Get the Water Elemental Weapon Effect and Water Elemental Footprints Free With Twitch Prime!

If I need to buy twitch prime it isnt free
I redeemed it but didn't get the items. I have in the past, but neither show up for me.
It also happened to me. There is 3 options i know of.
1)wait a few hours there might be a delay.
2)POE support told me if the items is not added try unlinking and linking the account it might fix it.
3)go ask support for help
Unlinking worked. Thanks a lot!
Last edited by SynapticStatic on Feb 28, 2020, 8:58:09 AM
Sweet! Thank you! Free is good! Especially when you've spent over $2k on this game... :/
IGN Ken__Kaniff
I've just paid a suscription for Prime Video and Twitch Prime won't allow to link both accounts.
it was really good,
Hello i have problem becouse i reedemed twich prime offers before on PC but all my cosmetics are missing :( any help?

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