Bex's Five Year CM Anniversary

I'm still super new to POE and everything, but this community is what always keeps me coming back. Thanks for everything Bex!
We love you Bex, our world would be less amusing without you. Thanks for dealing with all of our toucans!
Watch out for Headhunters Bex... see what I did there?
I don't know you but i appreciate every single person that works on this game with passion. Thanks for everything and Congratulations to your 5.
I'm really happy that we have you back!

While Natalia did a fantastic job; there is no replacing you.

I hope we'll have you here for a really long time to come.
I literally logged in just to say thank you for all your hard work on this project! Thank you for helping to make this an experience I'll never forget.

You are loved!
Congrats Bex! I look forward to the community being taunted by you for the next 5 years!
Thank You Bex and congratulations on the 5 year anniversary as Community Manager!

Happy Anniversary, Ma'am.
"You wanna dance, Ron? I wanna polka." -Wes Mantooth

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