Talent Competition Highlights

The PoE in Minecraft video takes the cake for me, along with the Metamorph vat craft. :)

Also, where does Sirus say all those lines (in the aTension remix)?! O.o
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Infernal Armor art, damn that's hot.
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That minecraft submission was freaking SICKKKK!!!!
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Amazing entries! Love the creativity, and really enjoyed Path of Minecraft the most.
Congrats for talented community...
Metamorph machine was is awesome!
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Flowen wrote:
That minecraft submission was freaking SICKKKK!!!!

I couldn't keep a straight face when the cyclone slayer cutscene at 1:13 started playing. ^w^ Goatman indeed! :PPPP This one gets my vote
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The miniature is super cool!
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Metamorph Vat Miniature by losingcharlotte

So If I understand, this person ask another one (his wife but could be a total stranger) to make something for him.

And then what his wife did ( it is awesome no doubt) get showcased on the highlight for the competition.

As if, I could pay (or ask like he did hu) a professional artist to make something for me so I can win. Like at some point why not going to www.fiverr.com/ and paying 10 euro someone so he make something for the contest right?

That not right yo,

I quote :

"what this supposed to mean"
"so your task is to create the boss monster construction machine... whatever that might be"

Wife have no idea WTF the husband is asking or talk about just she will do it but whatever she have no idea what is path of exile.

This is like I don t know really bullshit in my opinion. I know you can t ask people not to cheat but when you have openly a video about a wife doing something her husband sked and she have no idea WTF path of exile his, that s bullshit right there.

from the contest rules:


The competition will run from the time of this post until Monday the 10th of February at 5pm NZT (9th of February at 8pm PST).

Submissions made after this time will not be counted. We'll post the winners sometime in the following days.

Any work that is submitted must be your own and must be created after the launch of this competition.

Multiple submissions are welcome.
If you want to create a montage or mash-up of other artists' work or videos, this is permitted as long as it follows all legal guidelines of fair use standards.

so GGG, can I ask some "friend" working as an artist to make something for me ? Is that allowed?

how on earth this was highlighted? it is good, it is really great work, but this is not ethical at all unless you are considering now that everyone participating can do something similar (asking someone else to do the job for them).
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