Solaris and Lunaris Statue

buy buy buy
Look very nice, hope to see more model type and maybe with more choice consider prices and other...keep up the good work GGG
Chima wrote:
My wife says no; time for a new wife?

Yes, if you actually had one.
Thats just insane :D thanks ggg

I think I will get one for myself and one for a friend !
Upgrade to quad tab and character slot special when?

im sorry GGG
im asian, and even my anime figures are cheaper

Corvus01 wrote:
Abyssia wrote:
I normally think these type of things are for kids rooms or Peter Pans. But the quality of this is really dazzling. I adore real craftsmanship. For the guys whining about price, buy some plastic crap. Good job GG. I would have liked that the materials where given in the information. Looks like real marble?

The statue is 18cm high and is made of resin.

No thanks.
Beautiful !
Very nice, but just a tad bit too much for me, when it comes to the shipping cost included for this item. Because this one is heavy.
And then there is the Customs charges and whatnot. Just too darn much.

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