3.9.2f Patch Notes

I'm glad GGG is fixing some bugs and adding some stuff for loot filter, but I'm still waiting for Awakened Blasphemy Support to allow use of Aura mtx... :( I really miss being able to use two aura mtx together that I had with regular Blasphemy support, but can't since I need to use the Awakened gem as it's much better skillwise.
WoW, even I come pretty late in league like two weeks ago, was hoping in more polished, but serious... soo much bugs still, 1shoting mechanics overall is disgusting. trade is nightmare.

BTW what is point of Decoy Totem lvl21/Q23 when is 1shoted and 4sec on cool-down every time u need it? Maybe is time after soo much year to put DECOY TOTEM immune to dmg when you cant manage proper mechanics and skip insane dmg?

Drop is disaster 2 chars (one lvl93 (6.5k hp did even Hall of Grandmasters deathless) with insane number of deaths (for me) from methamorph on T15/16 second now lvl91 hoping for better drop and less deaths) one exalt doped overall on both till now... clap clap, I heard they are dropping on white maps but for me to play white (low) tier map with end game build is like put my ... in blender.

No comment fixes 2 weeks before end of leagu... for who 0.01% population what left? Good you are working only on this game not anything rlly important.

"Improved performance related to monster and minion pathfinding."

"Reduced the damage of the Storm Call skill that Baran-influence monsters used. They will now only use the skill if they have line of sight to you."
All those people in here who think Wolcen can be a competitor for PoE LUL

Didn't you guys see what happened during the first days after Wolcen was released? Half of the game wasn't even finished. Server went offline for nearly 2 days and now there are bugs that cause players to be unable to login, only because they used some endgame crafting device. Fixing this will take several more days bceause those Wolcen devs can only install 1 patch each week.
There are so many other bugs like item and gold duping and totally imbalanced broken mechanics which cause 2 skills to be utterly overpowered. Several Node in the Skilltree got typos which causes them to faceroll through the endgame. Others don't work at all...
Steam and Humble Bundle allow their customers to refund the game although they played way more than just 2h.
So much for Wolcen being a possible competition for PoE xD
IGN: UNoKillMe
Hey what they have not fixed is the down load patch that keeps reseting and reseting and going on day 3 and cant pay cus the patch never downloads cus it keeps going backwards .. and there staff is to damn lazy to post back about the problem

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