Path of Exile Talent Competition

Queen Atziri boss fight mod in Binding of Isaac:

Sorry about the video quality, my screen recording software was not that good, mod itself is pretty though!

That took a shit ton of time, hope you like it :)

Few bugs and there to be fixed, I will fix them soon, but this little buggy condition is unfortunetly my entry.

Here is the mod file, it is fully playable, its not just a video:

(You need Afterbirth+, you can find some easy videos about how to install it, I will also put it into workshop soon enough. One you eneable the mod, open the console and type: "spawn 699" on a 2x2 room and enjoy the challange)

Go ahead and try it, beware its pretty hard :)

My entry can be either choosen as the video or the mod, whichever is more suitable to competition.

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Deosain wrote:
Hey everyone,

Back with my 3rd and final submission for the contest! This took me quite a while to complete so I hope everyone enjoys it!

For this submission, I decided to showcase a lot of different talents at once!

To start, I composed an original cello arrangement based off of the main theme for Path of Exile. It was transcribed completely by ear and performed by an ensemble made of myself!

The next part that goes along with the music and performance is a custom trailer I made to show the entire journey we've been through so far with the "Fall of Oriath" storyline. This includes every league since 3.0 and more! (Clips from over 15+ of the original trailers, all edited to flow with the cello arrangement.) It starts from the beginning of the exile's adventures to Oriath and continues through every league and into the future with PoE 2.

(Lastly, the items in the background are models from the game or contain some references, so see if you can guess them all!)

Here's the link to the video!

If you want to view the trailer by itself without the performance cameras, there is a separate link in the description :)


(PS, I'm pretty shy and like cats so I thought I'd do my best at cosplaying the Celestial Cat Soulrend mtx :D )

Good luck to everyone!

Very nice. I like it.
Hi, so I think I'm too late by now... I tough I had until Monday but it was N-Z time so its actually like earlier in my country !>.<! . Anyway I'm still posting what I made cuz I worked very hard on it, so here is a scenery of the Watchstone Altar I fully made! I am a 3D student. Hopefully you could still consider my submission but if not, at least enjoy it! I will edit this post to add more renders I will do from the scene, but if anyone working at Poe sees it and have some comments you can always tells me as I am an aspiring 3D artist. The pictures are straight from Arnold render on maya with no enhancing. The picture resolutions are 4K.

The whole scene have been inspired by the different arenas of the conqueror, mainly Drox et Baran. I tried to remain pretty accurate to the original arenas by adding the details and looking at a lot of reference pictures and the patterns. I had planned to add a little bit of small foliage to represent Al-Hezmin arena but I din't have time to place the planes. Guess I can do it now tough. Also wanted to have some fog but I din't manage to do something satisfying for tonight.

Ps: I love Poe and I'm so glad I have finally use my 3D skills to make something related to it.
Hello Ing : Strangie
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My submission for the Talent contest hopefully not too late but either way this was fun to make! I don't know how to make the image show up here I tried something but it didn't work here is my link however so you can see it :D
My submission for the talent contest! Even if it's too late, I like sharing to the community on what I did
I have written a plot of Niko and Cassia meeting for the first time. Cassia wishes to ask Niko was his help in understanding the origins of the fungus she’s been studying but finds the miner absent, and has to track down into the mine to find him.

When she eventually does find Niko, he has been severely injured. He tries to explain to Cassia that while exploring the surrounding caverns connected to the main pathway he found a deep canyon, which Niko tries to climb down to bypass having to excavate or battle past any monsters. Still, the lower down he got, the more he noticed a breeze coming from below.

The further he climbed down the warmer and thicker the air was but still, he continued until his footing slipped and he fell into the void for an unknown amount of time before landing not on the hard rock but a viscous sponge-like material. In total darkness, the air was so dense and hot that Niko struggled to breathe, and the sounds of movement around him caused the miner to lay still and wait for his eyes to adjust.

He tells Cassia that the fungus she described has started to grow in the depths of the mine, but that there was a deep rumbling coming from lower down, the entire room shook when it would begin and the place would fill with the noises of unknown creatures wailing into the darkness in response.

The story continues to explain what is going on, but we’re not here to read a novel.

The mine now has the fungal veins growing through it, in and out of walls as in searching for something. The branches of the fungal growths are now genuinely massive, and entire sections of mine have been caved in with the rock weakened by the invading filaments.

The Azurite no longer can be found in its pure form but is now being digested by the fungus and Azurotoxic Flowers guard the reserves as the digestive hyphae grow to claim the mineral.

The mine’s ancient fossils are currently being reclaimed and animated to protect the efforts of this coordinated invasion to secure essential resources.

The Shirommals are the combination of these fossils, and the hyphae, the mechanics of their ability to animate is unknown but they have an umbilical-like cord growing from them to the nearest branch-like structure which keeps them sustained.

The player will discover that tracking these braches back will lead you to Mycells where huge bloated creatures of squirming mucus and puss are supporting the expansion efforts as well as being the source of the ability to reanimate the fossils. To reclaim the depths of the mine these need to be destroyed although parts of the mine will be forever changed, it will halt the expansion upwards.

Cassia now has created towers which try to weaken the branches to slow down the advance from below, using a highly refined fuel made from the disgested azurite harvested from the Azurotoxic flowers concentrated flames used to burn the fungus away allowing the exploration deeper. There are specific cross-sections which Cassia asks you to defend while she sets up massive towers that will shoot compressed flames into the main structure and burn the braches from inside and follow its path inside the walls – keeping that part of the mine safe.

Aaannd that’s where I hit the word limit, thanks for reading if you did! <3

Hi everyone,

This is my entry for the Talent Competition.
Its an armor set inspired by The Shaper.

Hope you guys like it and good luck to all!

Wow, that's honestly fucking incredible design. They should actually make that.

Amazing D:
This was way too much fun, thanks for a game that can be played quickly! xD

adam401 wrote:
Here's my submission - a small game where you play as Waylam Roth (yes, I know his ship is armed with ballistas, not cannons).

The goal is to gather as much rum as possible.

Everything except for the audio was made by me. For audio sources, please refer to the page of the game


ArielleLumos wrote:
This was way too much fun, thanks for a game that can be played quickly! xD

adam401 wrote:
Here's my submission - a small game where you play as Waylam Roth (yes, I know his ship is armed with ballistas, not cannons).

The goal is to gather as much rum as possible.

Everything except for the audio was made by me. For audio sources, please refer to the page of the game



Thank u, much love!

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