The Press Tour is Complete

Fuck yea! cant wait. Now play Wolcen but much bugged.
Can't wait to get into the game again, I'm currently playing Wolcen and Diablo 1. Kinda great but not as much as Poe ahah !
All I want for this league is an interesting league mechanic, ever since synthesis it has been zero depth and interesting interactions with the league mechanics itself. 3.9 was bailed out by the Conquerors of the atlas. Metamorph was a fun idea but it is very hard to execute it in a good way. The result was that either random oneshots happend because it's impossible to see ground effects or literary nothing happend and they were a complete breeze.

Now that the big expansion was released I hope you had more time to work on an interesting league mechanic. Oh and I don't mind if you leave metamorph out of the standard gameplay, we have enough 10% encounters as it is already (and no definately not add as a new master with new scarabs), if anything we could use some scaling down on things that interrupts mapping. I know you can skip things but it always feels wrong.

Specially with the new expansion which made a much bigger grind just to obtain the 32 watchstones to begin with compared to the old elder/shaper system. This means we kinda need to focus more on maps if we want to enjoy that endgame content. Remember when you could spawn Uber Elder in 10-15 maps? Compare that to the 36 we get on average, that is until one of those bugs kicked in and you had to play 30+ maps to get a single proc at certain points.... But on the upside if they solve those bugs then Conquerors of the atlas was an upgrade in every single way compared to the old pingpong system with shaper and elder influence.

Even if I'm mostly talking negatives in this post I still think the game is going in a really good direction.
Terrifying new foes? Oh my! Oh No!!
A Drum Roll if you please!
Looks like it might be underwater. That would be cool. Goes along with global warming too.
Oscer wrote:

No Problem,
Um forgive me i am terrible with the time conversion, wouldnt that be 1 hour 50 min ago?
I dont rly care about the next league. I want good patchnotes without heavy nerfs ( ok meaby necro ) and pllssssssss buff KB
Exciting. I still have plenty of this league to enjoy though, so I'm getting some mixed feelings about it.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.

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