flat Int. And pob doesn't count lucky non critical from Supercharge.

Pff, that's bonkers! Thanks!

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