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The story of Tani. (initial context, the real story will be a bit longer)

Horad, a large landowner, asked for his wife, Edyre, from a poor family. At this wedding, his mother, Luada, was opposed. For, my son, though Edyre is the most beautiful bride, I suspect that the fate of her offspring will be cruel. Despite his mother's warnings, Horad marries, and after two years, they have a daughter named Tani, translated "blessed".
From birth, Tani had strange abilities. She communicated with animals, trees, winds she was a pure child of nature.
One day, wandering through the woods, Tani came across an old figure dressed in dark clothes.
She didn't know if she was male or female, but the figure reached out to her and gifted her with a wand that shine a light, and then he said to her, "when all hope has left you, call on my name and your destiny will change."
"But how will I know your name," Tani asked. "Trust in this wand, it will protect you, though not the ones you love." After these words, the figure disappears, and Tani hides the wand and heads back home.
Years passed and Tani married Denirus, a young man from a neighboring village. Their marriage was filled with love and Tani gave birth to two girls, Terda and Luada. But happiness does not last long. Walking through the field, Tani noticed a dark cloud coming from the north. Fearing, she returned home and told what she saw. Not much passed, and the people began to fall into a coma and die. Those who did not die began to change, which Tani etching in the wood.

I haven't slept. No-one has slept. Not for three days, not since the black storm in the northern ranges. Not since the nightmares began.
Violent and twisted night terrors. They whisper to us, tempt us, threaten us, beguile us. They promise terrible things in return for even more terrible acts.
My husband, Denirus, went to Alliston to find a doctor who might help. He should have been back yesterday. I fear for him. I fear for all of us.

Seven days later, the situation got worse.
It has been a little over a week since the black storm.
My husband has not returned and sickness now sweeps through our village. Many have died and those that lived have... changed.
These were folk we once called neighbour and friend. Now they limp and stagger through the night, their deformities as grotesque as the madness in their eyes.

What happens next is evidenced by her next etching in woods.
The moon was full the night of the black storm. It is full again.
They have come for me. They have come for my daughters. Bravalo called out while the others skulked and muttered in the darkness. Corin went to them, arms open, welcoming. The nightmares told her to.
My uncle tried to stop her. Bravalo crushed his skull with his smith's hammer. I barred the doors and windows but they screamed like monkeys and beat themselves bloody trying to get in.
I had no choice. I took my two youngest and fled through the cellar, following the tunnel to the mill.
All we can do is hide and hope. God help us.

Three months later, Tani was the last to change. The credit for this was due to her wand. He threw the light, lightning and curses that drove, now living dead against each other. She managed to escape to a nearby altar, which was once dedicated to the Goddess Lunaris. Her family was lost to her.
Three lunari gone now, since it all began. Perhaps I am the only one who still looks upon Lunaris, who remembers her name. Soon, I will be gone and the moon will go on, alone.
My husband has returned and he hunts for me. My dead husband hunts me. Corin too, and my uncle. Corpses rise and walk and feed. My girls, they walk now... and feed.
God has forsaken us. Lunaris is my witness. Tonight, I return to my family.

But Tani was not destined to join her family. In a moment of despair, she summoned Hinekora, Mother of dead, the only deity Beast could not subjugate. She responded to her thoughts. Lift your wand over your head and say "I'm looking for salvation in death". Tani did so and found himself on the shore of the sea. Wandering the shore he meets an old fisherman, who offers her his boat and a strange blood red ruby. After that, the fisherman dies and Tani boards the boat and sails under the favorable wind to the shores of Oriath.
Watching her in wonder, the guards received her, fed her and made sure to find her accommodation. For the first time in a long time, Tani felt happy. But two things gave her no peace. Wand and ruby .Every time, when the wand touched the ruby, the light from the wand and the dark from the ruby was taken shape men and women who fought but enjoyed the passion after the fight.
Knowing that something was wrong, Tani handed both items to a famous jeweler. She never saw him again. After a while, Tani accepted the offer of one of the guards, who rescued her and married him.
The jeweler, meanwhile, placed the ruby in a necklace and named it Star of Wraeclast. But he quickly regretted it. The moment he took his masterpiece, he was overwhelmed by hatred and anger .Frightened by his creation, the jeweler secretly hid it at the bottom of the boat, which sailed to the Wraeclast. On the shore of the Wraeclast a terrible storm was rising and the ship would be sunk, along with its cargo and its entire crew.
Tani later gave birth to a son, Duras, who , like her mother, was beautiful and inherited her mystical nature. Many generations later, his descendant was Lady Merveil. Her fate later became widely known. The fate of the magical wand that Hinekora gives to Tani , is unknown. Maybe old revenant, Navali, know about that. Who knows, maybe Navali will someday express a prophecy about the mighty Wand of Hinekora ? Tani spend rest on her life in Oriath, beloved by people her husband and son.
But the memory of Tani has not disappeared. Her crying is still heard on Crossroad.
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The First Encounter

"When we first encountered the Elder, Exile, it changed us in the way that anyone must be changed when they first truly comprehend the task before them. Perhaps we felt as the Ezomytes did when they first sighted the gemlings of Sarn against the hills. Seeing what it did to my father, locked in struggle and fragmenting yet more of his already deteriorating memories..."

"When we made camp that night, I could swear that I heard the Atlas itself whispering to me underneath the crackling of flames and dripping of water from the ceiling of the caverns where we'd chosen to protect ourselves. It was an uncanny void of speech I've been thankful to only have to experience once since. Even the shield crabs Al-Hezmin had sourced earlier lay against our supplies, none of us bothering to crack open a shell and prepare the meat within. Looking to Drox, I could see his eyes trained on the entrance to our little alcove; Al-Hezmin too, even though his faith in his traps had been unshakable to this point."

"As I knit my fingers together, trying to find any words that might convince my companions to continue on this journey with me, Baran finally broke the silence that permeated the entirety of the map we'd found ourselves in. He looked to me not with anger, but oddly... pity. He told me,"

'Zana, when you had asked me if I was prepared to die I believed you to be humoring me. How could I fear that which would only bring me to God in pursuit of such a noble goal? But that creature... should it slay any one of us I fear our souls may never reach our Creator. This place is made to be distant from God, and I only hope that your father has a soul left to be saved.'

"If I had been struggling before, this had put me into a silence I was all too happy to be saved from by Veritania."

'Baran, this goes further than simply our lives and, as you put it, our souls. If what she has said about the Elder's victims is true, then our sacrifice might save uncountable numbers of children from these same horrors. We fight a timeless entity purely because the aid we might provide humanity is timeless as well. In this place one eternal soul, should it exist as such, is only a single tally.'

"I could see that same spark in her eyes as she spoke, dimmed by the oppressive atmosphere of this place but not snuffed out. Baran must have as well, for his next words came only after protracted thought as he gazed into the swelling fire."

'This may well be true... though I require my time to make peace with it. Perhaps this journey is one you have already taken, but I intend to walk it with Him at my side.'

"As he fell silent once more, I watched Baran pull from his pack a small, unmarked tome, a rhoa quill, and a bottle of ink. Though I could not make out the most of the text, I saw enough of his first few words to know his plans: 'I, Baran, son of Galhad, being of full age and sound mind...'"

"A silence enveloped us once more, though the whispering void of earlier appeared to have abated. Drox finally tore himself from his watch, gripping one of the shield crabs by its larger claw and lifting it to his lap to get a better angle with his blade. Al-Hezmin joined in soon after, taking two of the smaller crustaceans and attempting to break them open simultaneously. Sirus, Veritania, and I just watched the two work, each lost in our own thoughts which, if theirs were anything like mine, took us on mental journeys as we tried to understand what everyone else was thinking. It was a way for me to protect myself, at least, to not worry about my own very real fears but instead the hypothetical concerns of my compatriots."

"Sirus spoke next, so quietly that I would have missed it on any night but this."

'I wonder if this is how Ondar felt, during the Thousand Ribbons...'

"For some reason it's these words that I remember clearest from him, Exile, of all the things we said in our journey. Could I have known at the time what it meant for us, for him? Could he have known? Perhaps not, but our own Ondar had at least brought us back to the moment with his comment, as Al-Hezmin looked up from his sixth deshelled shield crab."


"For the first time since we ran into that creature, I heard joy return to their voices. Drox couldn't help but laugh, though his mirth only seemed to cause the hunter consternation in return."

'Seems you really do know your hunting better than your history. Ondar was the one to finally put an end to Chitus back in the days of Sarn, though he wasn't lucky enough to escape with his life. That Perandus was more gem and thaumaturgy than man by that point, and I suppose we're looking at no less threatening a foe.'

"Al-Hezmin was quick to retort, sticking his blade in between the carapace and the meat for emphasis as he spoke."

'Well, can't let ourselves be outdone by stories that are barely remembered any more, can we? Not when this place has treasures as great as the demon is powerful.'

'Actually, you make a good point there Hezmin.'

"Sirus perked up with the hunter's last sentence, a thought tugging back at the corner of his lips as his gaze shot back and forth before settling upon me. 'Zana, your father... he had no especially unique talents aside from his thaumaturgical tinkering, did he?' As soon as I told him he was correct, as much as I would have said otherwise as a child, he continued to explain his realization."

'In this place, however, he has taken on a power similar to that creature we've all just seen. What's stopping us from harnessing that same power, learning to fight on an even battlefield?'

"'It is only humanoid, after all,' Drox cut in once more, his eyes flicking between us as if he was already imagining what we might be capable of under Sirus' suppositions, planning how we might take on that creature."

'With the six of us, well, it'd hardly be a fair fight for it. What man do you know that can take on so many at one time with just two arms?'

"Al-Hezmin laughed at this final comment, though his expression betrayed a growing belief in the churn of voices. 'My traps would simplify that quite nicely, but I'll take your sentiment this once, Drox.'"

"In the moment, I was glad for the life that had returned to our band, truly believing in the hope that Sirus had offered us in his realizations. This time, not even Sirus could have imagined where his words would lead us."
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I'd like to enter with my Fall Of Oriath Theme Cover on accoustic guitar.

I hope you enjoy it, looking forward to see comments, thanks.
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it ain't much but it's honest work
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Can i use a remix created by other exile? not the full song but a bit, im making a "trailer from differentes moments" and want to use it.

i will give credits, please, give me a hand with this
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First submission (little fix)

And second, the process :p
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