Creating Game Effects in Path of Exile

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That's great. I really enjoyed the video. Thank's for the insight! :-)
MrWonderful99 wrote:
korgans wrote:
MrWonderful99 wrote:
I always support GGG because I am a fan. But, I have to say that these "effects" and GGG's unwillingness to put in an easy sliding bar (for effects) made my POE life hell until I bought a high end computer last year. Just saying. This is one short video (and I watch them all) that I will not be watching.

Where are your supporter badge,prove it xD


Dude, and I apologize for those folks who have done so but most of the time supporter badges are for e-peen fools who like to show off in the forums. I have more stash tabs than I know what to do with. And they were both functional but also a way for me to show appreciation for the great job GGG does.

Anyway,you sound like the folks who judge people by how many challenges they have completed. The first and last time I even bothered looking at the challenges was 2-3 years ago and I got a mtx totem and decided that I will play the way I want and not be a hamster in a maze.

Regardless, I hope my point wasn't lost. Unfortunately by not having an effects slider like so many other games it is clear that GGG is more interested in monetizing those sales than helping players with potato computers. This is one of the few disappointing aspects of my favorite game. And keep in mind that currently my game plays beautifully, but I know many folks can't afford a new computer.

I agree but i noticed a lot of people that complain have less then a year account and never did anything to support the game think everything should be free without any effort.So entitled.And i apologize to you clearly i was a douche.

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