Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

xezdx wrote:
If all those "we have fun running the same map" only about "the doctor" and headhunter, i feel sorry for these people. They forgot what does fun mean. Imagine GGG will put an NPC that will give you headhunters for free, will you play the game? It is what you are asking for actually.

Better remove headhunter cards or make them random on all maps. Second solution will reward normal players like me (yay! :D).

The Doctor cards adds about 1-2c profit per map.
It's not even that much.
It could easily be balanced by adding more monsters to other maps/removing some monsters from burial chambers (just be caresful to still allow to sustain it).
If these people cry, they cry more than a truck full of pigs, the league has not started and they have not tried how it works and they are already crying. they like to have 2000 ornament maps in the stash
These changes do not fix the fact that Atlas has become tedious way where we "WORK" towards Delve, Shaper Guardians, Elder Guardians and hoping for Awakened crap from Influences and eventually, Sirus

The fact that you base Influence clearing on "opened maps" regardless of rarity/tier rather than cleared maps, hand-in-hand with abundance of maps this completely screws the "need" to actually do the hard content.

I noticed that the level of Alva Temple is now based on the highest opened incursion, conquerors are based on the zone level of the map where influence was spawned ... some consistency would be nice

There are so many of these little details which screws with the perceived knowledge of the game and actual mechanics, and it is approaching critical mass where full rework will be the only solution.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.

3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
Make cartographer's seals usable on a map like old sextants, 3 tiers - the next 5/10/15 maps of that Tier that drop, are always of the type that is sealed. So u Seal arachnid Tomb tier 12 with white Carto Seal - Next 5 maps of tier 12 are Arachnid tomb only. This way there is a cost associated with "shaping" or sealing ur atlas, but u don't have to "delete" any maps from atlas completion.
We failed once, We failed twice, We must fail again!

WE'll b@ng ok?
HobbitCraft wrote:

??? hello?

Why has this changed.

IonDrako wrote:
How about you address the issue of the "increased mod effect" being a permanent effect we can't turn off that you paraded as some sort of "incentive" to complete the awakener bonus?

It was one of the literal down sides to awakener level, a price you paid to do the highest tier of sirus and the most positive effects from awakener level that you'd remove the awakener level for alts and other characters when you didn't need to or want to do the hard content. Now you move it onto the awakener bonus you CAN'T TURN OFF and promote it along with 5% bonus (as compared to previous rate) to master missions as some great incentive to complete the bonus... Your team is off it's rockers there and seriously need to reevaluate what an incentive to complete every terrible layout map that has no worth while drops really is because right now with this new proposed system I wouldn't even want to touch awakener bonus on maps since always having any mods I have be stronger for literally no benefit is idiotic. I'd rather awakener bonus not even be a thing if that increased mod effect is tacked on, just remove it entirely at that point.

I have no idea why you didn't address one of the main reasons for backlash after the original announcement with this low effort dribble...
Quoting this because there should be more complaints about how the map mod increases work. Getting awakener levels earlier in the atlas would have already made the game harder which is great! It didn't need to be a permanent status to make Atlas completion feel punishing- just completing maps at all already does that as it is now, there doesn't need to be a 2nd punishment for playing the Atlas.
Thank you for the feedback and quick responsiveness.

One mod in particular that became a huge issue for my builds personally was the "less recovery of life" mod.

Though I was leeching the same amount, the time it took to return the life ended up killing my 2h berserker cycloner far too often simply because I couldn't effectively use leech to recover in a reasonable time after taking damage.
Please delete map mod: no regen
NotRegret wrote:
When the development manifesto is proud that they have made a part of the game easier you know the game is getting less hardcore and more casualized.

Resource management is the whole point of having an item (maps) be limited. Intentionally flooding the player with resources negates this. I feel like the game philosophy is to have something where players zone out and get a sense of progress.

i do think most players (especially the reddit horde) haven't realised, that, if more maps drop, they mass drop for everybody.

they don't really care for the game or challenging gameplay, all they want is the game being more suited for their personal game style.

maps work as a currency sink to get the orbs out of the game again before they inflate the market prices for top end items. looks like very few know that. or care.
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wait, i was about to buy a map tab. does this mean, i dont need it anymore cause rates getting nerfed next league anyway?

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