3.9.2f Patch Notes

Really annoys me that to this day, since WoW days, the gaming community is still as numb to any actual logic.

Its 2020, about time some people evolved. Playing games is not a contest of "which game has the most players", and whoever even uses that in the slightest in their argument is not a gamer and has no idea what they are even on about.

This need some people have of their game being reflected by "the most played game out there" as opposed to how much they actually enjoy the game is really sad.

And you know what, if popularity is all that is important to said gamers, I sure hope Wolcen is more popular so they can sod off and leave PoE to those that actually get it instead of getting in their way. They wont be missed. Their money maybe, but more often than not, those are the same people that didnt drop a single dime on the game. So yeah, they can happily follow the herd wherever it leads them.
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What about being able to play a bow character in a "bow league"? You simply crash on predictive networking mode while using barrage or fps drops to literally zero on lockstep. A lot of players complain about it. Look at on of the Mathil's last clips. Top end PC getting 0 fps lul.
Either fix those arrows sticking everywhere or just revert that 3.9 change.
HazaRdReborN wrote:
Playing games is not a contest
Indeed. But in the recent patch the endgame in PoE is made so grindy and unrewarding it's not really worth playing for that experience. That's a huge downer for those participants that liked the endgame.
And suddenly, a new ARPG releases. With no "map" keys to access the endgame, direct resource management not based THAT strictly on the slot machine, comparable skill and build concept, no overpriced MTX, where you can fashion your toon as you wish. Like PoE, but improved in some very important areas. OF COURSE it will be discussed!
IMO Wolcen team will give GGG a good run for their money if they press on with bug fixes, game mechanics updates, content patches and female character overhaul: https://media.giphy.com/media/E5NbbCPZPbes8/giphy.gif :D

That way it would be best for everyone involved. GGG firsthand: they really were slacking these few past leagues, just introducing new currencies to clutter stash tabs with minimal effort. In having real rivalry they will stand stronger against coming D4.
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Aspect of the spider frame rate not fixed?
Other than that looks nice.
You can now use /hideout to return to your Hideout while in Tane's Laboratory.

What about optimizing the game and finding a solution for freezing and dying and losing exp for nothing ?
Zarkiihos wrote:
What about optimizing the game and finding a solution for freezing and dying and losing exp for nothing ?

You expect too much from made in china.
Is there some sort of option like "Report 90% of the players for breaking the TOS" ?!
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
I would really like to see a fourth loot sharing option, "No allocation" (or similar) where even the map&fragment drops and the items now mentioned in these patch notes drop unallocated, absolutely no allocation whatsoever...

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