3.9.2e Patch Notes

bvanharjr wrote:
WilliamGoosen wrote:
High tier Perandus and Doryani's unique maps available in game when?

they already are.

They can't be obtained in any way possible.
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Ty for patch, but the conqueror spawning rates are still inconsistent and buggy. Shame, rest of the content is really great.
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Life goes by like a fart in the wind.
Aspect of the Spider performance fix?
Removed the Guild Stash from Tane's Laboratory.

Can I ask why was that an issue?
Fixed a client crash that could occur when Frost Bomb was cast by a monster on top of a Mine with the Void Emperor Mine Effect microtransaction applied to it.

what lol

i'm just happy you fixed the crucible portals in last patch somehow,
hats off for paying attention to purchases that are no longer available.
OK, so may be now the freaking conquerers would freaking spawn. How many maps does it take to get one? I run 10-20 sometimes before getting one. JEsus

and this one wasnt self-evident for 3 years before this patch? "The currency type dropdown is now ordered alphabetically when pricing an item in a Public Stash Tab."
You can now spawn Atlas influence in a Region that had already spawned that same influence in the previous 'cycle'.

So, you want to tell us, that for a half of the league it was not bad rng all the time? It was "the feature"...

Noice GGG.

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