3.9.2b Patch Notes

Thomas wrote:

The map tiers that are empty in the "Restored Maps" tab are the ones that *should* have converted successfully for your account. That is, those maps should still exist in your original map tab, albeit converted to the current series.

The restored maps are those that overflowed the capacity of your map stash during conversion. The end result is that you should now have the same number of maps at each tier as before the failed conversion.

We also restored all guardian maps, as the originals were converted to other random tier 16 maps (which you get to keep as well).

I hope this clears up what you're seeing.

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Thomas wrote:
We've now finished restoring the maps that were destroyed by using Convert Maps. It's a best-effort restoration, and we've erred on the gifty side. I'm sorry that it took so long to get this done, and for the lack of communication - I didn't want to make any promises that turned out to be impossible.

Thanks a lot!
Well... GGG you’ve beaten me today... after hours and hours of trying to play and getting disconnected CONSTANTLY, and trying every single thing I can think of to stop game from crashing... I know for a fact that it’s an issue on your end and I’m extremely unpleased with this crap... I’ve read multiple posts in multiple forums dated back to when patch first dropped.... its time to fix the disconnect issues, the pixelation issues, and the SHITTY FUCKING AMOUNT OF TIME it takes to have lioneyes watch properly load in... that is, if it doesn’t crash immediately after it seems to have loaded... All I can say is... thanks for your patch... too bad it’s ruining my enjoyment of the game to the point that I don’t even want to try and play anymore... waste of my fucking time and effort when it’s your fuck ups
Dear GGG

Please fix the Conqueror spawning issue - many, many folks have said that they can run many, many maps without them spawning.

This is disheartening and discourages gameplay.

Thank you.

Spawn issue - push
Running 3 hours of Red maps already and still can't spawn any conquerors.
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