3.10.0b Hotfix 2

Good that a fix for DW is coming.
Also please fix leap slam getting stuck everywhere, freaking annoying.
Please Fix that sometimes Monsters in a delirium influenced map, are not killable. it belongs to like 5-8 monsters but still. made looting pretty difficult.
Why maps layout reveal refreshes every time when i die (for example) and enter again in map from my ho?
It's a bug or what?
Thank you GGG, was really good to see this fixed first thing, great job :)
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Exile009 wrote:
Bane__ wrote:
Bex, why is life leech not effecting some of the monsters from Delirium events?

Cos of how Delirium works. It's not that you can't leech, but rather that those tanky delirium mobs aren't tanky because they have huge HP bonuses, but because they gain huge damage reduction. This effectively neuters leech, as well as some other things (like builds whose damage scales with monster HP, such as Detonate Dead).

its the the debuff you get...reduced max life regen
is it normal than we cannot leech at all at the end of the delirium, some kind of indicator with stacking number or something would be helpful
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20% increased Lightning Damage
Your Critical Strikes Knock Back Shocked Enemies
30% increased Critical Strike Chance

why mines can Knock Back Shocked Enemies?

"Your Critical Strikes" useful for mines?

it's a bug?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will finally stop dying and wasting my time doing an unwanted bladefall every 3 sec !
Thanks. No wonder why the binding golem to the LMB trick was not working.

Brand recall still does not function properly on left mouse, since it only functions when brands are out (so when no brands are out your chartacter is stationary - and likely dead!)

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