Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium

Incursion Temple crafting benches can now be used by characters on the same account other than the one that opened it.

What does this mean? I don't know if I'm just failing to parse it, but "same account other than the one that opened it" doesn't make sense to me.
You can exit to the character select screen, go back in the temple as another character, and have that character use the bench. Not sure why you'd need to do that, but now you can.
Why double-nerf Assassin's Elusive + Elusive itself ?!

If anything the game needed other nerfs.

Oh and yes Terrible Alva changes, zero incentive to go into it from previously... But you guys dont seem to have a good grasp on what the word incentive means lately
Fixed a bug where you could select pets that were following you while editing your hideout.

Xystre wrote:
So basically you buffed monsters again (4th time in the last 4 leagues) by the looks of it and you keep doubling down with this kind of changes.

Again how do you get praised for this kind of things is really beyond me.

The rest sure are some welcome changes such as temple, uniques and map modifiers which some of them are still VERY unbalanced at awakening level 8.. you have a long way to go devs.

Because with all the new cluster jewel, our DPS is going to be even higher then before, so in the end you wont even see the difference.
Great Necro buffs :))
So you guys change atlas trash,nerf everything and add only insignificant jewels?
How about making more builds to playable,not unplayable?
Mentoya wrote:
Tr1d wrote:

But that's the problem isn't it? Right now outside Necro minions are just plain bad, at least before they were manageable on other classes.

Well, GGG knows that if they nerfed Necros to the ground, they will lose a large percentage of their playerbase, because people want to play what is fun!!! You take the fun away and people will leave... Had they Over-Nerfed Necros, I would have been gone!! Why?? Because all other builds suck!!

You need to have at least one strong build that people want to play....

By that logic I should leave because they nerfed (by nerfing minions) my last decent Ascendant build... oh wait... Ascendant is still good for aura bots...

Anyway, what I was saying is that they could find something in the middle between nerfing necro and summons skills, not just ruing summons for every other classes...
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RIP fossil crafting on belts and helmet

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