3.10.0b Hotfix 2

I can see a bit of an improvement, but it's still nothing like it was before the 3.10 patch. Character still attacks stuck in place.

nm, steam hadnt updated yet, seems to work as before.
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would be pretty cool to see a fix for the visual/sound bug on the new unique Assailum. Snipe skill animation stacks on every use until you switch zones
Getting this after patch

Please fix the bug that you cant activate Bligth on the second char
When are you guys going to actually tune the Delirium mechanics so they are fun and not a 80% death certainty for 1 alc rewards on maps?
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Totems don't have 3D Hand of Wisdom and very few damage bug.
look like totems unarmed sure bug very few dmg.

Please fast fix patch, thx you!
Fix blight encounter
Cannot trigger it on 2nd character if u already trigger it on 1st character

This need hotfix asap
fix all movement & "Travel" skills please
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Fix life leech please :P in delirium

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