Within the next few days we're planning to deploy the 3.9.2f update that includes changes to Item Filters that we talked about recently as well as some small performance improvements and various bug fixes. We're aiming to deploy this patch on console as soon as possible after its release on PC. In the meantime, we've prepared its patch notes for you to check out.

Please note that the patch notes listed below may be changed prior to the release of this update.

  • Added new functionality and made improvements to Item Filters. You can read more about them here.
  • Improved performance related to monster and minion pathfinding.
  • The following items now allocate to the Map Maker when they drop: Timeless Jewels, Ivory Watchstones, Awakened Gems, Awakener's Orbs, Conquerors Exalted Orbs and Uniques from Legion, Blight, Metamorph and Conquerors of the Atlas bosses.
  • Reduced the damage of the Storm Call skill that Baran-influence monsters used. They will now only use the skill if they have line of sight to you.
  • You can now use /hideout to return to your Hideout while in Tane's Laboratory.
  • Improved the performance of Acid Magma Orb Effect and Harbinger Magma Orb Effect.
  • Improved the visibility of various weapon effect microtransactions when applied to the Colossus Sword.
  • Restored the skull to the top of the Syndicate Flag Hideout Decoration.
  • Fixed a bug where the Power Siphon on-death effect could be played multiple times on a single monster. This fix also improves the performance of Power Siphon in general.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Malachai in The Harvest and Core Map could sometimes fail to transition to his second arena.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Leap Slam while it had the Harlequin Leap Slam Effect applied to it.
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Credit where due. Scourge looks amazing, both league and general changes. Will be spending money. 2021-10-14 0344 PM
Can you mark all enemies on minimap just like blighted ones or these which carry samples?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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I'm ready to hear about the next League.

Loved this one and all but yea I'm ready!!!
thank you!
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.
This is a buff

> Fixed a rare bug where Malachai in The Harvest and Core Map could sometimes fail to transition to his second arena.

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