Path of Exile Talent Competition

Hi, I would like to buy one contest entry in Path of Exile Talent Competition League! My ofert is 2 Chaos Orbs.

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Hey there, bass here and this my entry for the competition

i took my time and made 3 songs.. even tho i go through a rough time and can't play poe.

hope someone likes my work

best regards
Hi everyone! here is my speedpaint entry - "The Elder Salvation"
I'm a lazy artist and a sucker for The Elder Armor Set! xD
- though his face is really something only a mother could love :( in this work I'll mix him up with another helm which I think will do him justice!
have fun with the contest guys xD

here's my Art station for more stuff...soon xD
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This is my entry for the talent competition.

Blight league was the first league I played necromancer in and had a blast so I rolled it again this league. Hope you like it :)

Hi Guys! i don't know if i'm out of competition time but i've got some problems with my drawing program :(
however.. this is my entry! "The Path of the Exiled"
it's essentially the entire campaign but in divination card drawing style
hope you enjoy!

Hi All!
Please find my entry to the 2020 Path of Exile Talent Contest Below! My favorite NPC is getting serious about advertising her business!

Voxel Starforge
by deathfavour
Hillocks Birth
i wanted to show what the twilight strand may have looked like just as hillock arrived in his freshly decomposing body

unfortunately i dont have a high quality camera so heres the best pictures i could take with my redmi note 6

Hi that's my Sirius! :)

Hi guys. This is my entry for the talent competition. I made a series of 22 PoE themed tarot cards. I tried to incorporate characters from the game and the lore of those characters.

link for High res individual cards :

reddit name:Gunoo

Fanart project
Uniques personfied :

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