Metamorph Ends Soon

The Metamorph League on PC ends on Monday March 9th at 2PM PDT. This means you have only a few days left to complete your unfinished challenges! The Metamorph League on Xbox One and Playstation 4 will end when the Delirium expansion goes live on Consoles (March 18th at 2PM PDT).

Thank you to everyone who played in Metamorph! We're not saying goodbye to Tane and his dangerous experiments, and hope they'll keep challenging you as part of Path of Exile's core in 3.10.0. If you've been enjoying the Metamorph league, check out the exclusive Metamorph Brimmed Hat before it leaves the store next week!

50 Point Sale

We've just started a 50 Point Sale with a huge variety of cosmetic effects available for only 50 points or less, including Skill Effects, Pets, Hideout Decorations and many more. Check out the full list of specials here.

The 50 Point Sale will run from the time of this post until Mar 09, 2020 11:00 PM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time).

In case you need points for this sale, we recommend checking out our new Delirium Supporter Packs!

The Past Mystery Boxes Return

For a limited time we're bringing back some of the past Mystery Boxes to the store, so you've got another chance to get the community-popular cosmetic effects, such as the Sin and Innocence or Glimmerwood microtransactions for only 30 points! Here is a list of the Mystery Boxes available:

All the Mystery Boxes listed above will be available all weekend until Mar 09, 2020 11:00 PM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time). Click here to view them in the shop.

Get a Free Polaris Mystery Box When You Spend Points

In addition, until the launch of Delirium we're offering one free Polaris Mystery Box when you spend any amount of points in the store. This means you can purchase a discounted cosmetic effect on the 50 Point Sale, one of the returned Mystery Boxes or any other microtransaction and receive one Polaris Mystery Box as a gift from us. The offer is available on both PC and Consoles.

Please note: it's only possible to get one free Polaris Mystery Box from this promotion. Making additional microtransaction purchases will not grant additional mystery boxes. Purchasing a supporter pack will not grant a free Mystery Box but spending points from a supporter pack can grant a free Mystery Box.

This offer will end at Mar 13, 2020 4:00 PM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time).

What to Expect Next Week

The Delirium expansion launches in just seven days, so the upcoming week will be packed with useful information. This time our usual pre-launch news schedule has been slightly changed: the Balance Manifesto which would normally be posted on Tuesday (NZT) will be replaced with a full list of the new notables available from the Cluster Jewels system. Other than that we don't expect any changes to our news schedule, so here it is (this schedule follows New Zealand's Monday to Friday work days, but in other countries might be Sunday to Thursday):

  • Mon: Delirium Challenge Rewards.
  • Tue: Notables from the Cluster Jewels System.
  • Wed: 3.10.0 Patch Notes, Passive Tree and Item Filter Information.
  • Thu: Showcase of the new and reworked gems (at Level 20 with 20% Quality).
  • Fri: What to expect when Delirium launches and possibly a torrent pre-download for the patch.

By the way, our game designers Neon and Rory will appear on the Baeclast podcast this Sunday March 8th at 12AM (PDT) (or Mar 08, 2020 4:00 AM (EDT) in your local time) to discuss the Delirium expansion and to answer some of your questions. Click here, if you'd like to submit your question for this podcast. Check it out live at!

Thank you so much for your support! See you next week!
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Good stuff
Hey, would you be able to PM me a full list of the sales for today? The sales page cuts off at some of the 25 point MTXes and I want to add these ones to the MTX thread

e: got it, cheers!
Last edited by Dreggon on Mar 5, 2020, 10:29:38 PM
hello weta #12
Dreggon wrote:
Hey, would you be able to PM me a full list of the sales for today? The sales page cuts off at some of the 25 point MTXes and I want to add these ones to the MTX thread

e: got it, cheers!

For everyone else, here are the specials that are cut off from the page (there's a technical limit to how many can be displayed.)

Ebony Scorpion Pet
Black Headband
Red Headband
White Crystal Decoration
Beast Egg Decoration
Stormcloud Arctic Armour
Bandana Bundle
Parasite Pet
Dance - Witch
Dance - Shadow
Dance - Scion
Dance - Templar
Dance - Duelist
Dance - Marauder
Dance - Ranger
Exile's Essentials Back Attachment
Crimson Weapon Effect
Beetle Pet
Divine Swarm Pet
Dark Swarm Pet
Fire Frog
Ice Frog
Arcane Halo
Innocence Sword Pet
Sin Sword Pet
Extra Character Slot
Wasteland Tumbleweed Pet
Automaton Scorpion Pet
Faith Guard Pigeon Pet
Blood Guard Pigeon Pet
Huntsman Hypnotic Toad
Madcap Hypnotic Toad
Brine King Minion Pet
Mystic Pet
Wild Scorpion
Wrangler Scorpion
Harlequin Pranksters Pet
Ringmaster Parakeet Pet
Ethereal Stars Effect
Aureate Halo
Sacrificial Shrine Decoration
Emerald Weapon Effect
Lavender Weapon Effect
Blue Frog Pet
Ivory Scorpion Pet
Cockroach Pet
Rain Decoration
Siege Firestorm Effect
Green Searing Bond
Golden Spectral Throw
Red Frog Pet
Green Frog Pet
White Cyclone
Turquoise Weapon Effect
Scorpion Pet
Impaling Spikes Decoration
Wisp Swarm Decoration
Blue Flame Incinerate
Blue Cyclone
Emerald Rain of Arrows
Water Nova Effect
Wide Light Beam Decoration
Falling Leaves Decoration
Skin Transfer
Weta Pet
Uh why is there no NZT for end date etc and only PDT
I will spend money on the game only when you start implementing BALANCE and fix fucking melee instead of giving spells and minion builds even more power and buffs you crooks.
GGG refuses to buff Melee and gives every surivability tool to Spell/Ranged/Minion Builds because they dont play the game or at least melee themself.
[Removed by Support]
-The Truth
No thx. Unnerf the atlas and then we can talk.
I have to agree. atlas kinda sucks right now.

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