Get the Water Elemental Weapon Effect and Water Elemental Footprints Free With Twitch Prime!

babubabu wrote:
for those who aren't getting it immediately after claiming it, you'll need to click the link in step 3 after you click claim to receive the loot in game again.

Thanks a lot, this helped, i got it instantly after i clicked step 3.
IGN : Kernach
Xystre wrote:
everytime twitch prime goes with the word "free" I chuckle.
Second-class poe gamer
[Removed by Support]
I have a couple questions for amazon prime and twitch prime and poe free cosmetics and other game rewards on twitch prime.

I can make a amazon prime student for 6 free months but I'm forced to put a credit card number. How is this working ? Are they picking money only the 7th month or do we have to pay it at the start and then we have 7 month for the price of one ? Can we cancel it easily after 6 or 7 months ?

Do we receive poe cosmetics every months automatically ? Do we have only the current free cosmetics ? Can we have the past cosmetics ?

How much stuff are they giving for games ? I have read they give free games, cosmetics, codes... How much per months and are they for popular games ?

How is the amazon prime "netflix" website ? As good as netflix ? Do they have many movies in Qc-FR langage ?
trash again :D
jus sign up due to this effect! keep it coming!
Keep continue with this twitch prime thing please. It is nice to have them. Divine was the best btw
Really? This is the last poe twitch prime promotion????
I've just paid a suscription for Prime Video and Twitch Prime won't allow me to link both accounts. Some people say I need Amazon Prime, no Prime Video. I'm from Argentina.


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