In addition to a big 3.9.2 patch, which was deployed last week, the team has been working on another update with many improvements and fixes. We're planning to release it by the end of this working week on PC, and as soon as possible on consoles (after its release on PC).

As usual, we have prepared a preview of its patch notes beforehand, so you can get an idea of what to expect. Please note that the patch notes listed below may be changed prior to the release of the 3.9.2b update.

  • New instances of Tane's Laboratory can now be created by Ctrl + Clicking on the World Map Pin.
  • Monsters killed in Tane's Laboratory are now removed after a short delay.
  • Added additional quest information that displays when Watchstones drop.
  • Reduced the area of effect and damage of The Purifier's Weapon Throw.
  • Improved performance when using Arctic Breath supported by Traps, Mines or Totems against large groups of monsters.
  • Improved performance related to trail effects.
  • Added 3D art for the unique staff The Black Cane.
  • The NPCs in Karui Shores have been moved around slightly to more convenient positions.
  • Added a Noticeboard and Event Noticeboard to the Karui Shores.
  • The Karui Shores and Oriath now use the same public party list.
  • Skitterbots are no longer targetable in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug where the Monster pack size from the Booming Populace unique Ivory Watchstone didn't apply to Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where various Incursion resistance and energy shield modifiers were not affected by Catalysts.
  • Fixed a bug where the "x% reduced Mana Reserved" Redeemer influence modifier was able to be on the same item as the same modifier from Shaper influence or Fossils.
  • Fixed a bug where Terror of the Infinite Drifts' Burrow skill could cause her to get stuck in terrain or leave the encounter area in Tane's Laboratory.
  • Fixed a bug where Chaos Golem monsters in Vaal Side Areas were dealing much higher damage than intended with some of their skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Blight Portals could spawn behind the vault door in Vault Map, preventing the monsters from pathing to the Ichor Pump.
  • Fixed a bug where various maps which contains Hideouts could sometimes get out of sync, preventing players from entering the map.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from entering areas near a Beyond encounter in the Azurite Mine.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented removing Shaped Maps from the Map Stash Tab.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Perforate.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Barrage supported by Blastchain Mine Support which had the Void Emperor Blastchain Mine Effect microtransaction applied to it.
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Lets roll on through!
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"The Karui Shores and Oriath now use the same public party list."

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Wait, still no Standard love?

There's still no Map Stash Tab conversion option? Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


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This whole league is such a love letter to traders and rangers.

The Sirus fight is bullet hell trash and with no mobs basically everyone who isn't a pathfinder gets a huge nerf for the fight.

And my god the grind, it takes FOR EVER to get watchstones. Quest indicators or not, the system for getting them is awful.
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Oh snap!
Wait, still no Standard love?

There's still no Map Stash Tab conversion option?

Came to ask the same. Looks like the only Standard love we get is being able to remove shaped maps.

And it's in GGG's high priority list.
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Any word on fixing items that check for influence types working properly for awakened items? IE mark of the shaper/elder
hype thanks ggg

There's still no Map Stash Tab conversion option?

Known Issue that they're still working on.

The "Convert Maps" button in the Map Stash Tab has been temporarily disabled, as there were problems converting to the new layout.
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