Get the Water Elemental Weapon Effect and Water Elemental Footprints Free With Twitch Prime!

everytime twitch prime goes with the word "free" I chuckle.
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."

Thank you.
C_HG4MER wrote:
I like them, but I'm disappointed that the weapon effect isn't applicable for both weapons while dual wielding, I guess it's a bug?

Cool stuff anyway.

not a bug. stand alone weapon MTX need to be purchased for each weapon you want to use it on. this includes skin MTX as well
however if you get a weapon effect via a supporter pack, they will always apply to both weapons (though you can override the second weapon if you want another effect on it)
How long does it take to see the items in the game after they are retrieved from the website?
unfortunately twitch prime is not available in my country but still awesome thing for the community!
the story behind "SkillGapMeleeIsFine" character is hilarious.
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Awesome, thanks GGG.

Both water footprints and weapon effect look awesome :)!
for those who aren't getting it immediately after claiming it, you'll need to click the link in step 3 after you click claim to receive the loot in game again.
I got the first two immediately for the third one already waiting an hour links are connected
Make some Daggers/Wands OK skins not a squirting swords

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