3.9.2c Patch Notes

I am missing "Fixed a bug where conquerors under certain conditions do not spawn anymore"

Tell conditions to avoid! Fix not spawning!

To be honest, I dont care about Qol. I actually want to kill awakener for the first time the last 5 days.
QoL is nice and all, but this still solves none of the core issues with the new atlas giving players far less freedom and control than the old one did.
all very nice, but what about fixing Horizon Orbs? Please?
I like my loot like my steak - RARE
Amazing update guys! One suggestion, change the colors of the watchtones and the influence. Being color blind, I can't tell the difference between the yellow and green one (I'm assuming that's their colors).

Thanks for all your hard work GGG!
how about 40+ t14-t16 maps and still no encounter? is that a bug or just normal? i am stuck at A6. LoL
Nice QoL!
Amazing! Thank you for the map/atlas UI improvements!
Portals to Maps which contain a Conqueror encounter now use Zana's portal effect.

No fun allowed.™
still no leap slam fixes
pog chris

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