3.10.0b Hotfix 2

Whereas some have a nice league start I just struggle with lag to death in any kind of content I do, including lab.

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yep, this works 100% now.. nice
You Only Level Once d:-D*
Exile009 wrote:
Bane__ wrote:
Bex, why is life leech not effecting some of the monsters from Delirium events?

Cos of how Delirium works. It's not that you can't leech, but rather that those tanky delirium mobs aren't tanky because they have huge HP bonuses, but because they gain huge damage reduction. [Removed by Support] effectively neuters leech, as well as some other things (like builds whose damage scales with monster HP, such as Detonate Dead).

I haven't explicitly tested yet, but early on in a league, many people are missing a lot of damage-per-hit that they would otherwise have. Gaining a tiny percentage of your hit leeched back as life works fine if you deal thousands of damage with each hit and hit rapidly, but if you're hitting slower and more like a limp noodle, you may not even be dealing enough damage in a given hit to even get any leech. For example, if you have just the one life/mana leech node near Duelist, that's 0.4% of damage leeched as life. If you deal 249 damage, you'll leech back less than 1 life, so you don't leech at all. Even if you do 250 damage per hit, it's still a very small amount of life. And remember, it's not DPS, it's per hit. If you attack four times per second, you'd need over 1000 DPS to leech back 1 point of life per hit (or, 4 life per second).

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