It's the final week of our Talent Competition! The competition ends next Monday at 5PM (NZT), but you still have some time left to finish your submissions and have a chance to win some of our awesome prizes. Today we're showcasing the highlights for the last time before announcing the winners next week!

Path of Exile - Orion (aTension Remix) by eko1991

Deep Delving by Filipiaszek

Metamorph Vat Miniature by losingcharlotte

Fan Art by SkintickeT5

Infernal Armour Set Fan Art by Noyproks

Fan Art by SchattenInSchwarz


Shadow Statue by hamermniszcz

If you'd like to see how our community has been doing in this competition so far, check out the latest highlights here and here.
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The girl who made Thane machine....
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Like the delve.
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Really nice, I was looking something to make a miniature, but cant find where I can get models/3d files of in game content, would love to try make some thing for the upcoming talent competinion

I found this site, there are some models of in game thing, but I just cant figure out houw to donwload it, there are like a buton for .OBJ format, but maybe something wrong with buttong link, some help would be higly apreciatet, ty Exiles!
Ok where and when does Sirus say all the shit he says in the aTension remix???

Only lines that are familiar are those before and during the fight.
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On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
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Very nice "Boss-Monster-Creating-Device" or whatever it is supposed to be called^^. PoE in Mincraft is pretty cool too.
And ofc no Talent-Competition without a sick remix by aTension(love your work).
Good stuff
The both delve pictures are both great and unavailable in the game. Seriously, where are these dark halls of long-dead cities buried under ground? Where are these huge caves where you can lose yourself? Where is that endless adventure Delve could and still can be if worked upon properly?

Also, Sirrus quotes from the first track. Where do you hear most of them? I didn't in these several fights I've achieved gaining.
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Nice to see those things !

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