Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium

GGG still refuses to fix the Chain Hook bugs?

Have they even been acknowledged yet? 3 full leagues now, and nothing?
None of the math has worked out to be a buff so far.
I, for the life of me, cannot figure out the reasoning of the new Buff Nerf Nerf meta. It makes zero sense to me to spend so much time and money in developing and balancing skills for a new patch, knowing full well that you intend to nerf it so hard in the next patch or two, that it is arguably worse than before you buffed it.

Winter Orb. Cyclone. Poet's Pen builds. Now Zombies and Skeletons. Clearly some tuning needed to be done, but you have to ask yourself what the actual f*** is going on when you have to nerf a skill by FORTY PERCENT! FORTY?! FORTY?!?!

I mean, come on. And that doesn't even include the Feeding Frenzy nerf. I've always played a summoner since day one. And I'll play one again this league so long as it isn't total hot garbage, but this leaves a really sour taste in my mouth. Not sure how much longer I can continue to support and recommend this game to others with its current development strategy.
man you sc brats are spoilt
Why would you nerf both Elusive AND Mistwalker... seriously
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You should nerf your balance team by 40%. It would actually improve the game. 40% less shitty changes that make no sense.
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No fly until POE6 ? I saw Empyriangaming , Flying in Path of Exile for 1:25 minutes .
mixed feelings right now
man you sc brats are spoilt

true dat
My CWC bladefall poison stacking animate weapon theory craft just got shafted by the nerf to max number of animated weapons :(. Would have been so fun. RIP I just wanted a bunch of angry wasps but GGG broke them :(

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