Please increase base time for timer in delirium

Rush-rush-rush-run-run-run-league can only be saved by removing the timer.
I agree with OP.

The league mechanique is great for those who can go beyond keeping up and enjoy the rushing playstyle, but a bit too punishing to those who can't or don't.

On-death-effects probably mostly affects builds that doesn't one-shot entire groups of mobs.

Players who feel like they can't afford to skip picking up loot are probably using lesser strict loot filters aswell, making the clear more of a stressful chore.

Compromising by instead backtracking after the clear to be able to get as much out of the map as possible must feel like too much of a chore.

Not getting a map clear within the delirium fog feels like incompletion and failure.

When the vast majority of endgame content for these types of builds consists of incompletion, failure, chores and unrewarding stress, ofcourse the main league mechanique isn't fun to play.

Would be alot better if it has something that feels fun and rewarding for more playstyles, not just one.

I'm always amused to see people with barely any progress tell the guy/girl 36-40 that they suck and need to learn to play.

"Critique" - 40/40 player

"You suck" - Less than 10/40 Players

Yep, totally over league play.

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