3.10|Stress-Free PoE| SLOW-MO ZOMBIES |Use Any Items You Want|1 Button Gameplay|Easily Customizable

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for such a great 3.10! You were all so kind and encouraging to one another and I couldn't be more thankful to have had all of you be apart of this build/thread.

The 3.11 Slow-Mo Zombies build is done and here's the link!

Thank you again for your awesome attitudes. You make guide writing great :).


SHUT UP Wrecker! I JUST WANT TO PLAY! (3.10's guide in one picture)
Ok! Yikes...you could have at least said "please" or something...

With this build, you’ll substantially slow enemies around you (with a heavily invested in Temporal Chains aura) while your Zombies aggressively kill everything. Skeletons can be summoned for fun and kamikaze for big bonus damage if you feel like hitting a button. That’s it! Game passed. Atlas cleared. (I know the title makes it seem like the Zombies are the ones going slow even though it's really the enemies and not the zombies...but I like how the title sounds.) Anyway it's easy 1 button fun! Here's 3.10 (& 3.9)'s gameplay example video.

My builds don't require any specific/fancy items or mods to play so you can just pick up and play like a good old fashion "dungeon crawler" (SSF). Pure RNG fun :).

For those with similar limitations to mine, I can play this build on both PC and Console.

(Thanks Tagz for always being willing to figure out the Wiki with me.)

Why My Builds Are the Way They Are
All of my builds revolve around my medical situation and my love of old school dungeon crawling (which in PoE Land we call Solo Self Found). So if you're curious about why I design my builds the way I do (the limitations I revolve around), I explain it all in my One Stop Shop. (I have multiple guides. So some information is easier to explain in one location rather than many.)
A Quick Note Players new to Path of Exile
Welcome! PoE is a really in-depth game. Its million different mechanics work together is so many countless combinations that there really are endless ways to play this game. If you love theory crafting (coming up with different combos of skills and seeing if it'll work out), there is no other game that compares to this one.

For new people trying to learn Path of Exile, it's my opinion that the most efficient way to learn the game is by doing things for yourself; trying things out in-game, reading nodes/mods/skills, and making choices for yourself. I understand that some people look to guides for help progressing in the game, while others are simply looking for a neat idea to try out. It is the intent of all my guides to give people a relaxing way to play PoE (no matter their experience with the game) while also helping new people understand what's going on.

So, when it comes to my guides, it is my goal to help new players learn the game, but learn it in a way that you'll really grasp what's happening on your own. I give direction in my guides, but not many "step by step" directions. Nor do I tell you to do things in a certain order. I give lots of detail but it's to help explain and simplify the mechanics and concepts within the build and have you understand what's going on. My guides aren't intended to be the PoE wiki (but I provide many links to it, so don't worry).

My guides are massive because they completely revolve around helping new players understand what's going on. Just be prepared to discover the game and make some choices for yourself :).

I hope the guides help you have a relaxing PoE experience and also help you learn and love the game as well.

Happy slaying!

(I'll reference my One Stop Shop a few times in my guides. It has some Tips for New Players in there that you may find useful.)

Gem Links
PoE restricts which gems are available to each class until Act 3. Until then you can get some gems for free from quest rewards, purchase some from specific NPCs in each town, or find them as loot.

There are two NPC's that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth in Act 6.

There are a couple of gems that we want (for fun) to be at full quality. So be sure to use your Gemcutter's Prisms on these gems first if you are following this build closely. Then you can improve the quality of any other gems you see fit. I'll have a "20%" beside the gem name to indicate it's a priority to be quality first. For Example: "Temporal Chains (20%)"

*If I have a level next to a gem, stop levelling that gem at that level. For example: "Cast when Damage Taken (Level 1)". Don’t level Cast when Damage Taken past gem level 1. Otherwise, fully level all gems.

5/6 Link - Main Skill (Socket in your chest)
Raise Zombie
- Minion Damage Support
- Feeding Frenzy Support
- Minion Life Support
- Fortify Support
- Elemental Army Support
Main Skill and Supports Explained (for those that like that stuff)
-Raise Zombie - Our main skill, a minion skill. They do the damage. Not you.
-Minion Damage Support - Improves minion damage.
-Feeding Frenzy Support - Very important for YOUR survival. Without this, you'll find you'll be standing alone, without the ability to do damage yourself, while your zombies are all alive. This keeps your zombies caught up “all” the time. It also gives your Zombies bonus damage and makes them as aggressive as possible (though they still follow you if you go elsewhere). (You may switch this for Meat Shield Support if you prefer your Zombies to stay close to you and Taunt whoever comes close.)
-Minion Life Support - Gives extra life to your zombies.
-Fortify Support - Grants your zombies the Fortify buff for 5 seconds. This gives them reduced damage from Hits (not damage over time). It also increases their damage.
-(If you get a six link: Elemental Army Support - This improves our Zombie resists but also their Max resists! So they'll be able to get higher than 75% elemental resists :). This will also improve their cold damage from Hatred and apply Cold Exposure (-10% to cold resists) on the enemies they hit.
-(This is a very defensive setup. They'll do plenty of damage as is, but I like knowing that my zombies will survive even the most brutal Guardian rolls or Uber Battles. IF they die, then I know that there was nothing I could have done about it and it was just a crazy map to roll.)

4 Link - Skeleton Bombs (Socket in helmet)
Vaal Summon Skeletons
- Infernal Legion Support
- Minion Damage Support
- Minion Life Support
Skeleton Bombs Details
-Vaal Summon Skeletons - Your normal Skeletons skill and the vaal one packed in one gem. Don't worry about not getting it right away. Just start levelling it when you get it. It'll level up quickly. (Use the normal Summon Skeleton skill until you find the Vaal version.) This skill is our bonus damage that focuses on Minion Instability. They will explode when reduced to low life. Our linked supports will focus on the damage of Minion Instability instead of the melee damage of the skeletons themselves. (You don't need the Vaal version at all. It's just too strong to ignore if it drops for you.)
-Infernal Legion Support - This skill gives our Skeletons extra damage in a few ways but more importantly eats their life away. This guarantees that they'll be exploding via Minion Instability after giving the enemy a few wacks.
-Minion Damage Support - This gives our skeletons increased damage, but more importantly it improves the damage to Minion Instability.
-Minion Life Support - Gives extra life to our skeletons which we only want because it improves the damage of Minion Instability.

4 Link - Defense & Elemental Equilibrium (Socket in gloves or boots) *See the note just below
Cast When Damage Taken (Level 1)
Ball Lightning (Level 4)
Curse on Hit Support
Defense & Elemental Equilibrium Explained
-Cast When Damage Taken (Level 1) - Automatically casts linked spells. Linked spells can't be self casted. (For this set of links, gem order doesn't matter.)
-Ball Lightning (Level 4) - You can use any lightning spell you want. I like this skill because it "pierces" enemies and has a good reach. This skill needs to be a lightning skill so that it doesn't conflict with the Cold Damage of Hatred and the Fire Damage of Minion Instability.
-Curse on Hit Support - This is needed to be able to apply Enfeeble via Ball Lightning. Improving the quality of this gem improves Enfeeble.
-Enfeeble - Our curse that makes us harder to be hit by Attacks (not spells), take less critical damage, and take less overall damage too. Focusing specifically on the general damage mitigation of the skill, we'll inadvertently be improving Enfeeble's base damage mitigation from 30% to 45% (since we'll be improving curses in the passive tree for Temporal Chains).

4 Link - Offering and Escape (Socket in gloves or boots)
Cast When Damage Taken (Level 1)
Desecrate (Level 7)
An Offering Skill of your choice (Level 8)
Phase Run (Level 3)
Offering and Escape Explained
-Cast When Damage Taken (Level 1) - Automatically casts linked spells. Linked spells can't be self casted. (For this set of links it's optimal to have CwDT on one of the end links and Desecrate right after it. This will ensure that Desecrate casts before the offering skill. But it's not important at all. There are almost always corpses around. I don't reroll socket colours to get this.)
-Desecrate (Level 7) - Guarantees Corpses for our Offering Skill.
-An Offering Skill of your choice (Level 8) - Consumes coprses to provide the Offering's benefit to your minions. I use Spirit Offering.
-Phase Run (Level 3) - This is our escape. It grants us extra movement speed and phasing (we can run through enemies) when it's active.

2 Link, 3 Socket - Ally Damage and Chill (Socket in your weapon or shield)
Generosity Support
Summon Carrion Golem
Ally Damage and Chill Explained
-Hatred - Adds cold damage to our allies, as a result increasing the chill effect on enemies.
-Generosity Support - Greatly improves Hatred. Typically, auras affect both the caster and their allies. When you attach Generosity to an aura, it improves the aura substantially for your allies but removes the entire effect on yourself. Perfect :).
-Summon Carrion Golem - This golem gets bonus damage based on how many minions are around it but more importantly it gives the minions around it bonus damage as well.

3 Link - SLOOOOOW (Socket in your weapon or shield)
Blasphemy Support (20%)
Temporal Chains (20%)
Enhance Support (TOTALLY OPTIONAL) - Enhance is a DROP ONLY
SLOOOOOW Explained
-Blasphemy Support (20%) - Turns Temporal Chains into an aura.
-Temporal Chains (20%) - Our curse that slows ALL enemy actions (not just their movement speed). With the improvements on the passive tree, this will slow all enemy actions from 29% to +70%.
-Enhance Support (TOTALLY OPTIONAL) - Enhance is a DROP ONLY gem. It greatly impacts the value of Temporal Chains' slow, so as soon as it drops, start leveling it. It only has three levels and each level takes a LONG time to level up. It's first level gives no benefit, second level gives +8% to linked gem quality, third level gives 16%. It takes so long to level that you will only earn level 3 by yourself if this is the only build you play all league ;)...if you play lots. If you find an Enhance with quality, lucky you...it'll level faster.
*This build is totally fine without Enhance. It’s just bonus to have.

Corpses for Zombies (Optional) - (Socket in 2nd Weapon Set (hit X on PC or LT+RS on console (without any screens open)))
-Desecrate - Corpses to raise Zombies from at the beginning of a play session.

A Free Amazing Defensive Skill!
-Bone Armour - This skill comes for free from the Bone Barrier Ascendancy node. It doesn't use up a socket on your gear, but it does need to be allocated to a button. It is amazing. It gives damage reduction to you and your minions AND it also makes you and your minions immune (and removes) bleed! It is amazing.

***Note: If a skill has two triggers attempting to cast it, the skill will become inactive. Skills can only have one active trigger. So, for all the links that have CwDT, CoH, and a curse, both the CoH and curse spell will have to be outside the CwDT's requirement threshold (trigger range). So you'll only start seeing your curse applied once those gems require a character level of 39 or more.

Also, for our build, for the links with CwDT and CoH, gem order doesn't matter.

Remember that you won't be applying both curses until you have unlocked the ability (from the passive tree) to have 2 total curses applied on an enemy.
I set up both curses as soon as I can, even if I can't apply 2, and just let them apply whatever the game decides until I have the ability to apply both. I'm not concerned about it as I level. Everything will die quickly no matter what.
This is my setup if you're interested. I play the same as the guide unless I'm testing something out.

USE ANYTHING YOU WANT! - I like having a shield and one-handed weapon instead of two one-handed weapons. It's just a preference; no right or wrong there.

If you’re new to PoE, check out my One Stop Shop. It gives lots of help and tips on gear, mods, currency, levelling, and endgame mapping. Some good to know stuff that you'd hate not knowing.

- Weapon - Anything you like.
- Shield or Second Weapon - Anything you like.
- Head - Anything you like.
- Chest - Anything you like.
- Hands - Anything you like.
- Feet - Anything you like.
- Amulet - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Belt - Anything you like.
- Jewel - Anything you like.
- Flasks - Anything you like. I simply use 4 health flasks (all modified to remove bleeding) and a Quartz Flask that removes Chill/Freeze.

***Now don't go being a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins and think that because this build doesn't require anything specific that you can go and melt end game content with crap gear. Crap gear will clear crap content while amazing gear will clear amazing content. My build/guide style just allows you more freedom to get there...m'kay?

My Dream Mods
Here's an example of some of the mods and gear I'd eventually aim for. Since this is Path of Exile, there are obviously a million different combos of mods that would work for any build. So don't think that this is the best or only combo of mods to aim for. This is just my preference for "non-fancy" gear as an example of what I'd aim for Endgame. So these aren't influenced, Delve specific, Essence mods, or anything. Just easy crafting or normal rolls. So obviously you can maximize this even more. Also, these are unrealistic goals as all these mods are tier 1 rolls. (The # at the beginning of each mod is the item level that T1 mod starts rolling at. The # at the beginning of each item is the map level that base-type starts dropping at.) Anyway, here you go:

(72) Convoking Wand(s) (Only drops in the Lex Ejoris region):
Implicit: - Can roll Minion Modifiers
- (84) - Minions deal (75–79)% increased Damage
- (80) - Minions deal (35–39)% increased Damage/+(42–45) to maximum Mana
- (60) - +1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
- (83) - Minions have (23–25)% increased Attack Speed/Minions have (23–25)% increased Cast Speed
- (82) - Minions have (37–40)% increased maximum Life
- (40) - Minions have (26–30)% increased Movement Speed

(64) Ezomyte Tower Shield:
Implicit: - +(30-40) to maximum Life
- (73) - +(100–109) to maximum Life
- (80) - +2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems
- (62) - +(43–95) to Armour/+(29–33) to maximum Life
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance
- (81) - Regenerate (1–1.1)% of Life per second

(73) Bone Helmet (Only drops in the Lira Arthain region):
Implicit: - Minions deal (15-20)% increased Damage
- (64) - +(90–99) to maximum Life
- (86) - +3 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
- (60) - +1 to maximum number of Raised Zombies/+1 to maximum number of Skeletons
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance
- (68) - Minions have (16–20)% increased maximum Life

- (86) - +(120–129) to maximum Life
- (60) - (5–8)% increased maximum Life/(5–8)% increased maximum Mana
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (40) - Minions deal (10–20)% increased Damage
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (81) - (18–20)% increased Movement Speed/Cannot be Chilled
- (46) - +(11–15) to maximum Energy Shield/+(24–28) to maximum Life
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(74) Marble Amulet (Only drops in the Haewark Hamlet region):
Implicit: - Regenerate (1.2-1.6)% of Life per second
- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- Something cool :)
- (85) - +(33–35) to all Attributes
- (82) - +(51–55) to Dexterity
- (60) - Minions have (18–22)% increased Movement Speed

(80) Vermillion Rings (Only drops in the Lex Proxima and New Vastir regions):
Implicit: - (5-7)% increased maximum Life
- (44) - +(70–79) to maximum Life
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- Something Cool :)
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance
- (60) - Minions have (18–22)% increased Movement Speed

(1) Stygian Vise (Belt):
Implicit: - Has 1 Abyssal Socket
- (64) - +(90–99) to maximum Life
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- Something Cool :)
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(60) Divine Life Flask or (65) Eternal Life Flask:
- (2) - +(10–20) to Maximum Charges
- (8) - Immunity to Bleeding during Flask effect/Removes Bleeding on use
(27) Quartz Flask:
Implicit: Phasing/10% chance to Dodge Attack Hits/10% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
- (2) - +(10–20) to Maximum Charges
- (4) - Immunity to Freeze and Chill during Flask effect/Removes Freeze and Chill on use

Weapon Mods:
- Anything Minion
- Any other minor thing that helps (resists, attributes...). This isn't important. It's just a bonus.

Your goal on the rest of your gear is:
- Increases to Maximum life
- Increases to Resists
- Increases to Movement Speed (Typically on Boots)
- Anything Minion
- Ensuring you have high enough attributes for your skills.

***Remember that the only mods that help minion damage SPECIFICALLY SAY "minion" or "ally". Any other improvements to damage only affect you (and you don't do damage).***

***Make sure none of your gear in any way adds Cold or Fire Damage or we'll get the negative effect of Elemental Equilibrium (it's a node in the Passive Tree), not the positive part.

- I make my own filters AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO LOVE THEM! Just kidding...but they are awesome. They will make looting a MUCH more relaxing experience. They only filter gear. So if you don't want to miss out on ANY currency these are perfect for you. One filter is guide specific (it only displays gear relevant to all my guides) and the other is a global filter for any build. Details for each tier of each filter are within the filters themselves. Both the "Guide Specific" and the "Everyone" filters are available on all platforms. If you click "Follow" next to the filter that you want, it'll automatically load to your filter list in-game when you login! And it automatically updates upon each login as well!
Passive Tree
Here's 3.10's Passive Tree:

- 3.10's PasteBin - https://pastebin.com/KREMa2Kb - Pastebin for Path of Building. (Copy the link, open Path of Building, click on “New”, then click “Import/Export Build”, click “Import from Pastebin…”, paste the link.)
- 3.10's Passive Tree on PoE's website.

As you go through the game you'll come across Trials of Ascendancy. Starting in Act 3 you'll see their value. Once you have completed all 6 of the first set of trails, you'll get to attempt your first Labyrinth (lab). Good luck! Upon completion Choose Necromancy. You get two ascendancy points per lab. There are four labs for a total of 8 points. (Redoing the same lab difficulty will not reward you with more ascendancy points if you've already completed it.)

You can spend your points in any order you like. My preference is as follows:
- 1st Two Points - Mindless Aggression. Increases Minion Damage, Movement Speed, and Attack/Cast Speed
- 2nd Two Points - Unnatural Strength. This increases the level of ALL of our minion skill gems; even their maximum level. Minion gems get stronger and stronger the higher their level. This is our strongest node.
- 3rd Two Points - Bone Barrier. This is a busy node. It gives us physical damage reduction, elemental resist, and increased life recovery rate per minion up. But most importantly, it gives our minions more life. It also gives us a free skill, Bone Armour. Free is nice. It can be manually cast after you assign it a button.
- 4th Two Points - Mistress of Sacrifice or Commander of Darkness. They are both "ok" nodes. Pick the one you prefer. (Note: Commander of Darkness will not impact you; only your allies. Curse auras don't count and Generosity Support makes Hatred not affect us at all.)
Delirium Clusters
I haven't included any outside jewel sockets in the provided tree. This is on purpose though. Though most people play League, not everyone does. Delirium clusters are league specific. The solution that I decided is that people can choose which 3 passive points from the provided tree to sacrifice to get the jewel socket node based on their playstyle and drops (it'll be different for everyone). There are so many different types of jewels that can drop or be crafted that it really is a process of preference. Very few nodes on the passive tree are "required" nodes for the build to function. So most of the provided tree is can be easily sacrificed and made up for in the cluster system.
The passive tree is easy to understand:
You'll start as a Witch. We start as a witch because there is only one subclass in the game that greatly benefits minions and to reach that subclass (ascendancy) you must start as a witch.

Levelling Path:
**Just follow the tree and take the nodes as they come. You'll find it quite naturally balanced. The tree will take you to level 91; it'll be easy to achieve. Pick anything you like after that. (If I was to level this character again, I'd probably do the East side first, then North, then South, then West.)

Tree Focuses:
- Minions - I've selected the nodes that increase minion limits and really focused on minion life. I want the Zombies to live despite their aggression and I want Minion Instability to do lots of damage too. I focused more on the Zombie Slam and since that skill always hits, minion accuracy wasn't too valuable. The same point goes for the Skeletons with Minion Instability.
- Curses - This build focuses on curse efficiency which means we needed the nodes that improve curse efficiency.
- Jewels - Jewel slots are amazing. Jewels are items you can find that you can actually allocate on your tree. They can give almost anything from health, damage, resists...anything. We will have only one jewel slow selected :(. As great as jewels are, I find managing them and remembering what I have socketed, exhausting. So I typically only have one slot per character. What's really neat is you can swap jewels in and out of your passive tree anytime.
- Health. You need it to live. :)
- Minion Instability - It's what our skeletons revolve around and it gives payback for killing our Zombies.
- Elemental Equilibrium - We get lots of damage from this notable. It's explained in the Build Mechanics section.

Don't forget about attributes. You'll pass some nodes on the tree that give +30 to Strength or Dexterity. If you don't have items to cover what you're short in, feel free to select some of these as you pass them. You'll get respec points that will let you remove them later once you have better gear.

Now, feel free to modify this is anyway. This is just my preference for easy Solo Self Found.

Take your time to look at each skill as they come along. Some of the nodes are pretty dramatic.

Some quests earn you respec points in case you regret any decisions you made on the tree. You can also use Orbs of Regret for the same thing.
Choose any you like as they come across. I personally like physical damage reduction and movement speed but there are no make or break options here. Just preferences.
Kill all the Bandits for the extra two passive points.
You'll get most of the attributes that you require to use your gems from the tree. You'll need a little bit of Strength and a bunch of Dexterity.

You'll Be Short:
Strength: 17
Dexterity: 64
Intelligence: 0

Needing 64 Dex is a lot. So keep your eye out for gear with Dex. Amulets can roll lots. Though we don't need almost any extra Str., it'll typically come late in the tree. So don't pass by Str. mods apathetically.

From the Tree You'll Get:
Strength: 94
Dexterity: 34
Intelligence: 322

Your Gems Need:
Strength: 111
Dexterity: 98
Intelligence: 155

Gameplay (How the Build Functions When It's All Setup)
This build is really easy to play. Sooooo easy.

Quick Version: Move around and zombies kill everything. Summon Skeletons "bombs" for fun. That's it! Honestly! Everything else is automatic!

Quick Version: This build's offence is 100% minions. We do no damage ourselves. Our defence is from our curses and our Bone Armour skill (from our ascendancy).

Offence: We literally can have this as a 0 button build if you want. Our zombies can do all content and once raised; we need nothing else. BUT Vaal Skeletons is too beautiful to ignore. Since our zombies are enough damage on their own, the skeletons are simply bonus damage. So only summon them when you're safe. Skeletons aren't worth dying for...so be safe, THEN summon skeletons.

Defence: Now, because I've opted for the offence of Convoking Wands, it means we can't go with melee skills (along with the defence that comes with melee). Temporal Chains is REALLY strong. But our actual damage mitigation will be Bone Armour and Enfeeble. Bone Armour is an amazing defensive skill for us (and our minions) but it'll be on cooldown half of the time. Now curses only apply to enemies. So damage that doesn't come from enemies will hit us with full force (like traps and exploding corpses). Enfeeble will be our only damage mitigation when Bone Armour isn't active. You'll find that even though we need to be hit to apply Enfeeble to enemies, that almost all enemies will have Enfeeble applied to them. That being said, always pretend that Enfeeble isn't applied to enemies. Stay out of harm's way. Pretend you're a "Glass-Cannon Caster" that can't take a hit, even though we're not a "glass-cannon" and we can take hits. We aren't a Glass-Cannon by any means, but we aren't a tank either. So stay safe. Your Zombies have Feeding Frenzy attached to them so they can be aggressively pursuing enemies while you ensure YOU are safe.

Some Notes:
- Curses are a huge part of this build, including the investment to curse efficiency (making curses strong) via the passive tree. Normally our general damage mitigation from Enfeeble would be 30%. This will improve to 45%. Temporal Chains' "slow" would normally be 29%. Our investment will increase this to 75%! Curse math for those that care :)

- I've made our Zombie link VERY defensive. They'll likely never die once levelled up. But to keep US safe, I added Feeding Frenzy which will make them run at everything they see. Despite the fact that we have them really aggressive, the Zombies will follow you despite their aggression.

- Summon Skeletons whenever you want and they'll explode all over the place :). So even if your zombies die (which they may never do), you'll have plenty of damage at your fingertips that can kill any boss. Skeletons are both bonus damage and zombie backup. One of their linked supports (Infernal Legion) will eat their life away until the minions initiate the Minion Instability node on the tree causing them to explode for lots of fire damage. Minion Instability makes any minion explode once they reach the Low Life state (35% life or lower). Even though it's only a four-link, it's strong. Without any Zombies raised, this build can clear the whole Atlas with just this 4 link.

- Our Cast when Damage Taken links are both at level 1, so they'll trigger whenever an enemy breaths on us. Combined, they'll automatically apply Elemental Equilibrium and Enfeeble, cast our Offering, and give us phasing and movement speed.
Media (Videos/Filters/Tools/Links/Social Media)
- Videos?:
- Here's 3.10's gameplay example video.
- My SLOW-MO ZOMBIES playlist showing my most recent sessions with the build.
- My broadcast channel. Mixer keeps the last 14 days worth of broadcasts.
I don't always play awake, but I'd rather play than not :).

- I make my own filters AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO LOVE THEM! Just kidding...but they are awesome. They will make looting a MUCH more relaxing experience. They only filter gear. So if you don't want to miss out on ANY currency these are perfect for you. One filter is guide specific (it only displays gear relevant to all my guides) and the other is a global filter for any build. There are four tiers of strictness per filter. Details for each tier of each filter are within the filters themselves. Both the "Guide Specific" and the "Everyone" filters are available on all platforms. If you click "Follow" next to the filter that you want, it'll automatically load to your filter list in-game when you login! And it automatically updates upon each login as well!

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- My Twitter. I only use my twitter account to give updates on PoE stuff like my guides and filters. I don't use Twitter for anything personal. So if you want updates about when guides are done or filter corrections have been updated, feel free to follow.

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Build Links:
- 3.10's PasteBin - https://pastebin.com/KREMa2Kb - Pastebin for Path of Building. (Copy the link, open Path of Building, click on “New”, then click “Import/Export Build”, click “Import from Pastebin…”, paste the link.)
- 3.10's Passive Tree on PoE's website.
The guide continues below :)
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Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
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SHUT UP Wrecker! I JUST WANT TO PLAY! (3.10's guide in one picture)
Ok! Yikes...you could have at least said "please" or something...

In my opinion, there are two types of "levellers" in PoE:

1. The first is a player that knows the game well enough that, no matter the guide/build, they have no need for direction.
2. The second is a player that wants to be able to level like the person I just mentioned.

Though newer PoE players may find PoE daunting, I feel the most efficient way to learn PoE is to make decisions for yourself. I think you'll be surprised how quickly you catch on to each mechanic you start playing with. So this section won't be about holding your hand and giving you a step by step process. It'll guide and encourage you to choose between the pros and cons your character will constantly face...while levelling and selecting gear. I know, I know, you hate me. But maybe you'll thank me later? Maybe?

(Remember, I have some tips for new players in my One Stop Shop that'll help in the overall PoE experience that any levelling process will benefit from. Below are tips for levelling this character, not general levelling tips.)
Where to Get All the Gems You'll Need
There are two NPCs that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth in Act 6 (Do her quest in Act 6).

Drop Only - Level 1 - Enhance Support
Drop Only - Level 10 - Vaal Summon Skeletons (Replaces Summon Skeleton Gem)
Act 1 - Enemy at the Gate - Reward - Level 1 - Raise Zombie
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Reward - Level 8 - Infernal Legion
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 8 - Minion Damage Support x2
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 10 - Summon Skeleton (Until you get the Vaal version.)
Act 1 - The Siren’s Cadence - Purchase - Level 12 - Offering Skill
Act 2 - Deal with the Bandits - Reward - Level 15 - Kill Everyone - 2 Skill Points
Act 2 - Intruders in Black - Reward - Level 16 - Desecrate x2
Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel - Purchase - Level 18 - Minion Life Support x2
Act 3 - Lost in Love - Purchase - Level 24 - Hatred
Act 3 - Sever the Right Hand - Reward - Level 28 - Ball Lightning
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 24 - Enfeeble
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 24 - Temporal Chains
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Reward - Level 31 - Blasphemy Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 31 - Elemental Army Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 31 - Feeding Frenzy Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 31 - Generosity Support
Act 4 - Breaking the Seal - Reward - Level 31 - Carrion Golem
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Cast when Damage Taken x2
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Curse on Hit
Act 6 - Fallen from Grace - Purchase - Level 31 - Fortify Support
Act 6 - Fallen from Grace - Purchase - Level 31 - Phase Run

(Let me know if you see any errors in the list.)
Which Quests to Do?
- I suggest doing every quest in the game. It doesn't take too much longer and you'll get some nice bonus gear to help the SSF process. For those that just want to rush to the Endgame, here's a link to all the quests that give Passive Points as a reward. You don't want to miss those.

- With the Bandits in Act 2, I kill them all for the extra 2 skill points. You, of course, do what you like.

The Lord's Labyrinth
- Here's a list of all the lab trials for the first three labyrinths (the trials for the fourth lab are found randomly in endgame maps).

How to Level the Build
What Skill(s) Should I Use
- Our main skill, Raise Zombies, is available right away. They don't really have the survivability to be efficient right away so I like to use Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) until Summon Skeleton is available. You'll want to keep a mana flask for SRS. Feel free to use SRS until any point in the game, just be sure that you're levelling the build's gems too.

But this build is really easy to level as all the major gems you need are available naturally and early on to the Witch.

Passive Tree
- You can honestly go in any direction you like. The main points to the tree are: life nodes for you, minion nodes, and curse nodes. No matter the direction you choose, if you pick all nodes as they come across without skipping any, you'll have a very balanced character as you level. There really isn't a wrong way to go. There isn't anything wrong with getting any major nodes early or later on.
- If you have to be told what to do in order to progress ;), progress on your tree like I progress my maps; hug the right wall. That path would be the east branch first, then the north section, then south, then west for last. There's no reason for it though. I just like turning right :).

- Gear is so easy here. Minions only benefit from terms that specifically say Minion or Ally. So you're really only looking for gear that has better life and resists mods than you already have. It's really that simple.
Build Mechanics Explained for New Players
Cast when Damage Taken
Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT) is a gem that automatically casts linked spells (not Attacks) when your character takes a certain amount of ACCUMULATIVE damage. The lower the level of CwDT, the less damage it needs to cast its linked spells. The higher the level of CwDT, the more damage it needs to cast linked gems.

CwDT can only trigger spells within the threshold level listed in the CwDT gem description. The threshold increases as CwDT levels. Linked SUPPORT gems have no boundaries and can be fully levelled.

A high-level CwDT can have high-level gems attached to it. The benefit to a low-level CwDT is that you can have spells being cast frequently. Good for utility spells (applying curses and such).

You can't manually cast spells that are linked to CwDT and within CwDT's gem requirement level.
Elemental Equilibrium
Elemental Equilibrium (EE) is a node on the passive tree that gives enemies negative resists to elements you don't hit enemies with...if you've hit them with an element.
So if I hit an enemy with lightning, the enemy now has 25% extra lightning resistance and -50% to both fire and cold resists. If I Hit an enemy with lightning and fire, the enemy is only now susceptible to cold damage.

A big part of the Zombie damage in this build comes from our Hatred aura. It gives cold damage to the Zombies. Minion Instability's explosions are fire damage. So make sure that ANY item mod, jewel, or implicit from any Lab does not add cold or fire damage in any way.

A neat thing about EE is that it is only applied to enemies by us, not our minions. So, even though our minions are hitting the enemies over and over with cold or fire damage, they aren't giving the enemies extra resists of those elements.

Questions? Let me know.
Enemies can have their resists lowered in a few different ways. They all stack together. If Spell A and Spell B both lowered an enemy resistance by 10, the enemy would be -20 to that resist. Exposure stacks with other sources of lowering resists, but it doesn't stack with itself. So if two skills that apply Exposure of the same element are applied to the same enemy, they won't stack. Only the strongest will be applied.
How Minions Work
Minion damage only increases with items or passive tree nodes that specifically increase "minion damage". If a node on the tree or mod on an item doesn't specify minion damage, it won't be useful at all. So something that says, "Increases your damage by 30%" won't improve the damage your minions make. In this build your character will do almost no damage, only your minions will. We will also be using skeletons and a golem.

Minions ARE considered Allies. So auras, nodes, or items that improve allies will benefit our minions. (Not every skill that reserves mana is an aura.)

Minions are NOT considered Party Members and will not gain any benefit from Party Member benefits.

Our minions Attack enemies, they don't Cast spells (except for a few Vaal skeletons). So anything that improves minion/ally Attack Speed will help our build out, but not Cast Speed (that's for spells).

Lastly, minions are their own entity. Once you bring them into the world, they attack who they want. Some minions are summoned, others are raised. Summoned minions (like the Skeletons we'll be using) don't follow you but will keep attacking and chasing enemies within their attack radius. These minions have a duration. Other minions are raised, such as our Zombies. They do not have a duration and will stay raised until dead. These types of minions will follow us wherever we go. They will also follow the lead of summoned minions as well.

Lastly lastly, minions don't care about you. So if you're taking damage, they aren't going to run back and help you. You have to help yourself.
Offerings are skills that give buffs to our minions (and eventually ourselves if you chose Mistress of Sacrifice). Once cast, the offering skill consumes corpses. The more corpses it consumes, the more you get from it. If no corpses can be consumed, the skill doesn't cast.
Slowing Enemies
I.LOVE. SLOWING. ENEMIES. Why slow enemies? Lots of good reasons...but the most important reason is: Because.

Path of Exile has a few ways to "slow" a character/enemy. Two of them are:
1-Slowing Movement Speed only
2-Slowing all actions (including movement speed).
These two methods of slowing can stack (to a cap of 75% total slow).

Chill - An elemental effect from Cold damage that slows all actions (movement, cast/attack speed) up to 30%. The % of slow (chill) imposed on an enemy is based on the total Cold Damage done to the enemy in one hit. So the higher the cold damage of an initial hit (not cumulative) the greater the "chill effect"...the slower the enemy is.

Temporal Chains - A curse that slows all normal enemy actions (movement, cast/attack speed) up to a base value of 29% but with investment can be capped at 75%.
Vaal Skills
Vaal skills are super versions of normal skills that have a duration and cooldown given to them. We're hoping to use Vaal Summon Skeletons. Early on in the game Vaal skills typically only drop in Corrupted areas (though as the game progresses you'll find them a little more often.) Corrupted areas can be randomly found attached to maps as a side area. Kill the boss inside these areas, loot their "stash", and hope you get the vaal skill you want.

Vaal Summon Skeletons give you both the Summon Skeleton skill and Vaal Summon Skeletons in one gem. Both skills require their own key bind/button. You can use Summon Skeletons like usual but the Vaal skill requires you to kill enemies, or damage Rare or Unique enemies. Once the skill is ready to use, you can use the skill anytime. But remember, any loading screen in the game automatically resets the vaal skill and it needs to be refilled. So don't save it too long (boss arena doors don't have load screens (except for The Lord's Labyrinth). Once the skill has been used it'll have a short duration where the skill can't refill.

Vaal Summon Skeletons instantly gives you an extra 30+ skeletons with one button press :).
Endgame Mods to Avoid
At the end of the game, the levels (maps) you try and clear will have random modifiers (mods) allocated to them. There are A LOT of mods that can go on a map.

This build can actually run all map mods. Some mods will be inconvenient, but they won't be impossible to run. Hexproof maps (curse immune enemies) would suck, but it's not the end of the world. You just have to be a little more careful. No Mana means no skeletons, but that's fine too.

You'll learn your personal preferences the more you play. If you hate dying, pay attention to map mods. They can modify your playstyle slightly no matter the build.
My Filters
Oh my goodness! A link! You should click on it. Definitely. WOW! Look at all those pretty green FOLLOW buttons. You should press them all ;).

I LOVE FILTERS! So, I make my own filters! THEY ARE AMAZING ;). For me, making filters is just as fun as playing Path of Exile. If you're looking to cut down on the amount of garbage on your screen but don't actually want to miss anything, my filters are right up your alley. They only filter equippable items. Everything else will show. I've made two types of filters:

1 - A filter that only shows gear relevant to my guides.
2 - A filter for everyone that's relevant for all builds.

Each of the above filters has 4 tiers of strictness you'll want to Follow:

1. Starting Off (Used for levelling until you're mapping comfortably.)
2. Tops-84s-Fancies-Atlas (Used when you are only looking for the top bases of each class.)
3. 84s-Fancies-Atlas (Used when you only care about gear item level 84+.)
4. Fancies-Atlas (Used when you only want Fancy gear like Atlas Drops, Influenced gear, etc.)

The descriptions of each are on the filter page, with all the details you want, explained within.

(Because I have two filters (2), each with four tiers(2*4=8), posted for all 3 platforms (2*4*3=24), my filter list is quite large. So just be sure you're Following the filters you want for the platform you want. It's easy to mix it up with a list that large.)

Please let me know if you have any feedback or see any errors you may find within the filters...otherwise, I hope they enhance your PoE experience!

If my filters interest you, once you've clicked on the provided link, click "Follow" next to the filter(s) that you want. It'll automatically load to your filter list in-game when you login AND it automatically updates upon each login as well!
Forever Exiled - A Path of Exile Podcast

If you're looking for a Podcast that's 100% Path of Exile, my buddy Tagz and I have exactly that! A podcast that is 100% about Path of Exile! We put out an episode once a week and talk about all things Path of Exile 100% of the time.

Tagz started playing Path of Exile 100% of the time in Beta (April 2012) and I started playing Path of Exile 100% of the time in 2014. We play Path of Exile completely different, 100%. (His ways suck 100%, mine don't...100%. (In other words, he crushes Path of Exile 100% and I hate him for it...100% true.))

If you check out the podcast, let us know what you think. We've grown like crazy! 100% Serious. It's insane. So the more feedback we get the better.

Thanks 100% for the listens!
Awesome. So if you have any questions let me know and I'll respond the best I can. Don't feel embarrassed. Ask anything you like. It's easy to miss/overlook details in the guide or on the wiki. Likely someone else wants to know the answer too :). (I likely won't have time to evaluate characters (sorry!) but I've listed in general what mods to look for on your items so you know what to look for and improve upon. Don't forget to check my One Stop Shop for tips if you're new too.)

Replies: Feel free to respond to other players' posts! The more that's out there, the more we learn. Please be kind, respectful, and theoretical (not a Know-It-All) when helping others out. I will happily respond to questions but please note that I have multiple guides and I'd like to respond to each equally. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible but set your expectations that I'll respond to each guide once a week. (Too much time responding to guides makes an unhappy spouse...an unhappy spouse means less time for guide replies...less time for guide replies makes an unhappy me...Unhappy spouse + unhappy me = an epic hockey fight with sweet uppercuts which I would obviously lose...a lost hockey fight against my spouse = busted hands that I can't type with, no teeth to voice type with, and black eyes that I can't read with. So one build a day, m'kay? K.)

Here's a list of my OTHER GUIDES if you're interested :).

OH! Don't forget, to support GGG by buying a skin for all your favourite skills you use. They last forever, you look rad, and it keeps PoE going too :).

Double OH! I make a new thread every league for every guide I do. So all the comments, questions, and answers you read are all relevant for this current expansion. (At the end of a league I post links in the previous guide to guide players to the newest rendition of the build.)

Tripple Oh! Please let me know if you see any errors. I'll fix them as soon as possible!

Change Log (for returning players)
- I included a blurb on what to do about Delirium Clusters.
- Provided an option to choose between Commander of Darkness or Mistress of Sacrifice (ascendancy nodes).

That's honestly it. 3.10 barely changed this build at all. Despite the changes to some minion skills, it didn't end up changing how I designed the build at all. Spirit Offering got hit hard. So that's why there's now an ascendancy choice.
K. Done. Happy gaming :).

Hey Everyone!


If you're looking for a bit of a change, feel free to help me test out my 3.11 idea for this build. I'm only going to show the Pastebin, so you'll need PoB to check it out. I really don't like big changes to builds from league to league, but I really wanted this character to have more survivability.

- This build removes Elemental Equilibrium which is great because gearing it makes gearing easier.
- Added Phantasms.
- Hatred (and cold damage) are gone, which sucks cause now Chill is gone from the build. So the only Slow is Temporal Chains.
- Both curses are now auras, so defence is always on.
- Bone Offering was added for defence instead of an offensive offering.
- Fortify has been added to the build. (I don't really like Shield Charge, but it's the only way for wands to get Fortify.
- The above Pastebin does more damage than the current guide even without Phantasms and Fortify instead of Brutality. (Brutality is added to the "new build" to accommodate the Phantasm Projectile attacks.)

Oh! I also have the gems setup to where they are so that if someone wanted to swap back and forth from a Convoking Wand and a shield to dual-wielding Convoking Wands, minion minions or auras will die. It'd be "seamless".

If you try it, let me know what you think!
https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
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"Alright, alright, alright" Lets all take off our shirts and get to work!
"Alright, alright, alright" Lets all take off our shirts and get to work!
:) Nice to see you.
https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
Last edited by Wrecker_of_Days on Mar 13, 2020, 12:36:40 AM
"No longer causes minions from supported skills to deal more damage while you have Feeding Frenzy."
(patch notes)

I suppose the skill gem description of "Feeding Frenzy" has to be updated in the guide. No more bonus damage :(

Thank you very much for updating your guides to the new version!
Overwhelmed by Path of Exile? You might want to have a look at Wrecker_of_Days' beginner-friendly guides. One-click-wonders that do not require any specific items to conquer the campaign and the Atlas: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288/page/1
The best thing is Necro stuff should be in fire sale mode so that may actually compensate the nerfs! And I expect to see exploding skeletons a lot more in their weakened state! Might do this and try animate weapon in a hungry loop.
My feeding frenzy may just turn into melee phys damage... for research.

I think she will be fine :)
I can barely contain myself once again, super excited for league!
Even with losing a lot of res, I found myself at 140-150% last league anyways!

Thanks Wrecker and thanks GGG!
I will wear your ghost and you will die twice, against me and for me.
That is some cold blooded shit to say...
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I'm going with this build once again. If something will not work, gonna change some skills and go from there. Should be fun. My goal for this league (if my hands stay healthy) - 36 challenges.

I learned a lot last season, so it will be much easier to build my character without experimenting too much ^^ I really hope people will find some cool new spectres to play with.

Too bad that spirit offering got axed. I think I'm gonna go with Flesh offering for better clearing speed, especially if feeding frenzy becomes obsolete.
Last edited by M_atrix on Mar 12, 2020, 11:13:41 AM
I'm comfortable enough with the nerfs/adjustments to play this build in Delirium.

It'll be interesting to see if any of the minion-oriented cluster jewels turn out to be worthwhile, and if so, what to sacrifice in order to incorporate them.
The best part for Wrecker is the overall necro/minions nerfs will not be felt as keenly with this build

It will still be a stable build all the way through end game

Wanna say GL to all for the new league, this league I am gonna manly melee to begin with and may roll a necro about 1 month in as I know I am gonna miss my. Minions 😁


Zombie on everyone!
~ If it moves, kill it ~
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I'm sorry if this is a question that was answered in your guide; I read through it a couple times and didn't see it.

Would you kindly explain the order in which to take ascendancy points?

BTW, my hubby and I love your guides. We ran your cyclone raider for the Metamorph league and we've never experienced end-game content at the level we were able to achieve. The hubby is also disabled, and finding your 1-button builds/guides are an absolute blessing. Thank you for all the work you put into them! We're both excited to give this build a try come Delirium.

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